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Feast Your Mind 2012 Invitation

  1. Proceeds benefit the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School Scholarship Fund Sunday, February 26, 2012 4:30 p.m. Reception 7:00 p.m. Dinners
  2. TAKE YOUR SEAT AT A TABLE TO HELP FILL A CHAIR IN THE CLASSROOM Thank you to JCDS, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School of Watertown, MA for providing us with the model for this program.
  3. Dear Friends, We are honored to invite you to the 2nd annual Feast Your Mind - the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School’s signature fundraising event. Feast Your Mind 2011 was an incredibly successful event that raised over $70,000! More than 50% of Wornick’s students are on tuition assistance and the proceeds from Feast Your Mind go directly to our scholarship fund. The Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School prides itself on being a community of extraordinary learners. With Feast Your Mind, Wornick has created an event that reflects the school’s mission and values and commitment to lifelong learning. Throughout the pages of this invitation you will see a diverse selection of speakers whose topics range from arts to sports to medicine and more! Our gracious hosts are excited to welcome our speakers and Feasters into their homes for this memorable evening. We hope you will also join us for our reception at the school so you can see firsthand the warmth of our community. Thank you for being a part of Feast Your Mind and for supporting the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School. B’shalom, Alisa & Peter Spivak Feast Your Mind 2012 Chairs Page 1 Feast Your Mind ohrcj ouka
  4. Yaniv Bensadon Abbe Braitman Fran Eastman Rabbi Dennis Eisner Rabbi Dan Feder Dr. Brian Lipson Marina Milshtein Caren N. Neydavoud Eyal Ofek Carrie Ridge Jeremy Verba Adrienne Weil The Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School, founded in 1986, is an extraordinary pluralistic day school nationally recognized for our integrated and progressive Israel curriculum. Wornick welcomes students in kindergarten through eighth grade from families across the entire spectrum of Jewish observance. The school’s excellent academic program focuses on subject literacy and mastery developed through integrated projects requiring critical thinking, information synthesis, collaboration and creativity. Our students speak, read and write in English and Hebrew in intimate classes where our master teachers differentiate instruction to the learning styles and abilities of the students. Wornick students showcase our community’s commitment to excellence, kindness, service, learning and leadership. About Wornick Feast Your Mind Page 2 Board of Trustees Dr. Barbara Gereboff, Head of School Fred Weiner, Chief Financial Officer Joelle Kaufman, President Sharon Blau Hartley, Governance Chair Paul Lipman, VP at Large Roger Feigelson, Strategic Planning Chair Madeline Benson, Treasurer Sherry Lipson, PTO President Shawn Becker, Marketing Chair Dr. Larry Lustig, Technology Chair Amy Sosnick, Development Chair
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  6. Feast Your Mind Page 4 Mark and Gilah’s three sons have all graduated from Wornick. Their oldest son was one of the original 21 students. Mark is an attorney in San Francisco, and has served the school in many capacities, including past Board President. Mark has been active in a number of Jewish organizations in the Bay Area and Israel. Gilah has the best job in the world: she is a lactation nurse, working with new babies. She is actively involved in AIPAC and Congregation Beth Jacob. Hosted By Gilah & Mark Abelson Serving Kosher Fish In San Mateo Noah Alper knows how to turn bagels into serious dough. He sold Noah’s New York Bagels for $100 million less than seven years after its launch. That success was no fluke for the Berkeley resident. Alper is also the founder of Bread & Circus, one of the Northeast’s largest natural food chains, now part of Whole Foods Market. Alper’s recipe for success combines business savvy, concept creation and a hearty helping of Jewish ethics. His 2009 book, Business Mensch: Timeless Wisdom for Today’s Entrepreneur, spells out his secrets to successful serial entrepreneurship. (Hint: Good guys don’t finish last.) He also shares those lessons with MBA candidates at Stanford, where he is a student advisor. All That You Knead Noah Alper Founder, Noah’s New York Bagels
