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Next Generation Social Intranet: The Digital Workplace

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Zaizi’s next generation social intranet, or the Digital Workplace as we call it, is built using the best-of-breed open source technologies to bring you the social - content collaborative experience of the contemporary and well-equipped workplace, yet offering you a familiar experience for your employees.

Allow employee self-service, flexible working and meet the growing need for shared services. You will learn how you can:

Socially collaborate on projects to get things done faster amongst your team.

Share a variety of files and digital assets and integrate new documents into existing files securely amongst peers

Retrieve, share and update different versions of a document in development and organise files based on ratings, comments and feedback.

Share news and updates with employees and mobile workforce.

Find people quickly and chat with them in real time

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Next Generation Social Intranet: The Digital Workplace

  1. 1. Work Together Effectively Work Together Effectively
  2. 2. Work Together Effectively THE DIGITAL WORKPLACE Next Generation Social Intranet:
  3. 3. Work Together Effectively Introduction Justin Sheppard Solutions Consultant Abi Sachithanantham Business Analyst Niraj Meegama Senior Software Engineer
  4. 4. Work Together Effectively The Digital Workplace •  What organisations can do today to forge new connections? •  Become more productive? •  Increase employee engagement? •  Build an Intranet that fosters a culture of collaboration?
  5. 5. Work Together Effectively Evolution of the Intranet
  6. 6. Work Together Effectively Old: Inefficient, Ineffective The problem with this traditional approach is far too often the information is not tailored or suitable for individuals with different needs within the organisation.
  7. 7. Work Together Effectively •  One Platform to Get Work Done •  Anywhere •  Anytime •  Any Device •  Knowledge HQ, •  Connected Workforce New: Social
  8. 8. Work Together Effectively Three Business Use Cases •  Important Internal Communication •  Human Resources •  Productivity
  9. 9. Work Together Effectively THE DIGITAL WORKPLACE Next Generation Social Intranet: