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Weight-loss Competitions

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Are workplace weight-loss competitions a viable solution to creating healthy habits and long term lifestyle solutions.

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Weight-loss Competitions

  1. 1. Are Workplace Weight-Loss Competitions, Healthy? Would you consider a workplace weight-loss competition a healthy long-term solution? Many of the HR directors that I speak to come to me on a regular basis for ideas on how they can integrate a Corporate fitness or well-being strategy, improve employee engagement, social responsibility and addressing lifestyle solutions that affect our people. Through the research that I have made what is particularly interesting is that some organisations run weight-loss competitions. There are a number of Pro’s and Con’s that I have established through my research. Firstly the facts, in the UK by 2020 one of the biggest causes of death will be mental disorders such as depression and epilepsy, 8 in 10 men and 7 in women will be obese and shockingly over 5 million people will suffer from diabetes (World Health Organisation). So yes, it’s certainly a great way to encourage our people to lose weight and reap the health benefits in addressing these problems. A weight loss competition can certainly be fun, motivating and may even encourage more team bonding. But what if you’re not overweight? What if you have not addressed some the challenges that prevent people from achieving their health and fitness goals, such as lack of time, injury or not knowing where to start? Now the con’s, firstly many organisations jump to the conclusion and automatically
  2. 2. assume what our employees want, yes some may want to participate but others may not. Weight-loss competitions is a short-term solution for a long-term problem it doesn’t encourage healthy habits and permanent lifestyle solutions. Weight-loss competitions also do not address other key problems such as stress management, our sub-conscious thinking and our own personal aspirations. They can damage self- esteem through our own high expectations that can create irrational thought and anxiety. So what’s the solution? One word ‘Research’! Qualitative research can be used through a surveys or questionnaires in understanding what your people want from a corporate fitness or wellbeing programs. By getting them to participate in the research, if a strategy is carried out it is likely you will have a bigger uptake in whatever initiative you decided what is best. Understanding our people’s mindset is absolutely paramount in any type of initiative. All of us have choices and if our employees feel they given that choice rather than being forced that has to be a win-win situation. I use a survey to help understand what schemes have been most effective in the past, if they ideal program was to be created what would it look like, how would it be delivered and the objectives of a program. As for quantitative research, how are you going to measure the effectiveness of a program? Is there a strong correlation between a corporate fitness strategy and company profits? But surely regardless your people’s health should be priceless. I also believe that it all starts with the decision makers, a corporate fitness/lifestyle strategy is so much more, it is leadership, culture change and educational. It is about forming permanent healthy habits and lifestyle solutions. We all have to take responsibility for our own health and stop living in world of denial. Some of the clients that I deal have taken their health for granted and are then hit with the bad news that could have detrimental long term consequences, which becomes a wake up call. What corporate lifestyle solutions/ wellbeing initiatives do you have in place? What works for your organisation? Do weight-loss competitions work? It would
  3. 3. great to have your input. I hope you have enjoyed reading this weeks article, feel free to comment and share. I have written FREE E-book exclusivity for you! 'The 5 Ways To Maximize Fat Loss, Energy Levels And Motivation', inspirational tips for you and your team to take away, absolutely FREE Just Click here Adam Strong is a Corporate Personal Trainer, Athlete and International Author of his groundbreaking new book called ‘Move It or Lose it’ available through Amazon, Waterstone’s and Barnes & Noble. His book is written for corporate executives that want to address their hectic lifestyles that often lead to burnout, unhealthy behaviour habits and poor performance. His company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specializes in working with executives and companies in achieving peak performance in the corporate world. He has created a methodology that uses techniques in stress management, fitness, mindset and nutrition to enhance physical and mental well being. ▪ Facebook ▪ Twitter ▪ Linkedin ▪ Google + • Pinterest Adam Strong +44 (0) 7738-276169