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Qualtrics Introduction Presentation

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Qualtrics Introduction Presentation

  1. 1. An Introduction to Qualtrics For more information, contact: Jeff Harvey 801.371.6682 ext. 6924 jharvey@qualtrics.com
  2. 2. Qualtrics Analysis Qualtrics does more than create surveys. It is an entire research suite with the ability to generate professional data analysis. With the best tools in research, you can make decisions effectively and efficiently. Complete with graphs, tables, statis- tics, cross tabulations and more, all of your reports dynamically update themselves to include new data. Qualtrics cumulates all research needs in one convenient tool. Polished Cross Tabulation • Ability to sort advanced analysis usually only available with statistical modeling software • Analyze correlations between question responses or panel information all within your account • Report different groups side-by-side to see differences and similarities Crross tabulation.
  3. 3. Effective Filters and Subgroups • Use subgroups to separate your data according to characteristics of respondents • Fully understand and correctly interpret your data Filter feature. Valuable Question and Survey Statistics • Comprehensive survey statistics such as drop-out rates, average response time per question, completion percentages and start times • Evaluate where your surveys succeed and where they need improvement • Automatic statistics generated for each question FDirect export to Powerpoint.
  4. 4. Qualtrics Distribution Respondents are the most valuable asset in survey research. Qualtrics Research Suite gives you varied options of distribution to meet the needs of your audience and the needs of your survey. These tools help you collect the information needed from your panels as well as features to manage and track those who have answered your surveys in the past and are answering your current surveys. Specialized Survey Link • Generate link to your survey • Customize your link text Survey distribution link. Innovative Survey Mailer • Send to a few respondents by simply typing an e-mail addresses • Decide date and time to send the survey, who to send it to, and the invitation message in one convenient location. • Track who has taken the survey
  5. 5. • Send reminders and thank you messages to increase participation • Save messages you send for future use in a personal library Filter feature. Versatile Ways to Reach Audience • POLLS—Fast and interactive way to reach respondents • EMBEDDED SURVEYS—A professional option that can be posted directly on a website • POP-UP SURVEYS—Generated code avoids blocks on a website and an effective way to reach direct audiences Pop-up.
  6. 6. Qualtrics Enterprise Features One of the most outstanding differences that separates Qualtrics Reporting Suite from other online market research tools is its ability to be used by entire organiza- tions. Everyone within your organization – Marketing, HR, R&D, Client Relations, Upper Management – can benefit from Qualtrics. With Qualtrics Enterprise features, managing accounts and within your organization have never been easier. Branded Image • Project your corporate image with a customized survey skin • Multiple skins are available for multiple departments • Use pre-created professional skins as well Brand skin.
  7. 7. Customize User Control • Administrator determines user capabilities • Collaborate on surveys with customizable level of control • Share survey results internally User permissions. Personalized Dashboards (Additional Service) • Custom report compiles the information most important to you • All the information you need in one place • Updates in real-time Sample survey.
  8. 8. Panel Management Qualtrics lets you create your own panel or purchase one. These panels are used by industry leaders for their research needs. Practical Panel Options • Upload a panel of respondents from a CSV file • Embed data with respondents to help organize, sort and survey according to your need • Create new panel members manually without bothering to upload a new file • Sort through lists of panels according to members, data, or date last used Upload a panel. Valuable Sample Management • Automatically generate samples • Survey a random sample using conditions you can set, including embedded data or recipient history • Calculate sample size according to expected response rate
  9. 9. Panel management. Sophisticated Panel Tracking • Add survey results directly to panels as embedded data • Track respondents and report who has completed, begun, or not started a survey Discounted Qualtrics Panels • Qualtrics has a panel team that has access to several million panel members • Additional charge for this advanced service, based on valid completed responses
  10. 10. Qualtrics Reporting Good analysis paves the way for proper decisions, but nothing happens without good reporting. Qualtrics Research Suite offers customizable reports with several options of graphs and tables so that you can present the data in a way that will make decisions obvious. All of these reports reflect changes in real-time to stay current with your most recent survey response. Professional Custom Reports • Fully dynamic, customizable reports that can be crafted with a variety of graphs and tables • Ability to highlight different sections or questions in your survey, different reports for different people within your organization, or different reports for different subgroups • Several real-time reports to quickly grasp implications of incoming data Professional custom resports.
