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Shall Data and Creativity be in opposition forever? (Warsaw ROI, 21/08/2019)

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Where data and creativity meet in social media. Few basic principles which might seem obvious, but obviously they are not, since so many companies still do not follow.

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Shall Data and Creativity be in opposition forever? (Warsaw ROI, 21/08/2019)

  1. 1. Shall Data and Creativity be in opposition forever? Adam Zbiejczuk Influencer.cz 21. 8. 2019, Warszawa
  2. 2. Honestly... Adam Zbiejczuk ➢ Journalism & Media Studies ➢ mBank blogger ➢ H1.cz first CZ social media monitoring tool ➢ freelancer for BMW.cz ➢ Influencer.cz co-owner ● I'm a skeptic ○ sometimes data is missing ○ often creativity sucks
  3. 3. Data vs. Creativity Can reason and lust be in opposition forever?
  4. 4. For every campaign... 1 Understand the clients’ needs and longings 2 Understand our own product / service 3 Understand the tools to deliver the message 4 Use the data to test the creatives 5 Be ready to help
  5. 5. So why it often does not work
  6. 6. 1) Understanding the client What kind of data we can get to learn more about our clients? ➢ social media = not just your channels: do you know what they say? Social Listening ● focus groups ● personas ● get in their shoes!
  7. 7. 2) Understanding the product As an agency: how far can you get in knowing it all? ➢ in-house teams have a great chance to know it inside out ● social media is not only about selling stuff ● if you want to (help) create lovebrand... ○ you must fall in love with it yourself
  8. 8. 3) Understanding the tools Why pay for the reach? ➢ because no matter the creativity... ○ you need people to actually see it ● do you measure beyond likes / engagement? ○ Good! ● do you measure beyond clicks / conversions? ○ Better! ● do you know you can change public opinion or attitude towards you? ○ Best!
  9. 9. 3) Understanding the ecosystem Would you air a billboard in a TV ad? ➢ no print ads on social media ➢ librarian's syndrome ● social media is social ○ do try to be social ○ enjoy conversation ○ be funny, emotional ○ be useful
  10. 10. Beer vs. Beer
  11. 11. 4) Use the data to test the creatives Make the logo bigger! ➢ person responsible for the content: you are in an awkward position ➢ everybody's ready to help ○ put more red in it! ○ we need cats! ○ sex sales! ● ask for data instead of an opinion of a random douche
  12. 12. 4) Use the data to test the creatives The need of data in the creative process ➢ often minor change can make a huge difference ➢ HCD with FB Groups instead of focus groups
  13. 13. What is not the right creativity Creating super creative campaigns to please yourself
  14. 14. 5) Be ready to help Customer service is an integral part of social Epic Skyscanner response to user finding a bug… ...which didn”t just stop there
  15. 15. 5) Be ready to help And yes, you can win the internet being creative there Tesco and the cucumber with a dead worm - named William (see BBC and 44k share pic)
  16. 16. Creativity vs. data No, they shall not be in opposition forever ➢ you need CREATIVITY to get meaning from the data… ➢ ...and just having a pool of super talented creative guys - without somebody looking over DATA - then you don’t spend the money well, period
  17. 17. Thanks - let’s connect Adam Zbiejczuk adam@influencer.cz https://www.linkedin.com/in/zbiejczuk +420 736 779 920