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Ims web 2.0 strategy

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Ims web 2.0 strategy

  1. 1. Strategy for Presented by:• Avishek Mehra• Gaurav Talwar• Mona Kumari• Zeeshan Mohammad
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Existing External Communication methods of IMS • Social media and other Web 2.0 tools• Existing internal communication methods of IMS• Web 2.0 strategy for IMS
  3. 3. Introduction• Leader in the Management entrance training• 90 centers over 50,000 students• Nagesh Raghunath Rane – Founder of IMS• Managing Director - Kamlesh Sajnani• IMS Divisions • IMS Proschool • IMS Publication • Praxis Business School • Campus Point• Corporate social responsibility: • Financial assistance to poor students • Supports many NGOs and foundations
  4. 4. External Communication• Traditionally used advertising channels • Posters, leaflets, word to mouth, radio, newspaper ,magazines etc.• Brand Equity • Student enrollment system • Number of students came for enquiry Verses no. of conversions • Mock Test record • Number of call getters from top business school• Market research • New emerging business schools • New courses, trends etc. in the education sector• Customer engagement • One to one counseling sessions • Seminars • Achiever’s meet
  5. 5. Cont.• Customer support • Helplines• Customer Relationship Management • Customer care executives at central and regional offices • Campus relationship team • Business Development Team• Voice of customers • Discussion forums• Research and development • Improvement in study materials• Product development • Designing new courses • Improving and simplifying the existing courses
  6. 6. Social media and other Web 2.0tools• Facebook page
  7. 7. • Twitter Page
  8. 8. • YouTube Page
  9. 9. • Linkedin page
  10. 10. • IMS page on PagalGuy
  11. 11. • Official website of IMS
  12. 12. • Wikipedia
  13. 13. • Online feedback system
  14. 14. • IMS Student Zone
  15. 15. Facebook StatisticsCriteria IMS T.I.M.E Career TCC LauncherLikes 55071 47884 74420 976People 1317 (2.39%) 857(1.78%) 6439(8.65%) 10(1.02%)TalkingComments 15-20 (on 20-150 20-60 (on 10-40(on GD questions but (mostly on questions) discussions) few likes) quotes )Regular Feeds Yes Yes Yes Not reallyContent Rich and on Restricted to Restricted to Restricted to varied academics academics academics subjectsParticipation Weak Stronger than Relatively Fragmented IMS strongerReply by Yes Yes Yes Yesadmin
  16. 16. Yellow – IMS and others are all on the same page (no pun intended)Green - IMS is doing better than the competitionRed- Competitor has done better than IMS Net Takeaway from the Facebook Statistics •IMS has not been successful in getting likes for its page considering the amount of students enrolled in IMS every year. •Fewer people compared to T.I.M.E are talking about IMS (needs immediate attention) •IMS lags behind all expect TCC in terms of Participation •Content posted by IMS is varied and rich and is definitely better than others •Despite Good Content , traffic is not present •Admin has been fairly active but so is the case for competition
  17. 17. YouTube• 9 videos have been uploaded by IMS last upload 3 months back rest 1 year old.• Name of channel – IMS Test Prep (161 subscribers)• T.I.M.E does not have a YouTube channel• TCC does not have a YouTube channel• Career Launcher – CL Educate Ltd. (1365 subscribers)Net Takeaway• There is scope for improvement and there is nothing worth mentioning as there is hardly any activity• This channel has been highly underutilized
  18. 18. Twitter• IMS operates with the name- @IMS_India• Followers- 346• Tweets- 1010• Career Launcher operates with the name- Career Launcher• Followers -2804• Tweets- 688• T.I.M.E is not present in Twitter• TCC is not present in TwitterNet TakeawayHardly any followers of IMS compared to Career Launcher
  19. 19. Wikipedia• Inadequate Information is there.• Page hasn’t been updated.• Career Launcher does not have a Wikipedia page• TCC does not have a Wikipedia page• T.I.M.E’s Wikipedia page is at pat with IMS .Not updated, inadequate Information.• Net takeawayPage not updateOnly TIME other than IMS has a Wikipedia pageIMS can leverage this channel
  20. 20. LinkedIN• IMS operates under the name- IMS Learning Resources• Career Launcher operates under the name – Career Launcher• T.I.M.E. does not have an official LinkedIn page• TCC Management Systems
  21. 21. Names of IMS• Facebook- IMS Learning Resources• YouTube – IMS Test Prep• Linked In- IMS Learning Resources• Wikipedia page – IMS India• PagalGuy – Official IMS• Twitter - @IMS_IndiaIt was really shocking to find that IMS uses different names which creates confusion in the minds of specific sections of stakeholders.
  22. 22. Internal communication• Traditional system: • Annual meet of Regional Managers, Branch Heads, Manager Operations and other with the Managing Director to plan the annual strategies for IMS • Employees engagement activities like games, interim cricket etc. • Most of the communication happens over phone• Online system: • Mailer system • Accounts of employees on LinkedIn
  23. 23. Web 2.0 strategy for IMS• Client issues for External communication • IMS is present at many virtual places but actual online activities are less • Issues of student-teacher interactions • Online presence of IMS is a bit fragmented and it confuses the client• Client issues for internal communication • Internal communication of IMS via web is underutilized
  24. 24. Cont.• Strategies to address these issues using social media • Creating a Private Social network for IMS India • Increasing the online visibility of IMS India• Identify Channels • Social media • Third Party Communities like Pagalguy.com
  25. 25. Things to be done • Upload study materials on YouTube and Slide Share. • Put up demo classes on YouTube • Make videos of the stories of the successful IMS students and make it viral. • Initiate a student suggestion system • Make more use of email than telephone • Use same name in all social networks
  26. 26. Contd • Post regular blogs, articles etc. by the students and the employees of IMS to not only increase the visibility of the organisation but also develop their creative side. • Organize contests – reward the winner as ‘student of the day’ – gift him/her the video dedicated to him/her – He/she posts it on social media-IMS gets the recognition • Change the themes of its online pages according to the occasions. For e.g. during the season of competitive examinations it can design the virtual pages of IMS on a theme as ‘CAT mania’ or ‘Examination fever’ etc. • Update the Wikipedia page
  27. 27. Cont.• Create a Social Networking site • A new platform for sharing opinions • Separate groups for regional offices employees, Benefits: creation of a sense of integrity • Separate discussion groups for various subjects like DI group, Quants group ,reasoning group etc. • Create events/contests in Facebook page • Engage people by posting about various current interesting happenings
  28. 28. Cont.• Risk areas and mitigation process • Risk of negative publicity • Immediately counter the problem • Fear of too much dependence on technology • A healthy balance between physical and virtual presence of IMS • Fear of losing privacy of the organization • Appoint a Web activities check team • Scope of irrelevant discussions or gossips at an educational platform • Making some strict rules and regulations
  29. 29. Thank you! 