  11. 11. Effortless Public Reports • Each report generates a website which automatically updates as new data comes in • Save paper, never wait for an attachment to load, simply distribute the link and the report • Password protected so data is only seen by preferred people within the organization Public report. Direct Export Reports • Reports come ready to download into PowerPoint, Excel, Word, or PDF • All graphs are professional in appearance and can be adapted to fit your preferred look and style Direct export to Powerpoint.
  12. 12. Qualtrics Survey Design At Qualtrics, we listen to the needs of our customers and design our survey editor to alleviate frustrating problems. With our research suite you can create a survey faster than with any other software, and it still handles the most sophisticated questions. Convenient Question Library • Qualtrics provides a library with hundreds of surveys and thousands of questions • All industries and topics • Use as a starting block to customize for your organization to save time Impressive Question Types • Over 86 ways to ask a question with point-and-click editing • Multiple Choice, Matrix Table, Slider, Heat Map, Rank Order, Text Entry, Drill Down, Grouping and more • Ability to add multimedia graphics, videos, and audio • Automatic choices as you type (i.e. if you ask about gender, Qualtrics puts male and female as options) • Click to add page breaks, copy questions, randomize order or move questions Question types.
  13. 13. Outstanding Look and Feel • Customizable brand skins for your organization • Header, footer, graphic options • Sleek, professional surveys that can be set for iPods, Blackberries, or other mobile devices • Add a back button, or a save and continue option for your respondent Sample survey. Functional Survey Capabilities • BLOCKS—Have your questions organized into blocks for easy organization or branching • ALERTS—Vital information set to trigger a response to gather key information or react to vital concerns • COMPLEX LOGICS — Eliminates questions that don’t pertain to a certain respondent based on his or her answers • CARRY FORWARD—Surveys customize themselves to respondents based on the answers they select • LANGUAGES—Build surveys that interact with respondents in their native language, with over 30 Qualtrics language options Complex survey design.
  14. 14. Site Intercept Capabilities The new Site Intercept feature from Qualtrics will help you conduct simple, sophis- ticated and powerful research. This new development will reach the people who already come to you through these impressive capabilities. Simple Set-up • Conduct research on your website without going through the IT department. If you want to alter surveys on your website, redirect previously sent out links, or run multiple surveys at once, Site Intercept will save you time and money. • Embedded survey, pop-up or poll: When you initially set up a Site Intercept, you will get a small segment of code for IT to put into the website. After that, you will never visit IT again. Embedded survey. Superior Surveys • Create, change and edit embedded pop-up surveys that bypass pop-up blockers. • Customize when pop-ups will appear. • Only show to visitors every three days, only to 50% percent of them, 30 seconds after they arrive at site, etc. • Use pop-under surveys. • Pop-under surveys appear behind the web browser and come forward when potential respondents navigate away from your site.
  15. 15. • Replace embedded surveys with a public report of its findings. • Complete customization of the look and feel of embedded pop-ups. Pop-up survey. Incredible Flexibility • Run unlimited surveys/pop-ups/polls on your website at simultaneously. • Create, change and edit surveys that are embedded into your website. • Create, change and edit polls on your website. • Create HTTP redirects. • Create standard links and periodically redirect them to new surveys/polls/ public reports/user defined URLs. • Use quotas to decide what to present on your survey and when to deliver a second survey. • Decide what to deliver based on criteria you set. • Prioritized delivery that specifies priority of Site Intercept actions. • If survey A is delivered, then don’t deliver B. If not, deliver B. Poll example.