  7. Roxanne is a passionate Jewish professional, who will join the PJCC as Director of Development in January, following 10 years at the Jewish Community Federation. She holds MA degrees fromColumbiaUniversity and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Dave works in product development at Visa in Foster City, holds an MBA from New York University, and is a wine enthusiast. Roxanne and Dave are active members of Peninsula Sinai Congregation and Peninsula Temple Beth El, and are proud parents of Jacob and Helena. Hosted By Roxanne & Dave Cohen Serving Japanese with Fish In San Carlos Mix equal parts business smarts and bright ideas, and you’ve got the recipe for Leor Stern’s success. A member of Google’s new business development team, he’s obsessed with incubating and launching Google products including Google Voice, Google TV ads and Google Places. Stern debuted Google’s field operations in Israel and has racked up significant frequent flyer miles managing online sales in Russia, South Africa and Croatia. If you’re curious about what’s in store for the Mountain View giant—or what it’s like to work for founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page—you’ll want to set your browser to Stern. Just Google Him Leor Stern New Business Development, Google Page 5 Feast Your Mind
  8. Feast Your Mind Page 6 Lainee and Len have been Wornick parents for over eight years. As active community members, they devote volunteer time to the school, AIPAC, and the local branch of the International Dyslexic Association. Lainee loves to travel, spend time with her family and be active. Her favorite days are spent taking her incredible 82-year-old aunt to the movies. Len works in property management; his vision and passion were realized as he built their San Carlos home over the course of three years. Hosted By Lainee & Len Engel Serving Japanese with Fish and Vegetarian In San Carlos The Marx Brothers. The Smothers Brothers. The Schmidt Brothers. The Bay Area is fortunate to have its own fraternal comedy team – one that will keep you chuckling and make sure you don’t leave hungry. Joseph Schmidt’s eponymous chocolate company, acquired by Hershey’s in 2005, made decadent chocolates that were a feast for the eyes and the palate. His brother, Nathan, owns the popular Café N.S. in Redwood City and is a busy caterer. Both brothers spent their early years in Israel baking (Joseph) and studying hotel and restaurant management (Nathan). Chocolate, Catering, and Companionship Joseph & Nathan Schmidt Chocolatier and Caterer
  9. Judy Fridman’s sons have been students at Wornick since Kindergarten and will graduate in 2012. In that time, Judy has co-chaired Wornick’s annual gala twice and she serves on the board of Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. Barry Frankel was born and raised in the East Bay. As a teen he was heavily involved in BBYO, and later served as president of his AZA chapter. He is an accomplished amateur chef. Judy and Barry frequently host Israeli visitors to the Bay Area. Hosted By Judy Fridman & Barry Frankel Serving American with Meat, Chicken, Fish In Foster City When Bay Area residents talk excitedly about going to “the theater,” they mean the Curran, the Golden Gate or the Orpheum. These San Francisco gems are the heart of the city’s theater district, and their stages illuminate our lives with dramas, musicals, comedies and pre-Broadway world premieres. What a director is to a production, Greg Holland is to that trio of theaters. He’ll give his guests a behind-the-curtain “tour” of San Francisco’s finest showplaces. Whether you’re curious about costumes, stars and divas, production challenges or not-to-be-missed upcoming productions, Holland will make sure you have a front-row seat to all the drama. The Show Must Go On Greg Holland CEO, Shorenstein Hays- Nederlander Theatres Page 7 Feast Your Mind
  10. Feast Your Mind Page 8 Debbie and David have lived on the Peninsula for 11 years. They are the proud parents of two Wornick students, Jonathan (4th grade) and Zachary (kindergarten). Debbie serves on the board of the PJCC, in addition to chairing the annual auction. She is working on a second career as a soprano. David is a partner at the law firm of Fish & Richardson, practicing in the field of intellectual property. Hosted By Debbie & David Goren Serving California Fresh with Meat In San Mateo To most of us, the Milky Way is a candy bar. For Jon Jenkins, it’s the majestic hunting ground for life beyond Earth. Jenkins is a research scientist for the SETI Institute, and he’s hot on the trail of dozens of Earth-size planets in our galaxy that have the potential to support life. It’s no easy task. Our galaxy contains billions of stars scattered farther than we can comprehend. But software designed by Jenkins, along with the two dozen scientists and programmers he leads, makes this astronomical assignment possible. By searching for Earth-size planets, the Kepler Mission seeks to answer a question that intrigues not just astrobiologists but many stargazers too: Are there other potentially habitable worlds out there? Out of This World Jon Jenkins Principal Investigator, SETI Institute at the NASA Ames Research Center
