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  3. 3. 3.17-3.30 3.47-3.55 4.18-4.22 4.29-4.33 4.09-4.13 4.39-4.42 MINS MINS MINS MINS MINS MINS Getting into Walking mid shot of Close up Sitting in tub replay of bed and out of the actress neck to actress regretful and significant removing room down in deep in upset about events clothing, sho upstairs to water deep thought, c the way her throughout t zoomed the in thought loses eyes life has video into bathroom to beat of panned out necklace. music3.06- 3.16 3.31- 3.46MINS MINS 4.34-4.38 3.56-4.08 4.14-4.17 4.23-4.28 4.43-4.48Actress Laying in MINS MINS MINS MINS MINSleaves bed after Actress Range of Close up of Actress’ Shot ofbathroom interaction commits shots of necklace hand necklace onto enter with suicide actress and zoomed floor andbedroom man, cryin with turning on actress’ into with scene ends.unwillingly g and shots tap for hand necklace in. upset with overlappi bath tub. hand then cash in her -ng. falls to hand ground.