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AME San Diego 2018 Conference Preview

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Whether you're just getting into the water and starting on your lean journey or you're ready to dive into the deep end, AME San Diego 2018 has something for you.

With the theme Create Waves of Excellence, the AME San Diego 2018 International Conference will explore ways to accelerate your journey toward excellence. Come to learn from the leading and bleeding edge practices of other pioneering continuous improvement practitioners, and go home with new ideas and insights. Join us at the truly one-of-a-kind event in the manufacturing industry which includes engagement, innovation, integration, and connectivity.

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AME San Diego 2018 Conference Preview

  1. 1. AME 2018 San Diego International Conference Preview
  2. 2. The theme for the AME 2018 Conference in San Diego is “Create Waves of Excellence.” San Diego is widely known as a hub of innovation. At the AME 2018 conference, we’ll explore the big changes making waves in manufacturing – from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, wearables and more. Attending an AME Conference…by the numbers: Why come to #AMESanDiego?
  3. 3. What are people saying about attending an AME conference? “Perhaps the best professional conference I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to my share).” “Worth taking my time from work to attend!” “I enjoyed it. Thought it was very good. I would recommend to others (and I already have).” “Best conference I’ve been to.”
  4. 4. Conference Overview
  5. 5. Keynote presentations Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Keynote speakers will help inspire your journey to enterprise excellence. This year, we are pleased to have the following speakers: •Thomas Hartman, executive coach, Catalsys •Jeremy Gutsche, award-winning innovation expert •Dr. Ivan Joseph, award-winning performance coach •Mike Rother, engineer, teacher, researcher, author “Toyota Kata” •Billy Taylor, director of manufacturing at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company •Joe Theismann, entrepreneur and former NFL star quarterback •Liz Wiseman, CEO of the Wiseman Group
  6. 6. Practitioner presentations and interactive sessions Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday The great depth and breadth of our presentations means that you will always find something relevant – an idea, a concept or a success story – that you can use. We showcase industry leaders who are articulate advocates for change and will present to you how you can achieve the success that you seek! Traditional presentations are given by practitioners. Attend as many presentations as you would like, there is no need to sign up in advance. For more information about practitioner presentations and interactive sessions, visit http://www.ame.org/sandiego/presentations.
  7. 7. Best-practice tours Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday AME offers tours of industry leaders’ facilities so you can see what really works. We make sure that you get to see “hands-on” tools and skills. All conference attendees receive a tour to a site of their choice. Tours typically last 3 – 5 hours. Tour companies include: Biotix, Inc; City of San Diego; Costco Optical Lab, Costco Wholesale Industries, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.; HM Electronics; Illumina, Inc.; Inova Diagnostics; Solatube; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. and more. For a full list of organizations opening up their doors for a tour during AME San Diego 2018, visit http://www.ame.org/sandiego/tours.
  8. 8. Mike Rother “Kata in the Classroom” Special Event Days TBD Visit http://www.ame.org/kata-classroom-0 for more information or to reserve your spot.
  9. 9. In-depth workshops Monday/Tuesday In-depth, half-day workshops provide attendees solid, lean, practical thinking. Workshop topics include: people-centric leadership, lean leadership, innovation, lean HR, value stream mapping, total productive maintenance and more. Registration for workshops is open. Visit http://www.ame.org/sandiego/workshops for more information or to register.
  10. 10. Networking Events AME’s mission is to inspire a commitment to enterprise excellence through experiential learning by bringing people together to share, learn and grow. With this in mind, AME San Diego 2018 is a great opportunity to network, share with peers and colleagues and learn from each other. Networking opportunities in San Diego include: •Club NuBee (Sunday/Monday) •Dine-Around (Sunday/Monday) •AME-zing Race (Tuesday) •Selfie-contest •Exhibit area activities For more information about networking activities throughout the conference, visit http://www.ame.org/sandiego/networking.
  11. 11. Club Nu Bee Sunday/Monday evenings Join us at Club NuBee on Sunday and Monday evenings October 28 and 29 at 5 p.m. and get a fun, interactive overview of our conference, which will help you make the most of your conference experience. You’ll have the opportunity to win prizes and meet and network with new friends. Bee costume optional.
  12. 12. Dine-Around Sunday/Monday evenings Join your fellow conference attendees on Sunday and Monday October 28 and and 29 at 6 p.m. at several of San Diego’s finest restaurants for dinner and conversation. For more information and to register, visit http://bit.ly/2sBBgEF
  13. 13. AME-zing Race Tuesday evening Armed with a camera, you and your team become a member of the paparazzi for the day as you take on a fun team assignment to snap photos of key locations and your team. Explore interesting facts about San Diego and its culture. If you don't have a team already, teams will be forming immediately prior to the event. Event takes place on Tuesday, October 30 at 5:30 p.m.
  14. 14. Learning Resource Center Exhibits Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Learning Resource Center exhibitors are strongly aligned with our conference. You don’t become a learning resource exhibitor unless your product or service is versed in lean thinking and continuous improvement. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit exhibitors, learn about their products and services and network with attendees throughout the conference and during special activities in the exhibit area throughout the conference.
  15. 15. The Accelerator Program Companies that send large teams to our international conference experience a dramatic impact on their culture. As companies progress on their lean journey, they begin to realize that their continuous improvement efforts will require strong collaborative effort from all levels of the organization. The more people on a team who share the AME conference experience, the more impact it will have on a company’s goals and objectives. Whether a team of 10+, 25+ or 50+, the Accelerator Program provides the perfect forum for maximizing an organization’s efforts to improve their Processes and positively impact their culture.
  16. 16. The Companion Program Are you bringing your spouse or significant other to the conference? The AME Companion Program offers your companion a variety of opportunities to participate in planned group events from Tuesday through Thursday during the conference. This program is an excellent way to meet new friends or re-connect with old friends. Visit the Companions page to see the destinations and to register.
  17. 17. For more information about the AME San Diego Conference, visit ame.org/sandiego.