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Last bullfighting

The Last Bullfighting in Barcelona A slideshow about the history, last performance and opponent activity in Catalonia, Spain. 巴萨罗拿最后的斗牛,幻灯片

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Last bullfighting

  1. 1. 巴萨罗那最后的斗牛 Last Bullfighting in Barcelona
  2. 2. Bull fighting is very closely associated with Spain and can trace its origins back to 711 A.D. This is when the first bullfight took place in celebration for the crowning of King Alfonso VIII. It is very popular in Spain with several thousand Spaniards flocking to their local bull-ring each week. It is said that the total number of people watching bullfights in Spain reaches one million every year. 同西班牙切切相关的斗牛可回溯到公元 711 年。首次斗牛出现在阿芳索八世国王的加冕典礼上。斗牛在西班牙极为普遍,数千西班牙人在周末蜂拥到当地的斗牛场。 据说西班牙每年观看斗牛人数达到一百万人。
  3. 3. Spanish-style bullfighting is called a  corrida de toros  (literally a "running of bulls"). In traditional bullfighting three  matadores  , each fight two out of a total of six fighting bulls, each of which is at least four years old and weighs up to about 600 kg/1,300 lb. 传统西班牙斗牛,一场演出共有三名斗牛士,六条公牛出场。每名斗牛士要杀死两条公牛。公牛至少要有四岁,体重 600 公斤以下。
  4. 4. Each matador has six assistants — two  picadores  ("lancers") mounted on horseback, three  banderilleros  ("flagmen"), and a  mozo de espada  ("sword servant"). Collectively they comprise a  cuadrilla  or team of bullfighters. 一个斗牛士有 6 名助手—两名骑在马上的长矛手、三名花镖手及一名递剑仆役。一共七个人组成一个班子对付一条牛。 7 vs 1 Bullfight is an unfair game 斗牛是项不公平的运动
  5. 5. Stage 1 – Tercio de Varas ,  the matador observes how the bull charges as capes are thrust by the banderilleros. 第一步:引逗。花镖手挥舞红布时斗牛士观察牛的攻击习性。
  6. 6. Next, two picadores enter the arena, each armed with a lance. The picadores are mounted on large heavily padded and blind foldedhorses. The bull is encouraged to attack the horse which is protected by its. The picador stabs a mound of muscle on the bull‘s neck leading to the animal’s first loss of blood to weaken the bull. 接着两名长矛手骑在蒙眼的马上出场,马身围着很厚的防护垫 , 引逗公牛去撞马。长矛手用矛刺牛颈厚实的肌肉使牛流血削弱其力量。
  7. 7. In the next stage, the  tercio de banderillas  , the three banderilleros each attempt to plant two barbed sticks ( banderillas , literally "little flags" as they are decorated with paper in the local colors) in the bull's shoulders. These further weaken the enormous ridges of neck and shoulder muscle, while also frequently spurring the bull into making more ferocious charges. Tercio de Banderillas 下一步插花镖:三名花镖手上场,每人要将两枝带有倒钩、用彩纸装饰的花镖刺入牛肩。这进一步削弱战公牛粗壮颈脊肌的力量,并使牛的攻击更加凶暴。
  8. 8. In the final stage, the  tercio de muerte  , the matador re-enters the ring alone with a small red cape, or  muleta , and a sword. The matador uses his cape to attract the bull in a series of passes which serve the dual purpose of wearing the animal down for the kill and producing a beautiful display.   最后一步杀牛:斗牛士拿了红布和剑重新入场,用红布引逗公牛并作闪避表演,这具有消耗牛的体力并乘牛近身时伺机下剑双重作用 。
  9. 9. The faena ends with a final series of passes in which the matador with a muleta attempts to maneuver the bull into a position to stab it between the shoulder blades and through the aorta or heart.  经过一系列和闪避后,将牛引到有利位置,在脊骨间下剑,直刺大动脉或牛心 。
  10. 10. The sword had already been thurst through the bull’s heart . 利剑已经刺中牛心
  11. 11. Spanish-style bullfighting is normally fatal for the bull but it is also dangerous for the matador. Picadors and banderilleros are sometimes gored, but this is not common. Dead bullfighter – painted by Édouard Manet, c. 1864–65 西班牙斗牛一般以牛死终场,但对斗牛士也有危险。长矛手和花镖手有时也会被牛角撞伤,但并不常见。 斗牛士之死—油画
  12. 12. 罗萨吉尔,斗牛士寡妇
  13. 13. Spanish bull fighter suffers horrific injury as bulls horn enters beneath the chin and comes out of mouth. Spanish-style bullfighting is normally fatal for the bull but it is also dangerous for the matador. The media often reports the more horrific of bullfighting injuries, such as the May 2010 piercing of matador Julio Aparicio's chin by a bull's horn. 媒体经常报导斗牛士遭受重伤信息,例如 2010 年牛角刺入斗牛士胡里奥阿帕里西奥的下巴,从嘴巴穿出。
  14. 14. 反斗牛组织网页
