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Reflection journal 3 assessment


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Reflection journal 3 assessment

  1. 1. Reflection Journal 4 Assessment Reporting The concept of assessment and its varied types of format were presented in week 8 lecture of DTL. Assessment is the process of gathering,analyzing and reporting the outcome of study. According to different purpose, assessment can be categorized in different ways. However, the traditional and alternative assessment is the two commonly used types. Multiple choice, short answer question, true or false and essay writing questions are all traditional questions.Alternative assessment are portfolio, performance,presentation,work sample,reflections ( Woolfolk & Margetts, 2013). Responding I was specially impressed by the alternative assessment. In addition, it has inspired me think which approach is the most effective way for teachers to gain valid and reliable information of their students.Moreover, I became to wonder how should I organize assessment for my future students. Relating The second week of practice was the examination week. exam paper was conducted to test how much knowledge the students have mastered. I also be told that the examination is just one part of their final report. They also applying presentation and participation in their assessment. Not only the format of assessment are varied but also the percentage of performance and participation is increased. Reasoning After attending the lecture I realize the importance of differentiating the format assessment and applying right assessment to cultivate lifelong learner. For example, the strong point of students are not the same, if we adopt same format examination. Same students may be disadvantaged or biased. Reducing the importance of high stake test and place authentic and performance or presentation in result reporting is a now trend in modern teaching. However, the traditional assessment still has its own irreplaceable function in assessment. In large scale exam, traditional test is the best choice for assessing and scoring. Also, it is a supplementary to students who are not good at performance and presentation. Despite these assessment, the final goal of teaching is guide our students to the track of assessment of learning by which students are assessing their performance and set their study goals. Reconstruction
  2. 2. With the knowledge of different types of assessment, we can not only design our assessment according to our purpose, but also teach our students to be aware of the process of learning rather than the scores. In my future teaching, i will design the exam which are more focus on the performance and participation of my students. The feed back which i am giving them should put more attention to describe their situation rather than emphasizing the result. Understanding the different learning theories is vital for pre-sever teachers. The report is a tool for me to point their future direction in study and help them to monitoring the progress they are achieving. References Woolfolk, A. & Margetts, K. (2013). Educational psychology (3rd ed.). Pearson Education: Australia.