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Persuasive Presentations agenda

The agenda for our two hour Persuasive Presentations boardroom briefing http://goo.gl/TvpYgf

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Persuasive Presentations agenda

  1. 1. Persuasive Presentations Agenda P a g e | 1 www.zumbara.com.au The staple ingredients In this two-hour boardroom briefing we’ll cover the four staple ingredients for Persuasive Presentations: You will leave the briefing ready to prepare and deliver a clear, credible presentation to get your message across to a seasoned professional or corporate audience. If you’d like a flavour of what will be covered, you can read about the top three Presentation Mistakes to Avoid PLANNINGANDDESIGN •How to improve your ROI •Speed up your prep time •The proven formula for designing standout slides •Getting your timing right KEYMESSAGES •3 core messages •The power of language •A simple rule for choosing the right words •The role of influence and credibility DELIVERY •Presentation style, including tone of voice and how to stand •3 key tactics for credible, confident delivery MEASURINGSUCCESS •A quick and easy way to measure effectiveness We look forward to seeing you there