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Bike wheel lights youtube

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Bike wheel lights youtube

  1. 1. Bike Wheel LightsIf you like to bike at night and want to make sure you’ll always be seen by oncomingtraffic then these LED Bike Wheel Lights are for you. Along with providing safety, theyalso look incredible with 32 full color LED lights that easily install into your existingbike’s wheels.Buy It$59.99via Amazon.comRiding your bike at night can always be potentially dangerous because of traffic and limited visibility. Although safety lights areavailable, in foggy conditions they can’t be trusted, which is why you must rely on the bike wheel lights. These wheel lights go astep further in increasing your bike’s visibility by converting both wheels into spinning kaleidoscopes that you’d have to be blindto miss.The bike wheel lights will turnyour bike into a work of art you’d likely see on a parade. With these easy to install wheel lights youcan ride in peace knowing that every passing car will notice you on the road. Equipped with 32 full color LEDs that combine toform a constantly changing digital masterpiece everyone will appreciate.The lights, are battery powered and rely on just 3 AAA batteries to illuminate your wheels for up to 30 hours.Each set of li ghtscan even be altered to customize colors and patterns to your own personal style while encased in a weather-proof protectivecasing to provide almost 360degrees of mind-blowing visual effects. What’s more, the bike wheel lights also come withanti-theftmeasures to ensure no one rolls away with your unique wheels. Turn on the lights and let the journey begin.