  16. 16. Dynamic Criteria Site Intercept provides for an expansive set of criteria and the ability to drop through to multiple action sets as conditions are met. This means that if one site intercept action set doesn’t result in a true statement, then it drops down to the next action set and tests its condition. This continues until one is found to be true. Criterial manangement page. There are a variety of possible conditions that you can choose from for your research needs: • Current URL • Site History • Visited URL • First Visited URL • Last Visited URL • Only Visited URL • Time Spent Visiting Site • Date • Day • Time • Status (of survey) Page where you design your pop-up, survey, or poll. • Quota (of survey) • Value of Cookie • Site Intercept action count
  17. 17. We have attached a few relevant case studies. Please let us know if you would like more information about Qualtrics clients.
  18. 18. FUEL TV More Research for Less Money Company Information Solution Result FUEL TV is the only action sports television net- FUEL TV chose to implement Qualtrics, which Saves Money—A Qualtrics license costs work in the United States. As a part of Fox Cable has enabled them to expand their capabilities to approximately 50% less than the 1 annual Networks, FUEL TV is viewed in over 54 countries include the following initiatives: survey FUEL TV was previously conducting. For and is available in 30 million US households. • Collect information and feedback during less money, the network is now getting more events. FUEL TV brand ambassadors wander research. Problem the events using iTouches to record data. This FUEL TV was using firms to handle all their information is available in real time for manag- Better Research—FUEL TV can now do survey research. The cost was inhibitive, and ers to view and analyze. This has helped them quarterly viewer surveys, test products, and the staff was still required to perform lots of get more out of their events and learn how to gather information at events. This allows them additional work, which distracted from their maximize the experience of participants. to respond to issues quickly and improve the primary jobs and focus. customer experience continuously, rather than • Qualtrics made it possible to increase the just once per year. frequency of their surveys from once a year to The network was unable to do the additional quarterly. The increase in frequency meant that research projects that were of interest to them. Increased Value—FUEL TV knows how to price the data was fresh and enabled them to be more Research costs limited them to a single annual products and maximize revenue from them. informed when making decisions. survey of viewers. They also know more about what viewers want to • Inform their pricing strategy on different see. This enables them to constantly tailor their products before they are released. This research content to their target audience. With no in-house research tool, FUEL TV could enables them to release their products at the not perform ad hoc studies or gather informa- right price, which assures they maximize their tion at the numerous events they sponsor. revenue. QUALTRICS 2250 N. UNIVERSITY PKWY, 48, PROVO, UT 84604 CASE STUDY :: FUEL TV
  19. 19. Johnson Health Tech REDUCED COST, INCREASED SOPHISTICATION Company Information Solution • Get all the help they needed with Qualtrics’ Johnson Health Tech North America is a lead- They switched all survey programming to Qual- exceptional customer support ing provider of a full line of cardiovascular and trics and brought the majority of their research strength-training equipment for health clubs, projects in-house. Testimonials vertical markets and homes. Its brands include “With Qualtrics I can design and execute the Horizon Fitness, Matrix Fitness Systems and Vi- Qualtrics: same sophisticated research studies in-house sion Fitness. • Improved the quality and sophistication of that previously would have required partnering research projects handled in-house. with a research agency.” Johnson Health Tech has been producing pre- • Dramatically reduced the cost of programm- “Qualtrics customer support is truly exceptional. mium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the ing large-scale quantitative projects. They are friendly, responsive, and always go world’s fastest growing manufacturer of fitness above and beyond my expectations to help us equipment. Result achieve our project objectives.” Switching to Qualtrics helped Johnson Health Problem Tech: Kelly Colwin They were outsourcing their major studies at a • Reduce outsourcing, allowing them to accom- Marketing Manager large cost and doing smaller projects in-house plish more on a limited budget. Johnson Health Tech North America Inc. with basic survey tools. They wanted to expand • Turn around projects faster by executing their in-house research capabilities, stretch their in-house through Qualtrics’ easy-to-use research budget further, and increase the sophis- interface. tication of their survey programming tools. QUALTRICS.COM 2250 N. UNIVERSITY PKWY, 48, PROVO, UT 84604 CASE STUDY | JOHNSON HEALTH TECH NORTH AMERICA
