d.pharm 2nd year biochemistry d.pharm recommended diet requirement purine chemistry pharmaceutical chemistry by name reaction chloride sodium zinc cobalt magnesium phosphorous copper calcium environment d.pharm 2nd year biochem recommended dietary allowances deficiency diseases of mineral classification of minerals functions of minerals chapter 9 d.pharm minerals biochemistry and clinical path protein malnutrition diseases related to protein malnutrition biological role of amino acid biological role of protein qualitative tests of proteins structure of protein nutritional requirements of pr chemical nature of amino acid classification of amino acid examples of proteins proteins solubility classification composition classification classifiacation of protein definition of protein unit-3 proteins biochemistry d.pharm biochemistry chargaff's rule function of rna function of dna dna structure structure of rna rna structure watson and crick model of dna structure of dna components of nucleotides components of nucleoside nucleotide nucleoside purines and pyrimidines pyrimidines nucleic acid unit-5 d.pharm nucleic acid biochemistry unit-5 unit7 vitamins biochemistry unit-7 biochemistry d.pharm 2nd year 2nd year coenzyme form of vitamins coenzyme chemical structure of vitamins chemical nature of vitamins sources of vitamin deficiency disease of vitamin water soluble vitamin fat soluble vitamin rdr function of vitamin functions of vitamin classification of vitamin vitamin definition of vitamin molecular weight mol. wt assay trade name synthesis of acyclovir acyclovir introduction to purine 1st sem 1st semester unit -4 pharmaceutical m pharm purines heterocyclic chemistry organic chemistry-1 organic chemistry-i organic chemistry tryptophan tryptophan formation tryptophan synthesis synthesis of tryptophan tutocaine formation tutocaine synthesis beta-indole acetic acid heteroauxin building up of ring system elimination of r2nh from mannich base decomposition of saturated and unsaturated ketones synthesis of atropine robinson synthesis applications of mannich reaction mechanism of mannich reaction introduction to mannich reaction name reaction mannich reaction m.pharm pharmaceutical chemistry 1st semester name reactions unit-2 according to pci m. pharm ionic mechanism free radical mechanism mechanism of ullmann reaction indole synthesis gossypol synthesis of polyaryl hydrocarbons biphenyl synthesis diphenyl synthesis ullmann reaction
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