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Agency: INSTINCT, BBDO Group Russia, http://www.instinct.ru

Position: Creative Technologist (Digital Creative)

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Digital Creative position || work describtion

A work description for Digital Creative (Creative Technologist) position in Instinct (BBDO Russia Group agency).

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Digital Creative position || work describtion

  1. 1. Agency: INSTINCT, BBDO Group Russia, http://www.instinct.ru Position: Creative Technologist (Digital Creative) We are looking for Creative Technologist who will be joining existing Creative Teams (Art Director and Copy Writer) in the concept and idea development stage of integreated communication campaigns and in execution of these campaings across different platforms: Creative Techologist (as a part of Creative team) will be responsible for development of meaningful, technology based customer experiences across multiple platforms through: • being aware of technology-driven communcation opportunties and pro-actively using them into marketing communication campaings; • leveraging the opportunities that digital technologies and social networks provide in the process of idea generation and creative development; • naturally integrating technology based (technology inspired) communication solutions into campaigns; brainsstorming creative ideas and concepts in a group; developing ideas individually or in a group; • working closely together with Digital Producer, A/V Producer and suppliers to ensure execution stage of digital projects; • being confident to present and explain technology based solutions, technology trends and and technology-based creative work to clients, incl. preparing presentations; • researching, understanding and integrating the principles from fields closely related to development of digital technologies (designing interactions, UX, game design etc) into developing creative soluions, campaign mechanics and marketing solutions; Requirements • solid understanding of and practical experience with variety of digital technologies; • passion for creating and implementing creative, innovative ideas; • commitement to teamwork and open culture (sharing ideas etc); • communication skills - ability to communicate creative ideas and technology based solutions, trends; • university degree (preferably but not limited to combination of some kind of technical education and media/communication/design/creative training, formal or informal); • 3-5 years experience in relevant industries (digital marketing, digital design, marketing or creative industries).