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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE ISHVINDER PAL SINGH Right Bund, Behind Women Police Station Solina Srinagar (J&K) 190008 INDIA E-mail- ishvindersingh1984@gmail.com Mobile No. 9596204967 PERSONAL SUMMARY. A confident, honest and hardworking individual with extensive knowledge of supporting a sales and marketing team in all areas of a company’s marketing strategy. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively with work colleagues, clients and senior managers. Now looking for a suitable marketing and sale position with an ambitious company. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Market research, Direct marketing, Competitor analysis, Sales/ promotional material, Door to Door marketing, Best Knowledge in Marketing and Sale of Different products/ Advertising, Achieving sale targets, Best sale results. Product marketing, Brand marketing, Brand research, Sale planning, Product development, Product management, People management, Brand management, Crm, Retail, Advertising, Channel marketing, Atl, Btl, Ttl. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: •MBA from Annamalai University ( In marketing and sale) •PGPBP (Post Graduation Diploma in personalized business prog/skills) •Graduation from Kashmir University in (B.sc). •12th from Kashmir board of school education. •10th from - DO- •
  2. 2. KEY SKILLS.  Experience of executing a successful marketing and sale campaign.  Strong leadership and consensus building skills.  Track record in the development and implementation of sale, branding, marketing and marketing research campaigns.  Able to quickly understand customer needs and to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions.  Reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems  Best in branding of products according to liking, price, quality, style, area.  Carrying out effective research & intelligence into competitor products & other trends.  Developing a marketing team to implement strategy & delivering on objectives.  Marketingresearch ofthe productwith people their thinkingaboutprice, quality, style, features. Developingnew customers fromexistingcustomers andmakingnew one,with best in demonstration,satisfaction,ideasandhowto remove negative thinkingaboutthe product. WORK EXPERIENCE  June 2014 to July 2016 – (Chinar pvt ltd)- in a local biscuit company for sale, channel marketing, product development and customer relationship, Atl, Marketing research, B2C, Price planning.  June 2011 to June 2014 – (Nightingale company)- in a Fmcg company in marketing and sale, marketing research, sale planning, product research, Segmentation, Ttl.  September 2008 TO August 2009 - (Snc cements) -in a local cement company for promotion, advertising, sale. Check the demand, Customer satisfaction.  June 2010 to September 2010 – (Maruti Suzuki) (Automobile company it was my project in marketing and sale + I was doing job for said period. For sale, customer satisfaction, customer need.  NOTE ( I can & have ability to work in any marketing and sale department in any kind of field if I get chance. I am sure, if a chance is given to me in your noble company under your kind control, i assure you, i will leave no stone unturned to please you by my honest hard work). PROJECT THAT I HAVE DONE. (THESE PROJECTS HELPED ME TO GAIN KNOWLDGE AND TO WORK IN BEST WAY SO THAT I CAN GET GOOD JOB IN ANY COMPANY AND IN ANY SECTOR, ANYWHERE).
  3. 3.  TELECOM - IN SALE, BRANDING, M ARKETINGREASERCH.  AUTOMOBILE COMPANY - (SALE).  FMCG - (IN PERSONALISED BUISNESS PROG/ SKILLS + MARKETING AND SALE, IMPLEMENTATION OF PLANS, PRICE, QUALITY, QUANTITY. • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH.  Good Understanding Of Team Goals  Good verbal & written communication skills in English and Hindi.  Willingness to learn.  Keen and active involvement in process improvement.  Commitment towards work with keen interest.  Do my best to achieve the great.  Best motivator.  Good knowledge of computer skill.  I can give my best for the company as others do well for it. PERSONAL PROFILE  Fathers Name : S. Kuldeep Singh.  D.B.O : 19-09-1983  Gender : Male  Marital Status : Single  Nationality : Indian  Religion : Sikh  Good verbal communication skill. English, Hindi, and can learn language of any country/ state, which will help me to do best for any company  I hereby, declare that all the aforesaid information given above is true to the best of my knowledge & belief. Date: _______ Place: _______ ishvinder pal Singh