electrophoresis rflp dna sequencing pcr iso-enzymes: examples specificity of enzymes basic structure of enzyme enzyme nomenclature composition enzyme definition data handling and process control applications of introduction. automation of the analytical process luminometry fluorometry atomic absorption spectrophotometry flame emission spectrophotometry spectrophotometer photometry applications of optical techniques calculate the concentration of a solution nucleic beer-lambert law electromagnetic spectrum introduction chemical hygiene ergonomics safety program precaution to avoid hazards occupational hazards lab safety central dogma of molecular biology mutation polymorphisms human variation nucleic acid structure rna dna nucleic acids iron sodium potassium minerals and trace elements vitamin k vitamin-e vitamin-d reverse transcription pcr applications reverse transcription pcr chemistry reverse transcription pcr introduction and general reverse transcription pcr definition real-time pcr results real-time pcr probes real-time pcr chemistry components for real-time pcr real-time pcr definition real time pcr hybridization reverse transcription -pcr polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis agarose gel electrophoresis snps rt-pcr structural organization in eukaryotic cells human glycolipids phospholipids triglycerides chemical properties physical properties neutral fats simple lipid definition cholesterol nomenclature of fatty acids fatty acid classification derived fats lipid importance sources of lipids examples of lipids oxidation/reduction of monosaccahrides amino sugar deoxyribose sugar carbohydrates morquio scheie hunter sam filipos hurler inherited metabolic disease glycoaminoglycans mucopolysaccharidoses neutral heparitin sulphate heparin chondrotin keratan sulphate hyaluronic acid agar dextrans dextrins cellulose inulin starch glycogen hetero-polysaccharide homo-polysaccharide polysaccharide linkages proteoglycan
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