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DevOps++ Global Summit 2017

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DevOps++ Global Summit is one of the largest DevOps Conference happening on 9th September, 2017 in Pune. The conference has 35+ Speakers, International and folks across the academia as well.

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DevOps++ Global Summit 2017

  1. 1. #DOPPA17 9th Sep 2017 LARGEST DEVOPS++ CONFERENCE 35+ Speakers 5 Workshops 2 Tracks
  2. 2. 35+ Speakers Deep dive into DevOps with the best of best minds from across the globe DevOps and ++ BigData Machine Learning Analytics, IoT http://doppa17.devopsppalliance.org/speakers.html
  3. 3. DevOps with Analytics - Next Big Thing in Software Development Infinite Learnings Devops Architecture Design DevOps Technology Trends Key Success (and Failure) modes for your Large-Scale DevOps Transformation DevOps in Mobility World with Microsoft Technology Transformation at workplace: ICT as a key enabler of smarter buildings Driving DevOps using Value Stream Map Strengthening CX through Agile Ecosystems Making DevOps a Reality for Legacy Enterprise Monolithic Products Agile UrSelf DocuOps - Automating the Documentation Pipeline Windows Automation using Ansible Linear regression to predict muscle power in elderly using functional screening data
  4. 4. REGISTER NOW You will be happy to register early. RISE NOW. Limited early riser tickets http://doppa17.devopsppalliance.org/registration.html Super Early Riser : 4000/- per person Early Riser: 6000/- Per person Regular ticket : 8000/- per person Student Ticket (Student Id is must) : 1500/-
  5. 5. Hope to see you at #doppa17 If you want to be our sponsors let us know