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Servant leadership for traditional manager by Wajih Aslam and Ramus Runberg

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When teams, product development and entire organizations move from traditional processes to Agile, we as Managers, have to be prepared for it. It’s a new world were teams are self-organizing, the project has no deadlines, and we as managers are no longer Kings on the Mountaintop.

Leadership and autonomous teams are the buzz-words of today so we as managers have to go through our own agile transformation in order to survive. In this interactive workshop we will discover together, through debate, learning and fun exercises try to find our new path as servant leaders.

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Servant leadership for traditional manager by Wajih Aslam and Ramus Runberg

  1. 1. March 11, 2020 - Dubai, UAE Servant Leadership for Traditional Managers WAJIH ASLAM RASMUS RUNBERG Agile Leader Member of AGILE ME team linkedin.com/in/wajihaslam/ IT Manager Founder of AgileInDubai.com linkedin.com/in/runberg/
  3. 3. Magic Trick
  4. 4. What is a leader • Everyone can be a leader • Setting expectations • Visionary • Inspiring
  5. 5. Management Chess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drv-2D6g3GwAgile chair game :
  6. 6. Servant Leadership • Calling • Awareness • Listening • Empathy • Healing • Persuasion • Foresight • Growth • Community
  7. 7. Ball GAME
  8. 8. Psychological Safety Psychological safety is being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career Kahn 1990, p. 708
  9. 9. Google’s Project Aristotle https://rework.withgoogle.com/print/guides/5721312655835136/
  10. 10. Modern Agile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhCCxx0CXEcJoshua Kerievsky :
  11. 11. Change Modern Agile workshop by Joshua Kerievsky 1. Pair up with another attendee - ideally one you haven’t spoken with already 2. Face to face quickly introduce yourself (10 seconds) 3. Turn around so you stand back to back 4. Change 3 things about your appearance (30 seconds) 5. Turn around so you are face to face again. See if you can identify the things that were changed
  12. 12. Thank you www.meetup.com/AgileME-Dubai/ “AgileME-Dubai” https://AgileInDubai.com