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SunPod® Auto 2 pager

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This solar charging station can recharge electric vehicles by leveraging the sun's power. It can be adapted to the client's needs.

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SunPod® Auto 2 pager

  1. 1. Solarenergy-Sustainablemobility-Parkingshade Solar-charging station for electric vehicles Innovationservingsustainableelectricmobility SunPod® Auto sustainable mobility Recharging Communication solar electric mobility
  2. 2. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY FOR AN OFFER ADAPTED TO YOUR SITE. Features Surface: - Version 2 places: 25m2 parking shade - Version 4 places: 60m2 parking shade • Lowest point: 3,20m from the ground • Robust and esthetic structure: anti-corrosion treated steel, large choice of paint colors • Communication boards in option • 1 to 4 charging points • Up to 9,1 T of CO2 savings per year (25 householdes) A SunPod® Auto with 4 spots produces, on a annual basis, enough energy to travel 50.000 KM by EV. It thereby compensates the energy need of the EVs. The options • LED lightening • Maintenance contract • Communication boards • Pop and/or backlit advertising, Cities Companies Car dealers Shopping centersLeisure and hotel industry Charging both day and night Photovoltaic The extras • Wide range of colors • Available in 1 up to 12 parking • Quick and easy installation • Recyclable materials Ideal to: - Draw value from parking lot - Promote electric mobility - Think «energy efficiency» - Step into sustainable mobility Turnkey solution solar electric mobility SunPod®AutobenefitsfromINPIprotections The SunPod® Auto station becomes a communication or advertising support, building & strengthening your image. Residential areas