  11. Ealon is a Neurologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. He is also president of the Israel Peace Initiative, a non profit supporting college students who advocate for Israel. Michal moved to the U.S in 1988 after finishing her service in the IDF. She holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology and volunteers at the Peninsula Stroke Association where she runs a support group for stroke survivors. The Joelsons are big proponents of Israel and Jewish education. Their daughter Talia is a Wornick middle-schooler. Hosted By Michal & Dr. Ealon Joelson Serving Mediterranean with Chicken In San Mateo Most novelists dream of penning a book that rivets its readers, one that tells an enthralling story and mines deep truths… and it wouldn’t hurt if it topped the bestseller lists either. There’s a fine balance between a writer’s artistic vision and the practical need to appeal to an audience of book buyers. Michelle Richmond has found a way to earn a living as a writer while remaining true to her muse. She is the author of The Year of Fog, No One You Know, Dream of the Blue Room and The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress, an award-winning story collection. Join Richmond as she explores the challenges and rewards of artistic integrity in a competitive marketplace. Artistic Vision and the Bottom Line Michelle Richmond New York Times Bestselling Author Page 9 Feast Your Mind
  12. Feast Your Mind Page 10 Joelle and Neal Kaufman met at the Harvard Business School, and spent their engagement and first year of marriage in Sao Paulo. They moved to the peninsula in 1999 and began to get to know Wornick. Their eldest of three children enrolled in 2006, and Joelle, a Silicon Valley marketing executive, joined the Board in 2008. Her term as Board President ends this spring. Neal, a Managing Director of a small-cap Investment Fund, is an active member of AIPAC New Leadership Network. Hosted By Joelle & Neal Kaufman Serving Kosher Fish In Burlingame When news happens, Joel Brinkley covers it. In the last 30 years, this Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has filed incisive, in-depth dispatches from 46 states and more than 50 countries. His byline appeared for 23 years in The New York Times, where he served as Jerusalem bureau chief and White House correspondent. Now he writes a syndicated column that appears in 50 or more newspapers or Websites across the United States and around the world. Brinkley, a professor in residence at Stanford’s journalism program, has occupied a front-row seat for more than two decades as international affairs unfolded around him. He’ll share his observations about the Middle East peace process, key global players and America’s political future and its leaders. Bring your questions about American foreign policy and the fate of newspapers in this digital age – and expect thoughtful, articulate discussion. Calling It Like It Is Joel Brinkley Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and Professor, Stanford University
  13. Warren and Gracie settled in California approximately 20 years ago. Gracie was born in Warsaw, Poland and Warren in New York City. Gracie is a biostatistician for Genentech and Warren runs a consulting firm that specializes in revenue management and pricing optimization. Their daughter Vanessa graduated from Wornick in 2009, and son Max is currently in 8th grade. Warren is a City Councilman for Belmont and past Mayor. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Peninsula Sinai Congregation. Hosted By Gracie & Warren Lieberman Serving Grill with Meat, Fish, Vegetables In Belmont Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A dozen Jews sit down to a delicious dinner, and a natural storyteller keeps them in stitches the whole evening. That storyteller would be Leo Lieberman, a spellbinding teller of tales large and small, joyous and touching. Lieberman draws from a wealth of material. His award-winning “Chalk Dust” column in the Jewish Times of South Jersey has received accolades from the American Jewish Press Association. He’s also the author of two books with irresistible titles: Memories of Laughter and Garlic: Jewish Wit, Wisdom and Humor to Warm Your Heart, as well as Three Couches, No Waiting. A Man Walks Into a Dining Room Leo Lieberman Associate Professor of Holocaust Studies, Stockton College, New Jersey Page 11 Feast Your Mind
