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in Sept 2012, a group of 12 international bloggers from all over the world will roam Silicon Valley in order to find out about innovation and where it's heading ...

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  • 21/02/2011 Some rights reserved (cc) media aces & Orange Yann André Gourvennec - Twitter @ygourven
  • [En] San Francisco Blogger Tour presentation

    1. Silicon Valley blogger bus touran e-Cairn and Orange initiativeeditorial curation by Futurity MediaSept 17-22, 2012last update date: September 14, 2012some images by the Young Creatives Network, others by Orange and Microsoft Clipart Gallery unless otherwise stated
    2. Silicon Valley blogger bus tourSept 17-22, 2012> #blogbus
    3. Silicon Valley blogger bus tourSept 17-22, 2012 > 13 bloggers from Australia, China, Finland, France, Romania, UK > asking the question: what next for social media, mobility and geolocalisation. And is there life after Facebook? > blogging live at live.orange.com and their own blogs
    4. an international team of 13 bloggers> Joanne Jacobs > Adrian Gabor (joannejacobs.net) (idevice.ro)> Dr Sue Black > Ed Austin (sueblack.co.uk) (live.orange.com)> Eric Dupin > Stewart Baines (presse-citron.net) (blogs.orange-> Dr Gang Lu business.com/en) (technode.com) > Alexandre Delivet> Xavier De Mazenod (alexdelivet.com) (zevillage.net) > Glenn Le Santo> Julien Fourgeaud (lesanto.com) (julien.fourgeaud.com) > Yann Gourvennec> Timothée de Laitre (visionarymarketing.com) (timdl.posterous.com/)
    5. an international team with a huge following> more than 500,000 Facebook likes> over 150,000 Twitter followers> blogs with in excess of 10,000 combined daily page visits
    6. brought to you by….the blogger bus tour is managed and curatedby>Stewart Baines, futuritymedia.com>Glenn Lesanto, lesanto.com>Dominique Lahaix, ecairn.com>Yann Gourvennec, orange.comwant the blogger tour to visit you?contact @lesanto or @stewartbaines
    7. introductory talks byOrange Silicon Valley top execs> innovation in the Valley> vision and trends >keynote from Georges Nahon, CEO Orange Silicon Valley >demonstrations of DocPal, Swoop, PeekApp, HappyOur, Xendo >Orange Silicon Valley exclusive research: Post IT Era, Talent Acquisition event sponsored by Georges Nahon >evening meet up CEO Orange Silicon Valley
    8. 100 guest bloggers & start-ups from the Valley > David Spark (sparkminute.com) > Flurry (blog.flurry.com) > Unity 3D (blogs.unity3d.com) > John Furrier (siliconangle.com/blog) > IntoMobile (intomobile.com) > Nathan Yau (flowingdata.com) > Daniel Tunkelang (thenoisychannel.com) > James Taylor (jtonedm.com) > And many more… selected with and by e-Cairn
    9. why did we organize the blogger bus tour? to ask the question: is there a new wave of innovation coming or will we witness the decline of Silicon Valley?
    10. our blogger team investigates> is innovation alive and kicking in Silicon Valley?> what makes the Valley tick?> who are the next big stars – will it be all Google and Facebook?> how does the Valley fund innovation?
    11. our blogger team investigates… more!> institutions and organisations integral to the Valley’s ecosystem> the secrets of start-up success> work and lifestyle in the Valley> Silicon Valley is the home of technological innovation but what does the future hold?
    12. schedule(version 3 – 14/09/12) S M T W 16 17 18 19 arrival in Silicon Valley Orange Silicon Valley startup day T F S 20 21 22 Friday afternoon blogging and sight seeing departure
    13. expert media team driving maximum exposure senior editors baines – le santo – gourvennec photo fourgeaud – gourvennec – le santo dupin – lim – dr black social le santo – baines – gourvennec fourgeaud – jacobs – dr black text entire team – in english and french sound video le santo – fourgeaud le santo – fourgeaud gourvennec
    14. interact with us online@orange http://www.facebook.com/orangehttp://live.orange.com http://slideshare.net/orange
    15. thank you!