  15. 15. Our shame in images . Words are superfluous in this section of images. Just look at the barbaric practices and common sense will tell you that bull fighting does not belong in modern Europe. Among other things, you will see teenagers treading on a dying bull, bulls vomiting blood and the horns of a bull sticking into the flanks of a horse… 我们的羞耻形象
  16. 16. Bullfighting was banned in the Spanish region of Catalonia by a vote of the Catalan Parliament in July 2010. The ban comes into effect on 1 January 2012. The last bullfight in the region took place in Barcelona in September 2011. 西班牙加泰伦尼亚地区议会于 2010 年 7 月投票禁止斗牛,禁令将于 2012 年 1 月 1 日生效。最后一场斗牛已于 2010 年 9 月在巴萨罗拿举行。
  17. 17. A picador looks on before a bullfight at the Monumental bullring in Barcelona, Spain.  Miquel Barceló‘s paintings sell for up to £4m, but a limited edition copy of Spanish artist Miquel Barceló's latest work can be had for free – if you know how to peel posters off walls without tearing them. 米切尔巴赛罗的油画能卖到 4 百万欧元一幅。如果你会把墙上的海报毫无损坏地撕下来就能免费得到他的最新作品。 长矛手斗牛前的凝视
  18. 18. Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas is seen before the last bullfight at the Monumental bullring in central Barcelona September 25, 2011. Fans and opponents of bullfighting crowded into Barcelona on Sunday for the last "corrida" to be held in the city's La Monumental arena following a ban on the traditional Spanish spectacle in Catalonia. 著名斗牛士侯塞托麦斯在 2011 年 9 月 25 日巴萨罗拿莫纽门塔尔角斗场最后一次斗牛中出场。粉丝和反对者纷纷聚集。
  19. 19. The ban only comes into effect at the beginning of next year, but this weekend's fights represent the end of the 2011 bullfighting calendar. 斗牛禁令要在明年才生效, 9 月 25 日星期日是 2011 年已安排的最后一场斗牛。
  20. 20. Tickets for the final day of fighting reportedly exchanged hands for up to €3,500 each. 据说转手票卖到 3500 欧元一张
  21. 21. Spanish bullfighter José Tomás walks into the Monumental arena for the last time 斗牛士侯塞托麦斯最后一次走进了莫钮门塔尔角斗场。
  22. 22. The other two Spanish bullfighter were Serafin Martin and Juan Mora. 其他两名斗牛士是 The other two matadors were Serafin Marin and Juan Mora 另外两名斗牛士是萨拉芬马林和胡安莫拉
  23. 23. Mounted bullfighting assistants known as picadores warm up before their final performance 骑在马上的长矛手作演出前最后的热身
  24. 24. Juan Mora performs a pass to a bull during the last bullfight at Monumental bullring 胡安莫拉表演闪避动作
  25. 25. José Tomás performs a pass on a bull while wearing his 'suit of lights' 侯塞托麦斯穿着发亮的斗牛服表演闪避。
  26. 26. Jose Tomas performs a pass to a bull 又一次闪避!  
  27. 27. Jose Tomas performs during the last bullfight at the La Monumental  侯塞托麦斯最后一次演出,利剑已经刺入牛身。
  28. 28. Mr. Tomás acknowledged the crowd after killing the bull. 杀死牛后托麦斯先生受到观众欢呼
  29. 29. Last Spanish bullfighter Serafin Martin goes for the killing. 最后上场的斗牛士塞拉芬准备杀牛
  30. 30. The last bull to be killed during the last bullfight is removed from the arena. 死牛被拉出场
  31. 31. He received the bull's ears as a trophy. 他得到两只牛耳朵作奖赏
  32. 32. José Tomás is carried on the shoulders of an assistant after performing in Catalonia's final bullfight 最后的斗牛结束后侯塞托麦斯被他的助手抬到肩上。
  33. 33. The crowd rush into the empty arena after Sunday's six scheduled bullfights bring an era to its end. 六条牛都被杀后人们纷纷涌入场地,标志一个时代的结束。
  34. 34. Anti-bullfighting protesters ahead of the last bullfight at the Monumental bullring in Barcelona. 反斗牛抗议人士在斗牛前高举大字标语。
  35. 35. A bullfighting fan, right, argued with animal-rights activists outside the stadium.  In recent years activists have increased pressure to outlaw the fights. 场外一位斗牛粉丝(右)同动物权益活动分子争辩。近年来活动分子对非法斗牛加大了压力。
  36. 36. Activists protested the fight outside the stadium.  活动分子在体育场外高举标语。
  37. 38. Seen as an art form rather than a sport by fans, bullfighting is also popular in southern France and some South American countries. The biggest ring, seating 48,000 people, is in Mexico City. A Mexican child bullfighter 墨西哥斗牛童子 对粉丝来说,斗牛像是一项艺术而不是运动。斗牛在法国南部和一些南美国家也很盛行。墨西哥有 48000 座位的最大斗牛场。
  38. 39. Edited by zqPei What do you think of bullfighting? Should the sport be banned, despite its history? 你对斗牛有什么想法?不论斗牛有多么悠久历史,这项运动应该禁止吗?