  14. Feast Your Mind Page 12 Jon is the VP of Marketing and co- founder of Marketo, a marketing software firm that was recently named the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley. He is the author of the popular blog Modern 82B Marketing. Tamar is a retail industry executive and a graduate of the Harvard Business School. She is currently the Director of Women’s Shoes at Piperlime, an online division of the Gap. Tamar and Jon’s son started kindergarten at Wornick this fall and their daughter attends the PJCC pre-school. Hosted By Tamar & Jon Miller Serving Mexican with Chicken, Vegetables In Burlingame Barak Loozon is the Director for young adult engagement with Israel at the Israel Center of the SF based Jewish community federation. Before coming on Shlchut, Barak worked for the Institute for Democratic Education in Israel and led the implementation of an educational reform model in the city of Bat-Yam. In the past he served as the National Educational Director and Deputy Director-General of the Israeli Scouts, both in Israel and in the US. He is a Wexner Israel Fellow and holds a BA from Bar Ilan University in Criminology & Political science, a MA in Education Policy from Tel Aviv University and a MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Barak is married to Keren and they are the parents of Yuval, Tomer, Amir and Hillel . Far From Home, Fostering A Sense of Homeland Barak Loozon Director for Young Adult Engagement to Israel & Senior JAFI Shaliach
  15. Both Mauree Jane and Mark are devoted San Franciscans, transplanted from Washington, D.C. and New York over 40 years ago. They are delighted to be Wornick grandparents. Mauree Jane is an oral historian and serves on the board of the Meritus College Fund. Mark is a venture capitalist, now serving on the Board of KQED. He recently also served on the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Board. Their contemporary Jackson Street home of glass, steel and stone was designed by Olle Lundberg. Hosted By Mauree Jane & Mark Perry Serving California Fresh Local Organic In San Francisco Modern design is Olle Lundberg’s passion. Though he specializes in high- end creations for very exclusive clients, his ingenuity is also remarkably accessible. It can be found throughout San Francisco, at the airy, stylish Slanted Door restaurant in the Ferry Plaza Building, and the 1,300 new MTA bus shelters topped by a gently undulating red roof. Lundberg will take diners on a virtual tour of the innovative Perry House, a joining and remodel of two adjacent Pacific Heights row houses. You’ll learn how a visionary architect can blend a modern aesthetic, a streamlined façade and a sinuous metal staircase to create an unconventional stand-out in an historic neighborhood. If He Builds It, You Will Come Olle Lundberg Architect and Founder, Lundberg Design Page 13 Feast Your Mind
  16. A Week In The Life Of A Wornick Lower School Student STUDENTS AT WORNICK ARE ENGAGED PARTICIPANTS IN A COMMUNITY OF EXTRAORDINARY LEARNERS distinguished by individual respect and the continuous pursuit of academic, spiritual and physical excellence. Starting the day with community T’fillah, Wornick students start their day with singing and community discussion about goals and feelings. ALL SUBJECTS ARE INTEGRATED INTO MULTIDISPLINARY CURRICULAE FULL OF CURIOSITY AND INQUIRY. In Kindergarten, the study of the letter A leads to a discussion of the growth of an apple to charting different volumes and breeds of apples to exploring the role of apples and honey in the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. In third grade, students use our 1:1 Apple laptops to discover, analyze and report upon the landforms of both the San Francisco and Haifa Bay. MATH, SCIENCE, MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGY ARE EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPERIMENTATION BY WORNICK STUDENTS. Using the nationally acclaimed Singapore Math curriculum, Wornick students learn mathematical thinking and strategy going beyond mere math facts. Science is hands-on including gardening in the Wornick garden, dissection of owl pellets and creating projects for the Invention Convention. Our instrumental music program educates the students in vocal, string, wind and percussion. Wornick’s technology program inspires students to use computers as resources for information, creativity and exhibitions of excellence. JEWISH LIFE, HEBREW AND ISRAEL EDUCATION IS SEAMLESSLY INCORPORATED. Hebrew is taught Ivrit b’Ivrit using the TalAm immersion program. Jewish life explores the Torah, traditions and spectrum of practice found in our community. And Israel is everywhere – starting with our nationally pioneering twinning program with Haifa’s Reali School and extending to our celebrations, music and art. Our week starts with community-wide Havdalah on Monday morning and concludes on Friday with Kabbalat Shabbat. Feast Your Mind Page 14
