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CV-Abdrahman En

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CV-Abdrahman En

  1. 1. -21 ‫الرحيم‬ ‫الرحمن‬ ‫اهلل‬ ‫بسم‬ C V Abdrahman Moawia Mohammed Salih Mobile: +249929699787, +249123848604 -Email : abdo.wadidi@hotmail.com Sudan – Khartoum, Al-azhari City, Block No.(22), House No.(359) OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position that would help me utilize my academic background and improve my experience,also looking for orgnizations that provide healthy working environment and teamwork culture. PERSONAL INFORMATION: National Servise ReligionDate of birth Place of birth NationalitySocial statusGender CompletedMuslim12-Feb-1989Northern stateSudaneseSingleMale QUALIFICATION:  BSC . Agricultural Engineering. 2012, Faculty of agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology (SUST).  Graduation Report : Evaluation & Design of furrow Irrigation in (SUST) farm SKILLS:  Languges : Arabic (Mother Tongue) - English – Good Communication  Computer manipulation : (Office package,Photoshop & Internet usage)  Preparing reports in Arabic and English language.  Planing and scheduling agricultural operations irrigation, harvesting using computer.  Agricultural softwares : (Celemmens,SCS,Cropwat,NRCS-USDA,SIRMOD).  Driving license. TRAINING:  Agricultural inputs & Services Company (Dongola 2 months at 2010)  Field training tour 12 days :(Sinnar state,Whit nile state & Aljazeera state agricultural projects).  Irrigation Systems Training course (SUST) Agriculture collage (2012) .  harvesting alfa alfa operations, (AMDAD), Almukabrab department (15 Days). WORK EXPERIENCE:  Authority of Merawi dam Area for Agriculture development(keheela project) (National service1/10/2012 – 30/9/2014) -Povit Irrigation (Maintinance & Operation) and Surface Irrigation. -Seeding , fertigation , Irrigation and harvesting wheat crop.
  2. 2. -22  (AMDAD) , Amri Department (1/11/2013-30/1/2014), supervising operations of soil service and planting ,fertigation and irigation for Potato & wheat which irrigated using pivot irrigation system.  Amtaar Investment Company (12/Feb/2014 up to 2-Dec-2015). - Work with Harvesting team (Jenaan Multi Activities , Alrahad project & Zaied Alkhair project),follow all operations of harvesting Sudan Grass Hay , Cut ,Raking , Baling and extracting using modern versions of equipments Massy Ferguson and Challenger tractors , Krone & Challanger windrowers , Swadro and Darf raks , Krone big pack baler, Arcusin and SMS bale collector. - Supervise loading and exporting production ( Sudan grass ,Rhodes grass,Alfa Alfa) shifting among Al-Rahad , Zayied Alkhair and Aldabbah projects. - Acting mannager of Amtaar office in Port Sudan. - Shifeted to agreculture department to work as Agricultural Operational supervisor with TIRATTEK team, south african company. - Quality controler and analyzer for crop before exporting. REFERENCES:  Prof :Hassan Ibrahim Muhammed. Sudan University of science and technology hassantal@gmail.com , +249912645200  Eng. Ibrahim Moawia Mohammed Salih Ministry of civilian planing – Dongola ibrahimwdd@yahoo.com , +249912498212  Mr. Faris Algnanem. Amtaar Investment Company Faris.g@amtaar.net , +249920433333