Kalgidhar Trust - Baru Sahib Brochure for Akal University Guru ki Kashi

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BARU SAHIB: Rural Transformation in rural North India through value-based Education. Chain of 129 rural schools~60,000 Students~6450 Villages covered!
To create a value chain of 500 rural schools by 2020.
Company Overview
The Kalgidhar Trust is a humanitarian charity organization that primarily builds educational institutions for the deprived kids in rural areas of North India thereby bringing in RURAL TRANSFORMATION in North India. Education is a big necessity with these youth who otherwise are getting wasted in Drugs Alcohol Abuse. Unfortunately, states like Punjab have 67% Rural Households with atleast 1 Drug ad...See More
Rural Transformation happens here! Educate-Enshrine-Empower.
To build superior human character and high moral values in youth as a way to establish permanent world peace and universal brotherhood.
General Information
The Kalgidhar Trust is an international organization with headquarters in North India. We have branch offices in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore. With the Kalgidhar Society’s trusted & transparent methodology of working, individual and corporate donors are increasingly willing to provide ongoing support. Around 90% of all contributors to The Kalgidhar Society are annually contributing members.

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Kalgidhar Trust - Baru Sahib Brochure for Akal University Guru ki Kashi

  1. 1. APPEAL FOR DASVANDH To Enshrine Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Blessing of THIS NOBLE PROJECT WILL COST $100 MILLION Let us all contribute generously to obtain the blessings of the Tenth Master Dear Donors, please contribute with bricks, cement, iron bars, room etc. and money for the AKAL SEWA (construction work) of Akal University buildings hence making your earnings fruitful. THE KALGIDHAR SOCIETY GURU ki KASHI for Sri Damdama Sahib by establishing Akal University at a cost of USD 100 Million BARU SAHIB REGD. OFFICE: Via Rajgarh. Distt. Sirmore, Himachal Pradesh-173101, India Tel: 91-1799 - 276031, 09816033303 Fax: 91-1799 - 276041 DELHI OFFICE : F-3, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027 Tel.: 91 9711193845, 91 9810092292• E-mail: info@barusahib.org U.S.A. - FLORIDA CHAPTER: 15051 Royal Oaks Lane #2504 N.Miami FL 33181 Tel.: 469-233-0170 (M) • E-mail: anjuchawla@barusahib.org TEXAS CHAPTER: Ravideep Kaur "Executive Fundraising Chair", 805 Ingleside Drive, Plano, TX 75075 Tel.: 972-693-1077, • E-mail: mukta@barusahib.org 3100 Vidalia Lane Plano, TX 75025 Tel.: 469-443-7669 • E-mail: kaursimran@barusahib.org (Ref:- Mahan Kosh by Bhai Kahan Singh 'Nabha') YUBA CITY CHAPTER: Amarjit Singh Bains, 1956 Parkwood Dr Yuba City 95993 USA, Tel.: 001-530-329-2691• E-mail: abains46@gmail.com "It is the duty of every Sikh to contribute for the LAS VEGAS CHAPTER: P Box. # 570081, Las Vegas, NV 89157 .O. Tel.: 702-429-7354 • E-mail: raj@milestoneconst.us manifestation of the 4th blessing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji" VIRGINIA CHAPTER: P Box 2424, Poquoson, VA 23662-0424 U.S.A. .O. Tel.: 001-804-639-6507 • E-mail: sekhon@barusahib.org ~Iqbal Singh Ji (Baba) Make Your Tax Deductible Donation to "Eternal Charitable Foundation" dba Baru Sahib Charities of N. America Donate by Credit Card Go Online to www.barusahib.org Anju Chawla 15051 Royal Oaks Lane, Suite 2504, North Miami, Florida 33181 Ph: 469-233-0170 Email:anjuchawla@barusahib.org Ravideep Kaur (Mukta) Ph: 972-693-1077 Donate Through Bank “The Kalgidhar Society” Chase Bank A/c in USA #: 988517371 For our Children, our Community, our Future! www.BaruSahib.org #BaruSahibHP A 501 © (3) Organization Fed. Tax ID# 26 -1446079 info@barusahib.org @kalgidhartrust www.BaruSahib.org
  2. 2. History behind the establishment of Guru Ki Kashi The ruler of Sabo Ki Talwandi (Sri Damdama Sahib), Chaudhary Dalla became a devout disciple of Guru Gobind Singh Ji after initiating into Khalsa fold alongwith his entire family, to perform relentless service to the Guru. Once under Divine will, Guru Ji gave a blessing and said, “Look Bhai Dalla! Canals are flowing here.” Bhai Dalla replied, “Maharaj! It is only desert, full of sand and not canals.” Today that prophecy has been realized & canals irrigate the whole region. Guru Ji again said, “Look Bhai Dalla! Farms are full of mangoes, oranges and grapes.” Bhai Dalla again replied, “Maharaj! These are plants bearing poppy pods only. You are mistaking these for fruits.” Guru Ji said, “You are not able to see now but there will be abundance of fruit orchards in this region.” This region is now covered with fruit orchards all over. Then Guru Ji again blessed for the third time, “Bhai Dalla! Fields full of wheat crops are flourishing.” Bhai Dalla replied, “These are wild bushes. How can wheat crops be produced here?” Smiling, Guru Ji