  17. A Week In The Life Of A Wornick Middle School Student EXTRAORDINARY LEARNING AT WORNICK MIDDLE SCHOOL EXTENDS BEYOND OUR CAMPUS as students use their school- issued Apple Macbooks to complete assignments among students, teachers and parents. Students solving a complex algebra problem in class continue the discussion over instant messenger at home. Israel comes to life through Skype and shared projects including comparative literature where students evaluate similar short stories by Alice Walker and one by Savion Leibrecht. WORNICK MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS DRIVE THEIR EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE through our state of the art science laboratory, daily T’fillah and electives ranging from digital music to photography to geocaching. The students use their inquiry skills alongside biology and chemistry to solve forensic mysteries and then their mathematics and physics knowledge to build new roller coasters. In social studies, Wornick student teams create new cultures and artifacts to be discovered and reconstructed by other teams including their peers at the Reali School of Haifa. THE YEAR LONG, MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TZEDAKAH PROJECT in the 7th grade is a critical thinking and creativity showcase. Students set fundraising targets, organize development efforts, select and research recipient agencies and allocate and present their funds. Their multi-displinary work includes writing papers and presentations on their agency, interviewing the agency director, analyzing the information regarding performance of the agency and finally advocating and negotiating among their classmates. CONVERSATIONAL HEBREW IS SPOKEN AS STUDENTS ENGAGE in everyday conversations such as giving a movie recommendation or grabbing lunch in a café. The rigorous NETA Hebrew program brings graduates to high levels of Hebrew literacy. Jewish studies provokes questions on the purpose of Jewish prayer and observance as our students form strong, individual Jewish identities and share those identities with their dedicated teacher-advisors, class Rabbis and their multi-grade Tribe. Jewish life is celebrated through Haggim and weekly Torah reading – often by one of our own B’nai Mitzvah students. Page 15 Feast Your Mind
  18. Feast Your Mind Page 16 Amy is the Director of Philanthropic Services at the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund. She holds a Ph.D. in English and is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Fellowship leadership program. Neal is Vice President of Litigation at Cisco Systems, and was a long-time member of the Executive Committee of Wornick’s Board of Directors. Their daughter Ella (6th grade) is benefiting from a remarkable education at Wornick, and their daughter Sophie is thriving in 9th grade at Aragon High School as a result of her terrific K-8 Wornick experience. Hosted By Amy Rabbino & Neal Rubin Serving Mediterranean with Meat, Fish In Hillsborough The Golden State glistens with stories of miners, glory, greed, majesty, corruption and breathtaking beauty. Historian Kevin Starr has devoted his career to understanding and exploring why California is like no other state and, truly, like no other place in the world. Surfers and techies. Inventors and thinkers. Rebels and dreamers. Gold- diggers and visionaries. All have found California irresistible. What is it that makes our state so appealing and sometimes so exasperating? Why is California on the forefront of so many bright (and quirky) ideas, fashions and revolutions that sweep the country? Starr, a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient and a National Humanities medalist, has some answers that might surprise you. California Dreamin’ Kevin Starr Professor, Historian, Associate Dean of Libraries, University of So. California
  19. Dan and Zoe have been proud parents of three Wornick Jewish Day School students for the last 12 years. Dan grew up in Burlingame and graduated from Duke Law. Zoe moved here from England and is a proud Cal Bear. The Scheinmans are passionate San Francisco Giants baseball fans. They have been members at Peninsula Temple Sholom for many years, and this year Zoe is on the board of trustees. Hosted By Zoe & Dan Scheinman Serving Seasonal Organic Local (SOL) In San Mateo Larry Baer has been making Giant things happen in San Francisco since 1992. The fourth-generation San Franciscan’s visionary management style has transformed the Giants into one of the nation’s premier sports franchises. Baer was instrumental in the creation of the new AT&T Park in 2000, and he oversaw the victory parade for a million euphoric fans celebrating the San Francisco team’s first World Series title in 2010. If you’re curious about “insider baseball,” you’ll want to team up with Baer and get the score on the hottest players and not-to-be-missed action behind the scenes. Hits, Runs, and No Errors Larry Baer President and CEO, San Francisco Giants Page 17 Feast Your Mind