  20. 20. Expedia, Inc. How they use Qualtrics Egencia, an Expedia Inc. Company, uses Qualtrics create to and send customer sat- isfaction surveys over all the world every day. They love that Qualtrics’ has advanced functionality combined with incredible ease of use. Why they love it? “ It has the all advanced functionality need create I to complex multi- “ language surveys with skip logic and kinds question all of types. “ It’s much duct so system quick faster we’ve group and easier create used. Plus, since to the trainings other so surveys system so “ than with any other is intuitive, I can employees can con- create their own surveys with minimal assistance. “ The survey tool is the most important thing, but they really come through on support as well. Our account manager is a superstar who has helped me through a couple of tight spots over the years. Plus he’s if not around, almost anyone else “ there happy jump is to in and try to help – and they usually can. “ It’s great get to we such high a quality and a product while it’s better saving money at the same time. Qualtrics had lower fees than a lot of alternatives considered “ product. That’s a pretty good combination. - Jeremy Farkas, Marketing Manager, Business Strategy Analysis, & Egencia, an Expedia Company Inc What can Qualtrics do for you? Qualtrics survey software is powerful enough for Expedia to send surveys worldwide and dynamic enough to be used by 20% of the Fortune 500. Our clients start send- ing out surveys the day they purchase Qualtrics. Qualtrics brings the sophistication of professionally branded surveys in-house – giving you the power of a statistician in any easy-to-use tool. • Instant Feedback – Gives you the ability provide to the perfect experience now. • Qualtrics Support Team – Talented and trained statistical experts are there to help you any time. You can’t afford to • Professional and Tailored Skins – Why not project your NOT use Qualtrics! corporate image? your It’s survey!
  21. 21. The Conference Board The Conference Board is a leader in management marketplace research, providing or- ganizations around the world with data essential to becoming leaders in their industry. They have been a longtime Qualtrics client, sticking with us through each makeover. Dr. Henry Silvert, research associate and statistician the at Conference Board, talked with us about why the leading management research firm relies on Qualtrics for cred- ible, leading research. Why they love it? “ Before Qualtrics, we were with a company offering a similar tool that was very cumbersome. Qualtrics has enabled us to streamline our research: with so many different departments, we needed something that was standard everyone use, that easy use. In for to is to the beginning, we had a lot of questions, but the ease of the product and the helpfulness of the support staff have been invaluable. Sometimes need we as- sistance incorporating questions and responses—the support staff has helped us learn how to allow the correct information into each survey. We use Qualtrics HR for management research and council surveys. Qualtrics allows us to do a lot of very simple surveys quickly and ef- ficiently that would have otherwise been very a taxing task. We have nearly 150 councils that take paperless surveys instantly, with results immediately available. In addition have we several-question, content- oriented surveys 3-4 times a year, along with very in-depth surveys which we do about 20 a year. On our end, it a is really easy use to platform —we’ve been with Qualtrics before they were even Qualtrics, Every time they come out with a newer tool, it has been easy to go back and forth. “ The most important thing for me and for our organization is that Qual- trics is so easy to use, hands-down, most important. - Henry Silvert, Research Associate and Statistician, The Conference Board What can Qualtrics do for you? Qualtrics survey software is powerful enough to do extensive management market- place research for The Conference Board and dynamic enough to be used by 15% of the Fortune 500. Our clients start sending out surveys the day they purchase Qual- trics. Qualtrics brings the sophistication of professionally branded surveys in-house – giving you the power of a statistician in any easy-to-use tool. • Instant Feedback – Gives you the ability provide to You can’t afford to the perfect experience now. • Qualtrics Support Team – Talented and trained statistical NOT use Qualtrics! experts are there to help you any time. • Professional and Tailored Skins – Why not project your corporate image? your It’s survey!