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Chiropractic techniques for pain management

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Chiropractic techniques for pain management

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Chiropractic techniques for pain management

  1. 1. Chiropractic Techniques for Pain Management ADAM R. COATES, CHIROPRACTIC
  2. 2. A chiropractic clinician, Adam R. Coates serves patients at Northern Spine and Injury in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. In his career, Adam R. Coates has developed a great interest in noninvasive pain management techniques.
  3. 3. Pain can vary substantially from person to person, and while chiropractic does not take care of every patient’s every problem, the treatment works efficiently and effectively for many. Some patients may find the greatest benefit from chiropractic treatment when it is administered in conjunction with more traditional pain management techniques such as injections and other complimentary treatments such as massage or acupuncture. Often, a multifaceted approach is required to help a patient reach their goals and both chiropractors and other healthcare professionals should be educating their patients regarding all the options available.