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  1. 1. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com Zusi Widyanti A.md. Akun Date of Birth : 26 July 1991 Perumahan Bukit Sentosa Blok C16. Batam 29547, Indonesia Marital Status : Single Religion : Moslem Health : Excellent Nationality : Indonesia Gender : Female KTP No. : 2171106406869004 Phone (mobile) : +6285 6559 4229 E-mail Address : zusi.widya@gmail.com OBJECTIVE & PROFILE SUMMARY Objective : “To get career by giving significant contribution to the company through skills and ideas in the area of Quality Management Representative and documnetation”. Profile Summary : “about 4 years working Experience as Production Line Leader, Document Control and Asst. Quality Management Representative. EDUCATION BACKGROUND 1. College , POLITEKNIK NEGERI BATAM ( 2012 – 2015 ) 2. High School, SMA N 1 Kandangan ( 2006 - 2009 ) 3. Secondary School, SLTP N 2 Kepung ( 2003 – 2006 ) 4. Elementary School, SD N 2 Krenceng ( 1997 – 2003) WORKING EXPERIENCE PT STX Precision Batam  Period : 17 March 2014 – Present Company : PT. STX Precision Batam Position : Document Control / Asst. Quality Management Representative and HSE Job Summary:Job Summary: The document controller is responsible for an organization’s documents. This post involves coordinating with the different departments within an organization and ensuring that documents are kept in the right location and are accessible to all internal 1
  2. 2. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com services. This role often involves working to deadlines and ensuring that all departments of the organization are following the same procedures with regards to documents. In ensuring that documents are in the right location, they are categorized according to the type of document with the help of the document controller. This involves checking and approving documents before they are filed and liaising with internal and external agencies to ensure that documents contain correct and understandable information regards their categorization. In HSE, here I prepare and present safety training and safety induction to enhance safety awareness among employees and client. Identify and work to eliminate site hazards, near miss, unsafe conditions, and unsafe action, work with company, contractor, and subcontractor management toward achieving Duties and responsibilities:Duties and responsibilities: 1) Collect, maintain and distribute all documents necessary to define product configuration and control manufacturing processes that insure conformance to customer requirements. 2) Develop and maintain a comprehensive filing system and computer database for all documents to be retained in the document control center. 3) Manage the operation of the document control center to ensure that all users have the latest revision of appropriate documentation in a timely manner. 4) Perform HSE Internal audits and customer HSE audits when required. 5) Participate in investigation and follow-up of incidents / accidents, prepare notifications/ reports for communication of significant incidents to company project / functional. 6) Provide support for training, drills, and other matters related to emergency preparedness and response. 7) Implement, supervise and ensure the health and safety regulations that have been set in the company is doing well and correctly. 8) Ensure corrective action findings NCR or both internal and external audit implemented and completed. Specific Responsibilities: 1) Collect and maintain files of the latest revision level documentation necessary to define product configuration and control manufacturing processes. 2) Timely distribution of latest revision level documentation to all appropriate users and ensure that obsolete documentation is removed from distribution. 2
  3. 3. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com 3) Maintain a computer database of all filed documentation that ensures fast retrieval of documents. 4) Perform clerical typing duties to generate documents as necessary. 5) Perform duties as defined in division document control policies and procedures. 6) Make sure all regulation of safety implement in production floor. Document Listing: 1) Engineering Drawings 2) Engineering Standart 3) CAD Data 4) Inspection Instruction 5) Test Procedure 6) Test Procedure 7) Work Instruction 8) Operations Sheet 9) Internal Quality Manual 10) Material Spesification 11) Forms 12) Confidentiality Agreements 13) Result Audit Other duties and responsibilities include: 1) Create MRB running no and publish to all department, collect MRB report and distribution Weekly MRB report to the related process. 2) Conduct Internal and External Training related to ISO 9001 , 14001 and Safety. Study Field at PT Profab Indonesia: 6th of December 2014 study field on PT Profab Indonesia learning regarding Oil and Gas activity to observe occupational health and safety of occupational safety mechanic. From the field I get a lot of learning for positive and negative finding. The positive finding is conduct safety induction before enter working area, display first aid team in each work area, mechanical machine can be identified with safety sign. For negative finding is some operator forklift not use safety belt, elevation work platform without checklist. PT Profab has done some of term and conditions of the national standard and international standard. 3
  4. 4. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com  Period : 11 November 2010 – 26 March 2014 Company : PT. Surya Teknologi Batam Position : Production Line Leader and Documentation Production Duties and responsibilities:Duties and responsibilities: 1) Lead a team of operator toward quality by constanly improving every proces and product. 2) Ensure operator are motivated , well managed. 3) Set an example to operator by being trained and diciplines. 4) Keep a check list of key leadership duties and ensure lines are follow and implementing. 5) Encourge operators to approach if things go wrong and act quickly to get support if noticed problem. 6) Control and diciplines the line when supervisor not around. 7) Responsible for all indirect materials usage and measure requirement. 8) Make sure all materials in safe and correct before doing process assembly 9) Ensure all operator follow work instruction. Other duties and responsibilities include: 1) Maintain document production as lot traveler, work instruction, drawing product, test procedure, kitting list, RTV document, material training for operator. Performance : Best performance line leader on 2013. COURSE/TRAINING/OTHER • Certificate of Training Fre Drill, Certificate No. : 52/ SERT – BI - /10/2014 • Certificate of Internal Auditor – Integrated Managemnt System ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14001 : 2004 , Certificate No. : CTC-IMS-9014-8181/2014 • Training OSHAS 18001 and SMK3 • AK3 Umum , Certificate No. : Ser.1312759/AK3/U/I/2015. • Internal Certificate : Seven Basic QC Tool • Internal Certificate : Fire drill & Evacuation 4
  5. 5. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com • Certificate of Control Plan by Consult Roimax Sdn Bhd. • Certificate of SPC by Consult Roimax Sdn Bhd. 5
  6. 6. APPLICATION LETTER & CV zusi.widya@gmail.com • Certificate of Control Plan by Consult Roimax Sdn Bhd. • Certificate of SPC by Consult Roimax Sdn Bhd. 5