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Research On Heritage Tourism

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Research On Heritage Tourism

  1. 1. Research on Heritage Tourism Lessons for Lancashire Heritage Attractions
  2. 2. Sources • Mintel – October 2008 • Economic Value of Heritage (April 2009) – Locum, Amion et al • TNS research from Visit Britain • NBI research 2007/8 • International Passenger Survey • Day and Staying visitor surveys, NWDA 2007 • National Trust 2007-8
  3. 3. Lots is going on • Heritage is seen as • Tourism seen as a key valuable to the NW business for the NW • New research on • Businesses have to economic value across understand their region and in markets to target the Lancashire, of right people – those townscapes too who will visit • National Trust taking a lead in changing offer to suit its markets
  4. 4. International Picture • Heritage is a major motivator for foreign tourists • 30% of overseas travellers visited a historic castle, house or cathedral – 10m visits • Most likely to visit – from America, NZ or Australia • Least likely to visit heritage – Middle East • Visiting castles / stately homes, and sightseeing monuments and famous buildings are our two best activities
  5. 5. More thoughts on international • History and heritage is unique • Visiting Performing Arts, Theatre, Cultural Events, Music, Festivals and Churches, Cathedrals are not major reasons to visit to start, but make people want to come back
  6. 6. National • Nearly 2/3 of Britons visit a historic house, church or castle each year • Certain groups much less likely to visit – particularly those interested in letting the kids have fun, or passive enjoyment, or young experience seekers. • NT and HRP growing audiences, EH not....
  7. 7. Regional • 200m visitors within 90 min drive of NW • 30% staying with friends and family • Average spend of £22.79 on their destination • Events give a higher spend and a reason to visit • Rural destinations tend to attract older group
  8. 8. Mintel (1) • People want experience not education – themes and stories • Web vitally important to offer itineraries, advance tickets, and event packages with accommodation • Concentrate on which customers are right for your business, and know what they think of you – read Trip Advisor! • Offer short breaks and events to match
  9. 9. Mintel (2) • People will pay more for exclusive or off peak access • More use of downloads and word of mouth marketing on the web • Increase the wow factor to get younger audiences • Try kids go free weekends • And do more to retain audiences – memberships etc.
  10. 10. Segmentation • Know who your visitors are (or could be) • Target your advertising/PR at the people who are most likely to come • Alter your product (events, shop, food) to match • National Trust or Arkenford models
  11. 11. What next? • It’s worth doing research – and making use of it! • What could the Lancashire Heritage Attractions do together and improve as a result?