  20. Feast Your Mind Page 18 Joel and Michelle are the parents of Vivienne, who attends Wornick, and Zach, who attends the JCC preschool. Joel is General Counsel and COO of Autonomy, Inc. One of his greatest loves is baseball, and he and Vivienne are in the process of visiting all 30 MLB baseball parks around the country over a period of several years. Michelle is a Trusts and Estates attorney, currently taking time off from law practice to focus on family. Hosted By Michelle Hudson & Joel Scott Serving Indian In San Mateo You can count the number of Jewish female police chiefs in the United States on one hand. Susan Manheimer is proud to be among that select group. She sets the agenda for the 120 officers who patrol the City of San Mateo, and she creates innovative programs such as the Homeless Outreach Team and Adopt-A-School. Manheimer, a 16-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, has served as San Mateo’s top cop for the past 11 years, and is also committed to reducing domestic violence and youth gangs. For the past year, she was the “Chief of Chiefs” serving as the President of the California Police Chiefs’ Association. Join the chief as she offers a rare inside glimpse into the police department. If you’re curious about what causes—and cuts—crime and how to creatively combat lawlessness, you’ll want to be on patrol with Manheimer. Hail to the Chief Susan Manheimer Police Chief, City of San Mateo
  21. Amy and Wayne chaired the highly successful inaugural Feast Your Mind in 2011. Currently Amy sits on the RCWJDS Board of Trustees as Development Chair. Over the course of Amy’s career she has lived in Paris, Atlanta and now the Bay Area. Wayne spends his days as the VP of Sales for J. Sosnick and Sons, a candy distribution company. As San Francisco natives, they are thrilled to raise their children in this area. Their daughter is currently in second grade at Wornick, and their son started kindergarten this year. Hosted By Amy & Wayne Sosnick Serving Kosher French- American In Burlingame Mystery Speaker Mystery Dinner Mystery Speaker It’s a Mystery Page 19 Feast Your Mind ?
  22. Feast Your Mind Page 20 Eran and Lisa relocated to the Bay Area in 2010 with their three children. Lisa is an accomplished rabbi and co-founder of Positive Jewish Living, which focuses on uniting mind, body, and spirit through study, prayer, mediation, yoga, and music. She also serves as the national representative for Da’at Educational Expeditions/ARZA World in Jerusalem. Eran is the co-founder and President of RPX, which provides patent risk management solutions. He enjoys performing in local theatre with his daughters. Hosted By Rabbi Lisa & Eran Tzur Serving Kosher Middle Eastern Meat, Fish, Vegetarian In Hillsborough Akiva Tor previously served as the World Jewish Affairs Adviser to the President of Israel, the Director of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, the Deputy Director for Palestinian Affairs in the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Press and Information Attaché in the Israeli Embassy in The Hague. Mr. Tor has written and lectured extensively on Jewish values in the foreign policy of Israel and on ethical considerations in international relations. He served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces and is currently an infantry captain in the IDF reserves. A graduate of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Tor holds an MA degree from Hebrew University in Jewish political thought and a BA from Columbia University in general philosophy. He enjoys running, mountain biking and ascending high places. Akiva is married to Naomi, a community social worker. Their hometown is Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, and they have four children – Yonah, Zohar, Yehudah and Roni. A Welcome Mat for a Diplomat Akiva Tor Consul General of Israel, Pacific Northwest Region
  23. KenandCynthiaWornick became a part of the Day School community over 15 years ago. Ken became President of the Board and Cynthia ran the Parent-Teacher Organization in those early years just as the lease with the San Mateo School District was revoked – leading to the winding and wonderful story that became the Foster City campus. All three of their children, now in college, attended the RCWJDS. Hosted By Cynthia & Ken Wornick Serving Chicken, Meat In Burlingame What do Duke Ellington, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones have in common? The answer is Danny Scher, who began promoting concerts more than 40 years ago as a Palo Alto High School student. If you’ve attended a rock ‘n’ roll concert, a stadium event or virtually anything anyone would pay to see live, chances are good that Scher had a hand in bringing that entertainment to you. Scher spent 24 years as an executive with Bill Graham Presents, one of the country’s largest concert promoters. He also oversaw the creation of Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre. Scher remains a key player as owner of a concert promotion and consulting company, DanSun Productions. He’ll give you the equivalent of an all-access backstage pass – his take on the country’s hottest entertainers and the state of show business. Leader of the Band Danny Scher Concert Promoter and Entertainment Executive Page 21 Feast Your Mind
