Burn Your Business Plan

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Talk with Steve Blank at true ventures

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#bmgen: The Story of a Bestselling Management Book

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Lift11 Presentation

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Creating Start-Up Success

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Business Model Camp, Hub Berkeley, CA

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A Business Model for Solar Energy - SunEdison

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What Is A Business Model

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Business Model Canvas Poster V.1.0

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The Music Industry - new models (excerpt of a keynote)

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The Music Industry - what's broken (excerpt of a keynote)

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Business Models Beyond Profit - Social Entrepreneurship Lecture

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Business Model Knowledge Fair, Amsterdam

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Publishing Conference: A "Guerilla" Author Perspective

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Business Model Knowledge Fair & Book Launch

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Business Model Exercise Series : nr.1 - ideation

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Business Model Example Series : Issue 2 / iPod

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Good PowerPoint Design - for business presenters

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Business Model Example Series : Issue 1

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