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RESS - Responsive Design + Server Side Components

Can you be future proof and backwards compatible at the same time? Well, I happen to think that you can. Responsive Design is basically a series of techniques that aims to solve the problem of device diversity, but it is assuming that the browser knows what it wants. The smart ones does, but there are also those who on no account should be responsible for making their own decisions.
In this talk we will discuss how we can "combine the best of two worlds" by using Responsive Design techniques together with Server Side components. The good news is that you do not need a big fat server to use the server side components, most of them are available as cloud services. We will look at how we can use device detection, image scaling and server side CSS frameworks together with client side technologies. We will also adress at some of the most difficult problems with responsive web: caching, and how to include third party content such as ads, video, iframes.

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