  24. Feast Your Mind Page 22 Steven and Robin Hurwitz are the proud parents of Wornick eighth grader Michael, and daughter Anna. Steven is the owner of Bay Area Herbs and Specialties, a volunteer baseball coach – and the world record-holder for Alcatraz swims, nearing 870 at press time. Robin, a former teacher, has spent many years serving on school boards and volunteering at her children’s schools. She currently serves as the Wornick representative on the board of Common Ground. Hosted By Robin & Steven Hurwitz Serving Kosher Chicken At Wornick How many college students could say that a course on the history of video games changed their lives? At least one. Andres Cantor’s plans to earn an MBA were utterly derailed by the video game history class he took in the last semester of his senior year. Cantor, a finance major, didn’t just switch gears. He changed cars completely and earned a master’s degree in interactive entertainment. Today, Cantor is a product manager for entertainment giant Zynga. His team handles “Words With Friends,” a wildly popular and highly addictive cousin of Scrabble. If you’re curious about the magic of creating irresistible entertainment, you’ll want to have a few words with Cantor. Between Friends, A Few Words* Andres Cantor Product Manager, Zynga’s ‘Words With Friends’ * This dinner is specially priced at $36 and is limited to former students and their friends. Wornick Alumni Dinner
  25. Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other (Psalms, 85) Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students, We invite you to participate in Beth Midrash discourse to study Talmudic and Biblical texts regarding the values of Compassion and Gmilut Hessed. We dedicate this educational event to our peers in the community of Wornick JDS. Our Beth Midrash will be synchronized with a comprehensive event organized by Wornick PTO & faculty under the title - Feast Your Mind in Israel. This Limud is meant to help us in nurturing the connection between the Jewish bookcase and our community service. Looking forward to seeing you in our convention hall on February 26. Daniel Dubrovsky Noga Cohavi Head of PTO in Reali Campus Matos Head of Jewish Peoplehood Program The Reali School Dinner in Haifa, Israel Page 23 Feast Your Mind -;.),","( ,, . "" . "",2012 , . , "" 26 ' 18:00
  26. Feast Your Mind Kashrut Policy For the purposes of this event, and in order to make our Kosher meals accessible to nearly all members of our community, we have adopted the following standard of Kashrut: Kosher means that the products used, including cheese and wine, carry a hechsher (any formal certification of Kashrut other than a plain “K”). If Kosher, the hosts use separate dishes, pots, pans and utensils for meat and dairy. Any event catered by a Va’ad-approved Kosher caterer who brings their own dishes is Kosher. Please note: All homes which are not Kosher and are serving meat and chicken will be Kosher Style (no pork or shellfish). Event Proceeds and Donation Information All proceeds from Feast Your Mind benefit the Wornick Scholarship Fund, the financial program that provides assistance to approximately 50 percent of our students. Through this Fund, Wornick is making an outstanding Jewish day school education accessible and affordable and investing in the future of the Jewish community. Donations in excess of $36 per attendee are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Israel Dinner The dinner in Israel will take place at our sister school, The Reali School. General Information Please contact the Office of Development for more information about Feast Your Mind. Lindsay Kopecky Director of Development (650) 378-2621 Feast Your Mind Page 24
  27. Page 25 Feast Your Mind Acknowledgements Alisa and Peter Spivak Co-Chairs, Feast Your Mind 2012 Regina Guggenheim Chair, Special Guest Committee Special Guest Committee Members Madeline Flanagan Stacy Fradkin Irit Kuba Barak Loozon Mara Langer Chair, Host Committee Corinne Lipman Chair, Reception June Bell, Laurie Hepler Co-Chairs, Bio Writers Marketing and Communication Committee Heidi Feinberg Scott Urman Feast Your Mind Development Committee Laura Druyan Tamar Miller Neal Kaufmann Amy Sosnick Past Chairs, Feast Your Mind Amy and Wayne Sosnick Contributors to the Feast Your Mind Invitation Jamie Lacroix Steve Maller Robin Will Thank You To Abbe Braitman and Larry Braitman, for underwriting the reception Robin and Steven Hurwitz, for underwriting the alumni dinner In-Kind Donations Coffee by Peets Coffee Flowers by Patrick’s Floral Studios Wine by Cameron Hughes Wine Feast Your Mind is truly a community event and could not happen without our amazing volunteers. Thank you to everyone who has helped make Feast Your Mind so successful.
