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What is Brand identity (BRAND IDENTITY PRISM)
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Brand Identity Prism

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Brand- its definition, Brand Identity Prism with explanation by taking examples of Nescafe, Star Bucks, Dove, Nike and McDonald

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Brand Identity Prism

  1. 1. BRANDS Anjali Mehta PGDM2 (Marketing)
  2. 2. What is a Brand? “brand” is the perception customers have about a product or service. -Jerry McLaughlin(Forbes)
  3. 3. BRAND IDENTITY PRISM  1) Physique – Physique is the basis of the brand. Salient physical qualities which are seen by the target audience-like its color, shape. It may include product features, symbols and attributes.  2) Personality – The brand is personified and its traits are perceived in the eyes of the consumer in a particular way. Personality includes character and attitude.  3) Culture – Culture takes a holistic view of the organization, its origin, values and principles it stands for.
  4. 4. BRAND IDENTITY PRISM  4) Relationship – The strength of the relationship between the brand and the customer. It may represent beliefs and associations in the human world.  5) Reflection – How a customer reflects with a particular brand.This is different with how customers perceive the brand.This talks more about the consumers who use the brand as opposed to the brand itself.  6) Self image – How does the customer see himself by using the brand.
  5. 5. Why Brand Identity Prism?  Position your brand better  Design effective marketing strategies related to the brand's identity  The brand can be communicated better if its identity is well established  You can eliminate techniques that may not blend with the brand's perceived image  This helps to streamline your marketing campaigns in a certain direction.
  6. 6. LOGO EVOLUTIONFORWHOM? Women of 25 and above, confident Working women, believers of natural beauty WHY? Doesn’t dry skin like other soaps Emphasizes on the ethnic aspect of beauty WHAT? Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil, FaceWash, Deodorants, Body Lotion, BodyWash AGAINSTWHOM? L’oreal,The Body Shop, Nivea Branding Strategy: Brand Extension and Line Extension
  7. 7. LOGO EVOLUTION Positioning An upscale brand which provides a rich experience Why? Provides a personal moment of escape from a hectic life, between work and home What? Coffee, snacks, merchandise AgainstWhom? CCD, Barrista , Costa Branding Strategy: Brand Extension and Line Extension
  8. 8. LOGO EVOLUTION WHAT? Sports wear, shoes, accessories WHY? It stands for triumphant and sporty spirit FORWHOM? For people who are or want to be athletic and confident, people who want to get things done AGAINST WHOM? Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Sketchers etc. Branding Strategy: Combination of strategies-Family branding
  9. 9. When? Normal restraunt timing. Mac Donald’s created some products to the breakfast and the » coffee break » with its brand Mc café Against Whom? Yum! brands ( KFC, Taco bells, Pizza hut) Burger King Subway What? Fast food Junction. It was the "family place" to go to since quick service restaurant chain McDonald's entered India. For Whom:? Products for children, and so family, and teenager/ young people. Communication and advertising sector, Mac Donald’s communicate both for children/family.
  10. 10. NESCAFE  Parent company: Nestle  In the past it was a morning drink then it was repositioned as a companion for your life even during harder times of life. Branding Strategy: Brand Extension and Line Extension  Against Whom? Bru,Tata coffee  ForWhom? It is targeted towards young, creative and ambitious people.
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Brand- its definition, Brand Identity Prism with explanation by taking examples of Nescafe, Star Bucks, Dove, Nike and McDonald


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