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About Lan-bridge Group

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Profile of Lan-bridge Group, one of the leading language service providers based in China

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About Lan-bridge Group

  1. 1. Who we are?
  2. 2. we arethe language bridge “lan-bridge” for short
  3. 3. GroupLan-bridge|
  4. 4. Lan-bridge Group History TAC Certification Received ISO 9001:2000 Quality Company Assurance Certification (First Foundation Translation company in China)Chengdu Office 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Chongqing office Opening Hosted National Conference on Translation Operation and Translation Project Team Management Kunming Office Opening Developed and Enhanced
  5. 5. Lan-bridge HistoryATA MembershipLISA Membership Launch of Lan-bridge Lan-bridge 10th Project Management aniversary (LB-PM) System with independent IPRs 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Establishment of Beijing office Opening Lanbridge IT Language Solution Services
  6. 6. A Unique Nationwide Presence >180 11 Years experience Employees 10 >38,000 Years of consecutive financial growth >1,500 Projects Translation, Interpretation, Localization… Customers
  7. 7. Partner-based Global Reach
  8. 8. An Expanding International Presence Sweden USA China (HQ)Spain
  9. 9. What we do?
  10. 10. Lan-bridge Group –Translation –Localization –Globalization
  11. 11. That’s too much…  More specifically – Language Translation Interpretation Language Training Language Technology –Localization & Globalization HR outsourcing Corporate Training Business Consulting
  12. 12. Lan-bridge: Breaking the language barriersLan-bridge is the LeadingLanguage Services Providerin Western China with over30,000 successful projects inTranslation, Interpretation,Simultaneous Interpretation,Localization andInternationalization . Over 10 years Highly Qualified Flexible in Experience in Trained meeting your Fast Affordability multiple Professionals deadline Delivery markets requirements
  13. 13. TranslationTraining Language Service Technology
  14. 14. Presence in every Industry
  15. 15. How we do?
  16. 16. 项目管理流程(图示) 客户 译前 专业词汇 项 翻译1 目 译中 翻译2 经 翻译n 理 审校排版 译后 客户
  17. 17. 语言桥笔译质量控制流程笔译质量控制流程(图示) 质控部校审人员 翻译组项目经理 翻译人员 编排人员 开始 原文 原文参考 是否需要排版 是 整理专业词汇 不通过 初排:目录、 词汇表校审 编号、字号、 图表等 否 专业词汇表 提交校审 译前 项目经理 DTP 通过 组织译前会: 风格、词汇、 已排版原文 提出质量要求 明确需求 参考 进度控制 技术支持 及词汇表 翻译 完善 原始译文 文件合并 译文初稿 译中 审校 译员 审校 完善 成文 人名、地名、 专业审校 数字校审 定稿 确认 结束 译后
  18. 18. 项目经理工作程序 项目经理 DTP 审校 译员
  19. 19. 译员工作程序 项目经理 DTP 审校 译员
  20. 20. 审校工作程序项目经理 DTP 审校 译员
  21. 21. 信息化建设——五大系统 CRM TMS PMS LB 提高管理水平 eFS eHR 提高译文质量 提高术语一致 提高生产效率 缩短交付周期 降低运营成本
  22. 22. Technology Unique, self-developed translation project management software which allows us to: - Increase efficiency - Enhance team communication - Enhance customer satisfaction - Maintain consistency - Increase customer responsiveness
  23. 23. Our valueproposition
  24. 24. add value &share value
  25. 25. Our clients
  26. 26. National and International Customers Engineering
  27. 27. National and International Customers Manufacturing
  28. 28. 谢谢大家
  29. 29. Contact Michael Zhu President of Lan-bridge Group Beijing-Chengdu-Chongqing-Kunming Mobile: 13550207555 michael.zhu@lan-bridge.com http://www.lan-bridge.com