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Holy week in valladolid

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Holy week in valladolid

  2. 2. PROCESSIONS IN VALLADOLID <ul><li>During Holy Week in Valladolid can be seen on the streets of major exhibitions of religious imagery in the world, carvings that have allowed the Holy Week in Valladolid is declared of International Tourist Interest. </li></ul>
  3. 3. PROCESSIONS IN SORIA <ul><li>The religious feeling of the people soriano has its peak during this Passion Week. A feature that express humility and simplicity. Among all the processions there are any that stands out greatly from the rest, as is the case of 'General of the Holy Burial Parade' coming out of the cathedral on Friday, the same way as the 'Via Crucis', Holy Thursday, in which Falls relives Jesus on his way to Calvary. And, of course, the 'Procession' Ecce Homo 'which hits the streets Soria Holy Wednesday, or ' The Procession of Silence ', which you can see two of the steps that have more admiration among Numancia 'The Christ of Humilladero' and 'La Virgen de la Soledad. &quot; </li></ul>
  4. 4. PROCESSIONS IN SEGOVIA <ul><li>La Semana Santa en Segovia se caracteriza, como en toda Castilla, por su sobriedad. Eel Viernes Santo por la mañana comienzan a llegar a la Catedral, desde los distintos barrios, los Pasos acompañados por sus Cofrades. </li></ul>
  5. 5. PROCESSIONS IN BURGOS <ul><li>Easter in Burgos, is a cultural, religious and tourist attraction, declared of regional tourist begins on Thursday of Passion, to the bustling, festive touch of Easter Sunday. Sixteen mid Fraternities and guilds that make up the Board of Semana Santa de Burgos was responsible for organizing various events and processions. </li></ul>
  6. 6. PROCESSIONS IN PALENCIA <ul><li>There are several characteristics that differentiate the week Palencia of other cities in the region, without neglecting its austerity and sobriety. Among its highlights singularities 'Call of the brothers', which takes place on the night of Tuesday and Wednesday and it is a warning to the brothers to prepare to go to meetings and processions. It is also quite unique greeting banners. &quot;Before starting the procession and as the brothers get out, banners and scripts will greet and kiss the symbols as a sign of brotherhood. As for the processions of interest that of the 'Steps', the 'Breaking the Veil', the 'Easter' and 'Procession of Silence and Penance', Friday. </li></ul>
  7. 7. PROCESSIONS IN LEÓN <ul><li>La Semana Santa de Leon is one of the major cultural, religious and tourist attraction in the city. Their sizes, great value, were created, among others, as Juan de Juni imagers and Víctor de los Rios. It is a festival declared of International Tourist Interest . </li></ul>
  8. 8. PROCESSIONS IN ZAMORA <ul><li>Since 1897, year on record the existence of the Pro Semana Santa de Zamora, Zamora has lived as the one these days of passion. Since the late nineteenth century to those of the first century, have spent many years and in them the devotion of the Holy Week Zamora, declared of International Tourist Interest, has experienced a remarkable enhancement. The austerity and piety with which he lives, and the realism of the carvings that processions are determining values ​​that customize this Easter, with their own contributions as is the case of Merlú, a couple of congregants that with a bugle and a drum summons the brothers, or, of course, the railings, who, wearing a large campaign, led the procession, announcing his arrival. Returning to the aesthetics of sizes and no offense to the other, highlights groups of sculpture as the 'Launched', Ramon Alvarez. The greatness of this Holy Week is made ​​possible by its 17 fraternities. Each with its own special moment. Just remember the Penitential Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Holy Spirit in the atrium of the Cathedral, the Penitential Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Good Death as it passes through the Cuesta de Balborraz, when they sing their &quot;Jerusalem, Jerusalem 'or the Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth 'Congregation' in the early hours of Friday with the 'Five of Hearts', the sound of progress 'Thalberg' and become </li></ul>
  9. 9. PROCESSIONS IN SALAMANCA <ul><li>La Semana Santa in Salamanca is lived with great intensity. 16 fraternities make Easter Salamanca.Entre most revered images in the processions of Salamanca: The passage of &quot;Jesus Rescued&quot; (Anonymous, s. XVII) &quot;La Virgen de la Soledad&quot; by Mariano Benlliure (1941-1943) The most artistic: &quot;Jesus the&quot;scourge&quot;of Luis Salvador Carmona &quot;The pain &quot; Felipe Corral &quot;Passage of Jesus in the Street of Bitterness&quot;by José de Larra Churrigera. </li></ul>
  10. 10. PROCESSIONS IN ÁVILA <ul><li>Avila Holy Week shows through processions of great wealth, both in numbers and quality artistic images that represent the sacred art of five centuries from the sixteenth to the twentieth. Artists such as Gregory Fernandez, Antonio Arenas, Eduardo Manuel Romero Layer or are some of the artists whose work is collected during this time. For its beauty, are a source of admiration the Christ of Medinaceli, Battles, Illusion and the Agony or the Holy Christ of the executed, which accompany every Friday thousands of people in the 'Via Crucis Penitential' that develops around wall. It is also interesting to witness the 'Procession of the Dawn' on Holy Thursday, when he moves the Christ of the Battles, surrounded by fire torches. </li></ul>