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Climate change, causes, effects and solutions.

Climatic changes, its causes, effects, and solutions.

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Climate change, causes, effects and solutions.

  2. 2. • Change of climate that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity, altering the composition of the global atmosphere. • Climate change is one of the biggest crises facing humanity. • Climate change means the change in the climatic activities & in atmospheric levels.
  3. 3. CAUSES OF CLIMATE CHANGE • Changes in suns energy and slow changes in earth’s orbit. • Changes in ocean circulation. • Human activities – burning fossil fuels, deforestation, building developments in cities. • Greenhouse gases – excess carbon dioxide from burning fuels and clearing forest. • Global warming
  4. 4. IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGES • Intense drought, storm • Rising sea levels, melting glaciers • Natural calamities – earthquake, cyclones, flood • Hazardous diseases – cancer from radiations, incurable allergies. • Wildfires
  5. 5. • Acid rain Acid rain is caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.
  6. 6. • Helps people and nature adapt to a changing climate • Advances policies to fight climate change- ( COP Paris by UNFCCC ) • Combats deforestation • Introduce automobiles with new fuel system which reduces 90% pollution • Engages with businesses to reduce carbon emissions • Protecting forests • Make others aware about the problem • Invest in renewable energies