said, “Bhai Dalla! Right now you lack Divine vision hence not able to see the future.” Today fields here are yielding huge wheat crops. Appeal for Dasvandh Saadh SangatJi! Whosoever devotee shares his Dasvandh for 'Akal University Guru ki Kashi' for the manifestation of the 4th blessing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, will obtain the blessings of Guru Ji and set out on the path of salvation. This University, which has been approved by the Government, will incur a cost of $ 100 Million & comprise of an extensive department of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Translation into all the languages of the world. Also producing Divine scholars, who will spread into all the corners of the world and convey the Inter-Faith message of Guru Granth Sahib to all. With Gurbani, they will be able to make their earthly existence successful. It is also endeavored to establish an International Center for Comparative Religious Studies. This is a noble cause of Sikh community, in which we all should participate by rendering service with body, mind and wealth (Tan, Man, Dhan) to obtain Guruji's blessings thereby making our life's journey, a success. The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib through your support has successfully setup 129 Akal Academies and Eternal University (that runs 42 courses). Now we seek whole-hearted support and great response from Saadh Sangat to manifest the 4th blessing of 'Guru Kashi' for Talwandi Sabo. Besides religious courses, 'Akal University Guru ki Kashi' will develop collaborative academic programs with domestic and foreign universities for new and novel technologies and co-operative programs with local, national and international industries and develop programs to train manpower to fulfill the needs of Punjab. I personally look upon this as my duty to deliver this project for the benefit of mankind. Since this is a massive project that would cost around $100 million, I would require and plead for the support of all and one! Eh hai pragat hamari kasi Parh hein ihan dhor matrasi Lekhak guni kavind giani Budhsindhu hve hein it aani. During the scribing of complete Sri Guru Granth (Ref:- Mahan Kosh by Bhai Kahan Singh 'Nabha') Sahib, as per Divine order, Guru Ji began sharpening wooden reeds, and while throwing these into the Sarovar, uttered the fourth blessing: “As Kashi Banaras is the center of learning in ancient India so shall here emerge, a great center of Divine learning of Guru Kashi” Donors are requested to contribute with bricks, cement, iron bars and money etc. for the construction of various buildings of Akal University and hence, making their earnings fruitful. To obtain Guru ji's blessings, please enroll yourself & inspire others to become monthly members of The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib. Please provide your name, address and other details to enable our volunteers to collect your Dasvandh for this noble cause and issue the receipt. Iqbal Singh (Baba)
  3. 3. About Guru Ki Kashi AKAL UNIVERSITY PROPOSES TO ESTABLISH International Center for Comparative Religious Studies will have special emphasis on the Teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and establishing centers to translate Sri Guru Granth Sahib in original ragas in different languages of the world. Great scholars trained from here will spread the Divine message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib amongst people in the entire world in their respective languages resulting in universal peace and brotherhood.
  4. 4. 72 The New Wave of Sikhi in Punjab Villages opt to be in Punjab Liquor-Free ~thanks to these kids! 2020 500 Schools 500,000 Rural Children 2014 150 Schools 100,000 Rural Children Inspire 2012 2008 111 Schools 60,000 Rural Children 22 Schools 15,000 Rural Children 1.8 million Citizens Inspire 450 000 Citizens Inspire 3 million Citizens Inspire 15 million Citizens
  5. 5. 1. Entry 11. Carpentry Workshop 21. Akal Motor Workshop & Petrol Pump 31. Enquiry and Reception 2. Eternal University 12. Fabrication Workshop 22. Akal Water Treatment Plant 32. Guest House 3. Akal College of Enginnering ACET 13. Teacher's Colony 23. Akal Sewage Treatment Plant 33. Langar Hall 4. Incinerator Plant 14. Granary 24. Akal Organic Manunre Plant 34. Ancient Gurdwara Sahib 5. Akal College of Nursing ACN 15. Teacher Training Centre 25. Akal Cold Storage 35. Akal Printing Press 6. Akal Charitable Hospital ACH 16. P R. O. & H. R. Department . 26. Akal Bakery 36. Akal Vocational Institute for Boys 7. ACET Workshop 17. Akal Academy Baru Sahib 27. 11 KV Substation 37. ACET and ACN Hostel 8. Tennis Playground 18. Akal Academy Hostel 28. Automatic Laundry 38. ACET Mess 9. Akal Academy Playground 19. Akal Academy Main Office 29. Akal Milk Dairy 39. Gas Godown 10. Adventure Camp 20. State Bank of India ATM 30. Gurdwara Baru Sahib 40. Akal IB International School Valley of Divine Peace - Baru Sahib!