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Army libraries from kansas to korea and all points in between 20131017

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Army libraries from kansas to korea and all points in between 20131017

  1. 1. Army libraries from Kansas to Korea and all points in between Library 2.013 Conference 18 October 2013
  2. 2. Army Libraries: All Types www.libraries.army.mil
  3. 3. Army Libraries: Around the World http://viewshare.org/views/FRD/directory/
  4. 4. Libraries as Support Function Army libraries are organized to support the Army’s structure
  5. 5. Governance - Army Library Program Vision: to serve as a strategic library asset in support of the Army’s vision at home and abroad to prevent, shape and win. Trudie Root Librarian of the Army Headquarters, Dept. of Army, G-1 Mission: Provide library services that support decision making, education, training, research, development, test and evaluation, medical/legal practice, outreach, well-being, and lifelong learning for Army Soldiers, civilians and Families.
  6. 6. Governance - Army Library Program Responsibilities under G-1: Provide policy and guidance for Army libraries Facilitate Army-wide training for librarians including hosting biennial conference working with Career Program office Trudie Root Librarian of the Army Headquarters, Dept. of Army, G-1 Chair Army Library Steering Committee group made up of command librarians, library directors and at-large members
  7. 7. Army Award Winners Federal Library & Information Center Committee (FLICC/FEDLINK) Library of Congress Awards: Woodworth Consolidated Library, Fort Gordon, for Best Large Federal Library/Information Center 2011 Leanna Bush, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) for Federal Library Technician 2011 Medical Library, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) Best Small Federal Library/Information Center 2010 Timothy Edwards, Command Librarian, Army Materiel Command, Annual Award: Business Case Analysis Award from the Defense Standardization Program 2011
  8. 8. Army Library Training Army Library Virtual Training, FEDLINK, 2013 •Training provided via webinar software to 200+ librarians and library technicians over 5 days Army Library Training Institute, Southbridge, MA 2011 •Professional development –Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science •Five day training event attended by 100+ Army librarians world wide
  9. 9. Army Libraries over time
  10. 10. Army Moral Welfare and Recreation Libraries Army MWR libraries are general libraries located on Army installations world wide. An integrated library system supports the collections maintained at over 70 Army MWR libraries.
  11. 11. http://bit.ly/1cq3VvH
  12. 12. Army Library services on installations Librarian Book Reviews
  13. 13. Three Soldiers at U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach library enjoy the opportunity to listen to a Playaway. Playaway audio books for troops Storytime for military families Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Army Chief of Staff, reads the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh the Places You Will Go," to a group of small children after he helped cut the ribbon on the new, "Magical World of Discovery," children's reading room at the Casey Memorial Library on Fort Hood, Texas. The library is name and dedicated to his father.
  14. 14. Ludden Memorial Librarian Peggy Malleyright, holds a display about the U.S. Army Airborne unit that the library adopted last week and is taking donations of cash for postage and care package (picture from Terry Karkos, Sun Journal) Adopt a troop Info Kiosks for Iraq “Camp Victory in Iraq is nearly 2,000 miles from the nearest Army Library in Europe. But soldiers deployed at the sprawling base near Baghdad International Airport will soon have access to a broad spectrum of such resources via an eBranch kiosk.”
  15. 15. Army Technical Libraries Army technical libraries support research and engineering activities in organizations such as the Army Research Laboratory.
  16. 16. Army Research Lab Libraries Redesign Goals •Reduce footprint •Expand electronic access •Retain quiet space •Add collaboration space, training area, small group huddle space for embedded librarians
  17. 17. Army Research Lab Libraries Tracking global research in NanoTechnologies
  18. 18. Army Corps of Engineers Libraries Army engineering libraries support the Army Corps of Engineers. In addition to the Headquarters Library, there are over 20 District Corps of Engineers Libraries in which scientists and engineers access digital resources via OCLC CONTENTdm and WorldShare.
  19. 19. Army Medical Libraries Army Medical libraries are found in Army installation hospitals, research centers, and institutes throughout the Army. All Army medical libraries are supported by the extensive AMEDD Virtual Library. http://medlinet.amedd.army.mil/
  20. 20. Evans US Army Hospital Lane Library http://evans.amedd.army.mil/newcomer/evans_images.htm
  21. 21. We only named a few Army Libraries
  22. 22. Military Libraries SLA Government Information Division: http://govinfo.sla.org/ SLA Military Librarians Division: http://military.sla.org/mlw2013/ ALA Federal & Armed Forces Libraries RoundTable http://ala.org/faflrt For Job Seekers USAJobs: https://www.usajobs.gov/ Series: Librarian (1410), IT (2210), Library Technician (1411), Technical Info Specialist (1412), Analysts 1032 or 0343, etc. Careers in Federal Libraries (CIFL) #CareersFedLib Google group http://bit.ly/7OTErh LinkedIn http://linkd.in/1amLFjg
  23. 23. SLA/Military Libraries Division MLD is hosting a conference in Huntsville, AL Dec 2013 http://military.sla.org/mlw2013/
  24. 24. Trudie.A.Root.civ@mail.mil Nancy.G.Faget.civ@mail.mil Army libraries from Kansas to Korea and all points in between Library 2.013 Conference 18 October 2013