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zulily mobile application development

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Presentation by Jaime Dughi of zulily's Mobile team on how zulily tackles mobile development

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zulily mobile application development

  1. 1. zulily’s App Development Jaime Dughi – Mobile App Sr. Product Manager • jdughi@zulily.com • dughi.jaime@gmail.com http://www.zulily.com/careers/division/technology
  2. 2. zulily’s App Development • zulily’s unique shopping model • Fundamentals of development at zulily • Mobile app development
  3. 3. What makes zulily unique? • 100+ new sales events every day • Events last 72 hours • Discounts of up to 70% off • Personalized discovery based shopping model • Thousands of products every day at 6am • zulily is a retailer obsessed with bringing moms sp ecial finds every day, all at incredible prices
  4. 4. zulily’s core development principles zulily leadership and management encourage: • Fearless innovation • Moving fast
  5. 5. zulily Visits It’s clear that moms are shopping with us “on the go,” more and more every day.
  6. 6. zulily’s App Development App Mobile Site “Feels” better More Responsive Development is SLOW! Development is fast! “Feels” worse sluggish/delayed
  7. 7. zulily’s App Development Does “update fatigue” actually exist?
  8. 8. zulily’s App Development Fearless innovation • Heavy lifting server side • Tools • A/B testing
  9. 9. zulily’s App Development Move Fast - weekly releases • zulily Pro • Weekly submissions to Apple and Google
  10. 10. 12AM 2AM 4AM 6AM 8AM 10AM 12PM 2PM 4PM 6PM 8PM 10PM zulily’s App Development 6am Peak
  11. 11. zulily’s App Development Exploring ways to handle the 6am peak • Background fetch • Silent Notifications 12AM 2AM 4AM 6AM 8AM 10AM 12PM 2PM 4PM 6PM 8PM 10PM Fetch data
  12. 12. zulily’s App Development Questions?