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The Complete Guide to VC Firms in NYC

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The most comprehensive guide to Venture Capital Firms in New York City. Every firm, every partner, all in one place.


The Complete Guide to VC Firms in NYC

  1. 1. The complete guide to venture capital firms in nyc
  2. 2. Some of them want to see traction. Some will invest on blind faith. Still others won’t look at more than a one-page elevator pitch. Many are founders themselves, but no matter what their preferences, one thing is certain: every single person here is ready, willing and able to write you a check – provided that you have the right stuff, whatever that might be to each fund or investor in particular. They each have their sector focuses. They’ve all had their share of hits and misses (Bessemer turned down Fedex seven times). Think you’re onto the Next Big Thing or at least something that one of these firms have been looking for? Here’s your chance to find your potential match and if one of them says ‘No,’ read on. This complete list shows, once and for all, that there are plenty of fish in the sea. We’ve assembled the most complete guide to VC Firms in NYC ever. http://www.alleywatch.com/2014/08/the-complete- guide-to-venture-capital-firms-in-nyc/