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SAP FINANCE & CONTROLLING Competency Development Program - ROADMAP
We focus on delivering Role-Specific training rather th...
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SAP FICO Training Roadmap - ZARANTECH

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SAP FICO Training provided Online from USA industry expert trainers with real time project experience. Ph: 515-329-0534. Live & Video training.Duration: 80hrs

For More Info: Please visit, http://www.zarantech.com/course-list/sap/finance-controlling
Course Duration:75-80 hours Live Training + Assignments + Actual Project Based Case Studies

Entry Level Fresh Graduates who want to start a career in SAP.
Someone who is looking for a career in SAP FICO.
Someone who is working as a SAP MM/SD consultant and wants to learn SAP FICO skills.
About the trainer

- More than 8 years of Consulting & Teaching experience in different modules of SAP FICO. Primarily SAP FI & CO.
- With a strong back ground in training and deep knowledge of the core subject and techniques on getting certification successfully completed many batches in US and Canada.
- Trained over 500 students and 80% of the students accomplished in getting certification in various modules.
- Taught more than 100 SAP FICO batches in various versions US, Canada and India for major Consulting companies like Siemens, DELLOLITE, etc.

MODULES COVERED IN THIS TRAINING: In this training, attendees learn:

Module 1. Introduction to SAP R/3
Module 2. Financial Accounting Basic Settings
Module 3. Enterprise structure/Fiscal Year/Posting Period/Field Status variant
Module 4. Posting keys/Chart of Accounts/Assignment of Chart of Accounts/ Account Group
Module 5. Retained Earnings/ Document number ranges/Document Type/ Document Posting
Module 6. New General Ledger
Module 7. G/L account creation/change/display/blocking & unblocking/balance display
Module 8. Document display/change/changed documents display/holding/parking/reversal
Module 9. individual/mass/accrual /deferral cleared item reversal
Module 10. Sample/recurring documents/interest calculation/foreign currency valuation
Module 11. Open item management/tolerance group employees
Module 12. Accounts Payable- Sub Ledger
Module 13. Account group and number range creation/document number & assign number ranges
Module 14. Tolerance group for vendors/Vendor master data/ Reconciliation account/purchase invoice posting
Module 15. payment to vendors/open item management/payment terms creation
Module 16. Automatic payment Program/Discount recd/ Special G/L transactions
Module 17. Accounts Receivable- Sub Ledger
Module 18. Account group creation/number range creation/document number ranges/Assign number ranges
Module 19. Tolerance group for customers/Customer master data/Reconciliation account/sales in posting
Module 20. Payments from Customers/Open item management/Discount allowed/Dunning
Module 21. Special G/L transactions/Define Dunning Procedure/Assign Dunning Procedure
Module 22. Asset Accounting- Sub Ledger

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  • Module 23. Chart of Depreciation/Depreciation Area/Assign COD to Company Code
    Module 24. Assign Input tax indicators/Account Determination/Asset Class/Number range interval
    Module 25. Define Asset Class/Number range interval/Creation of Asset G/L accounts
    Module 26. Accumulated depreciation accounts/Sale of Asset/Loss on sale of asset/Scrap G/L account
    Module 27. Screen Layout- Asset class/Asset master/depreciation areas
    Module 28. Depreciation Keys: Define Base Method/Define Multilevel method/Period control methods
    Module 29. Creation of main Asset master and sub asset master data/Asset transactions
    Module 30. Depreciation run/display of balances
    Module 31. Reports and Integrations
    Module 32. Financial statement versions/ Reports in G/L accounting/list of accounts/List of journal entries
    Module 33. Reports in Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable and Asset Accounting
    Module 34. SD-FI/MM-FI and CO-FI Integration
    Module 35. Controlling Module
    Module 36. Basic Setting for controlling
    Module 37. Cost Element Accounting
    Module 38. Cost center Accounting
    Module 39. Profit Center Accounting
    Module 40. Internal Orders
    Module 41. Profitability Analysis
    Module 42. Product Costing- Basics

    Checkout what our past trainees are saying:
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    What is Instructor led LIVE training? - See this Video for more info, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G908QvF-gVA
    What is Instructor led VIDEO training? - See this Video for more info, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmWqzGFPqck
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SAP FICO Training Roadmap - ZARANTECH

  1. 1. SAP FINANCE & CONTROLLING Competency Development Program - ROADMAP We focus on delivering Role-Specific training rather than Product based Training ZaranTech LLC. , http://www.zarantech.com, info@zarantech.com , (515) 309-7846 5550 Wild Rose Lane Suite 400. West Des Moines IA 50266. USA