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How to Earn and Make Money Online

  1. First learn Skills then Earn Information Provider : HuSSain Malik Amazon Expert & Online Academic Services Provider
  2. Which Skills are most in demand ✅Web Designing ✅Web Developing ✅SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ✅Apps Developing as Andriod and IOS ✅Customer Support Service ✅Email Communication and Support ✅Social media Maeketing and Managing ✅Data Entry & Lead Generation ✅CopyWriting ✅Articles Writing and Content Writing ✅Technical Documentation and Writing
  3. Which Skills are most in Demand  Wordpress Javasript PHP CSS HTML Machine Learning & Al Blockchain Cloud Computing
  4. E-Commerce Business  Amazon Amazon Business Prime Shopify Ebay Walmart Sam’s Club Alibaba Ali express
  5. Where we can work  The best Freelancing Platforms where we can provide our services to make money ✅Upwork ✅Fiverr ✅ ✅Guru ✅People per hour ✅Toptal ✅LinkedIn
  6. How we work and Earn  First we have to learn skills which mentioned in previous We have to become expert in any one of the skills which we select to start our Online Freelancing Career  After learning skill and becoming expert then we have to go on freelancing platforms providing our services as skills to Client
  7. Beginning Online Freelancing Career  We have to develop patience inside when we start freelancing career as this is little bit hard to get work from Clients on platforms which I mentioned previous Nowadays there is much more competition as same like here in Educational field First main thing is that we have to be best expert in our skills then there can be a chance to get work
  8. How much can Earn through Skills  There is different skills demands so according to that work on hourly rates and fixed price budgets As previously I mentioned the high demands skills which can pay you handsome amount weekly and monthly basis If we want to earn more then we have to do struggle more hard
  9. Introducing Myself ✅Allhamdulillah Top Rated Upwork Freelancer working as a Amazon Expert and providing Online Academic Services around the world Few Questions can arise in your mind how I started work and when!! I have little bit more complex past story Almost 3 years before I entered in this freelancing work in 2019 during CronaVirus This was the time when I went to my village due to this pandemic situation and we stayed here almost 6 months with whole family
  10. Introducing Myself  So during this time , I was repeating MDCAT in 2019 I met with one of my middle school friend in village and this was our first meetup after long time almost 5 years He told me about this freelancing as before I was unknown with name too
  11. How My Freelancing Journey Started  As I told about me how all this happened My friend gave me some information and guidance how to start work initially as a middle man to earn 2k to 3k per task as this was academic related work Also he added me in few freelancing groups from where I started work and earning just little bit not more
  12. How I groomed myself in Online Work  I was getting experience working as a middle man Here middle man means that someone person from Pakistan was providing me work from direct clients then I gave work to subjects experts who were doing actual clients work I worked almost 2 years like this way as I previously told Allhamdulillah also during this time , I was earning not more but meeting myself expenses also I was giving some to my family to make them happy as this was everything because of their prayers and my struggle
  13. How I jumped from Initial step to Next  I was struggling much day & night to make me more better I started work on Upwork as this was big step for me because I had no information how to do work on this best professional freelancing platform By saying thanks to Almighty , I took this step
  14. How started work on Upwork  As I told that I was unknown of this platform so this was difficult to make account and profile on Upwork Therefore , I made my Upwork account many times but rejected and did’nt approve so I was little bit upset but not stopped Then at last I contacted person from Karachi who guided me how to approve this
  15. How started work on Upwork  At last , I made my Upwork account and approved perfectly Then main thing was that how to grab client because I was new here and I had no reviews feedback on my profile as there was much more competition and a lot of best freelancers were working Allhamdulillah , this was my luck that I got client on first day at night time who was looking for his work help and he paid me $130 for that Then I was little bit happy by getting first direct client and handsome amount earned
  16. How I made my better on Upwork  Then I started more struggle and I got second client almost after 3 months then third client after same 3 months Allhamdullilah when I got third client then my work was started continously more better and also previous client recommended me to their friends And my earning was become more best and handsome which was not in my thinking
  17. Upwork Top Rated Freelancer  Allhamdulilah with all my struggle at last , I became the Upwork Top Rated Freelancer By saying thanks to Almighty , I am earning which is much more as I started from 2k to 3k before almost 2 years but now I am receiving more than 100K This is my whole story of Freelancing Career
  18. What’s My Future Planning  My first future plan is to give people information and guidance how they can work and make their life easy and independent InshAllah , my second future plan is to grow myself more better and become the Upwork Top Rated Plus Freelancer InshAllah And my third future plan is to make my working best more teams as already I have working team  InshAllah , Allah Pak will help us
  19. Thanks to All of You  Thanks for reading Stay blessed always all of you Ameen And also pray for me to make more better InshAllah ✅If you need more information then can text me not call on this Whatsapp +923097375207