  28. Feast Your Mind Page 26 Thank You to our 2011 Feast Your Mind Donors Nadine Levin and James Abrams Liki and Joe Abrams Betty Denenberg and Jacques Adler Martha and Michael Adler Tracy and Dennis Albers Arch Insurance Laura and Adam Barde Diane Barde Ann Bear Charles Becker Joyce and Joseph Behar Sheila and Robert Bell Madeline Benson Dana Spanger and David Berger Pamela and Doug Bodin Marsha Meyerhoff and Robert Brilliant Marian and Allan Byer Bente and James Carter Ruth and Stephen Dickstein Amanda and Rabbi Dennis Eisner Suzanne Dryan Felson and Elliot Felson Judy and Tom Fisher Amy and Mort Friedkin Alireza Ghamgosar Tracey and Scott Green Frieda Greenspan Joanne and William Greenspan Cathy and Elie Guggenheim Susan Hamlin Julie Harkins Jessica Kogan and Cameron Hughes Michele Goller and David Hyman Roslyn and Don Kahn Debi and Howard Kaplan Janice and Irving Katz Connee Kaufman Sy Kaufman Kern Family Fund Judy Thalheimer and Brian Kirshner Sheila and Herbert Kirshner Linda and Robert Kiss Emil Knopf Mara and Quentin Kopp Foundation Lori Adels-La Zar and Mark La Zar Lisa Mark and David LeVine Marlene and Fred Levinson Gracie and Warren Lieberman Jennifer and Reid Liebhaber Phyllis Lippe Susan and Scott Maltz June Bell and Neil Mendelson Rosalind and Burton Milrod Gail Nakama, Wells Fargo Bank Linda and Edward Ornitz Lynne and Bruce Pasternack Romy and John Pavolotsky Marla and Bertram Perkel Jane and David Pine Deborah Pinsky Jane Post Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Emily and Jim Scheinman Marilyn and Nathan Schmidt Doron Shapira Kathleen and Daniel Shugar Lori Silverstein Amy and Wayne Sosnick Lesley Gold and Scott Sutherland Roselyn Swig Caron and Kevin Tabb Marcy Kawadler and Daryl Thomas Carol and Norman Traeger Jill Nelson and Joe Twicken Ernie Weiner Fred Weiner We would like to thank all of the donors from last year’s Feast Your Mind, for making the event possible.
  29. Thank You to our Annual Campaign Leadership Donors Page 27 Feast Your Mind 2011-2012 Leadership Donors for the Chai Excellence Fund Rashi Circle ($10000 +) Abbe Braitman Fran Eastman and Edward Goodstein Akivah Circle ($5000-$9999) Joelle and Neal Kaufman Karen and Herb Wander Adrienne and David Weil Maimonides Circle ($2500-$4999) Simone and Ilan Jude Heather and Larry Lustig Joy Feng and Eric Zhang Heschel Circle ($1500-$2499) Beverley and Maury Alcheck Ann Bear Mirela and Tomer Ben-Chen Madeline Benson Debi and Stuart Birger Mandy and Rabbi Dennis Eisner Miriam Engel Rebecca Schwartz and Roger Feigelson Judy and Tom Fisher Barbara and Joel Gereboff Sharon and Scott Hartley Barbara Jacobs Teri Mandel Eileen and Mike Marchasin Irene and Stephen Moff Carrie and Bret Ridge Jenny and Scott Rodrick Amy Rabbino and Neal Rubin Jim and Emily Scheinman Lael Culiner and Josh Smith Amy and Wayne Sosnick Wendy and Jeremy Verba Karen Alexander and Ross Weiner School Sponsors Bank Leumi Bay Area Herbs and Specialties Borel Bank Gold Metal Martial Arts Hillair Capital Native Kjali The Write Invite Supporters Peninsula Temple Shalom Peninsula Sinai Congregation Peninsula Temple Beth El Congregation Beth Jacob North Peninsula Chabad Jewish Community Federation Bureau of Jewish Education of San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties Peninsula Jewish Community Center Jewish Family and Children’s Services of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, and Sonoma Counties
  30. A Wornick education is an
  31. Photos by Robin Will and Steve Maller investment in the Jewish future
  32. Wornick delivers academic excellence through its innovative and challenging K-8 education curricula steeped in critical thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving, public speaking, and community service. Wornick students become engaged leaders committed to a life of Jewish ethics and values, life-long learning and personal excellence, with deep connections to Israel and the Hebrew language. Our Mission 800 Foster City Boulevard Foster City, CA 94404 650-378-2600 Invitation design by Jamie Lacroix Designs by Jme