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[Slides] Building a Corporate Social Media Education Program, with Charlene Li and Ed Terpening

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In this one-hour webinar, Charlene Li and Ed Terpening will share findings from their recent report on corporate social media education programs: Social Media Education for Employees: Reduce Social Media Risk and Activate Employees for Scale — including best practices from companies like ARAMARK, Cisco, Dell, RadioShack, Aetna, and more.

Attendees will leave this webinar with a four-component, roles-based approach to help their organizations design an education strategy and curriculum.

To download and read the full report, go to: http://bit.ly/social-media-education.

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[Slides] Building a Corporate Social Media Education Program, with Charlene Li and Ed Terpening

  1. #socialedu! Building a Corporate Social Media Education Program! Charlene Li, Founder and Analyst! Ed Terpening, Senior Consultant! Christine Tran, Research Manager! ! January 30, 2014!
  2. Welcome! Charlene Li! Founder and Analyst! #socialedu! Ed Terpening! Senior Consultant! Christine Tran! Research Manager! Slides and this recording will be emailed to you after this webinar! Use the Readytalk control panel to submit questions at any time.!
  3. Agenda! #socialedu! ·  State of Social Media Education Today! ·  Framework for Social Media Education! ·  How to Get Started!
  4. Read the Open Research report! ·  Download at altimetergroup.com/ research! ·  Based on! ·  Interviews with 13 managers of corporate social media education programs. ! ·  Survey of 130 social strategists at companies in Q4 2012, and 65 social strategists in Q2 2013!
  5. Where to start? !
  6. Social media education is a top priority for large enterprises! Source: Altimeter Group’s Survey of Social Strategists, Q4 2012 (n=130)!
  7. #socialedu! “As great as our policy is, we knew no one was going to read through a lengthy legal document.”! ! Amy Heiss, Global Lead for Social Training & Activation at Dell!
  8. Only 18% of companies feel employees are knowledgeable about their social media policies! Source: Altimeter Group’s Survey of Social Strategists, Q4 2012 (n=130)!
  9. “We’re a 90-plus-year-old company. We have some employees who have been here 40 years. The end result is that we want more associates to use social media. If only 1% of our current 34,000 employees participated and became ambassadors, we’d have an extended social team of 340.”! Cosmin Ghiurau, Director, Social Media & Digital Strategy at RadioShack!
  10. Yet, most companies do not have a formal program in place! Source: Altimeter Group’s Survey of Social Strategists, Q4 2012 (n=130)!
  11. Agenda! #socialedu! ·  State of social media education today! ·  Framework for social media education! ·  How to get started!
  12. Reduce Risk, Increase Activation! Risk! Activation!
  13. Four Components of a ! Social Media Education Program!
  14. Component One! Social Media Policy Training!
  15. #socialedu!
  16. Pepsico launched a training program for 110K associates – primarily to train on its policy! ·  Launched a 45 min mandatory training program, that included in-training quizzes on its social media policy! ·  Post-training, 93% agreed they understood the policy and 90% said it was valuable and engaging!
  17. Required of “any business relationship that falls outside the corporate umbrella” ! Includes a brief, 10minute overview of RadioShack’s social media program and policy! Includes agencies and business partnerships or acquisitions! ! ! Onboarding program for new hires includes social media training module!
  18. #socialedu! “There’s no one clear example. Employees need to be trained to expect the unexpected and use their better judgment when engaging online.”! ! Amy Heiss, Global Lead for Social Training & Activation at Dell!
  19. Develop judgment – and the confidence to use it! What you should do! Judgment is needed in between! What you ! shouldn’t do!
  20. Example Training Scenario! 1. You meet a client you like, and collaborate well with. ! 2. The client sends you a Facebook friend request. ! 3. You use Facebook privately, to stay connected to friends and family.! 4. Your only relationship with the client is through work. You enjoy their company and think it would be great to get to know them better. ! What should you do?!
  21. Sample Course Catalog for: ! All Employees — Policy! Section! Title! 100! The Importance of Social Media! ! 101! How Social Media is Used at the Company! ! 102! The Risks of Social Media for the Company! ! 103! Your Company’s Social Media Policy! ! 104! Guiding Principles for Employee Usage of Social Media!
  22. Component Two! Social Media Introduction!
  23. Intel certifies employees online – Social Media @ Intel: ! The Opportunity and Our Responsibility! ·  30 minute required course for employees who want to use social media! ·  Topics include Definition, Importance of Social Media, Benefits, and Risks! ·  3 simple guidelines: Disclose, Protect, and Use Common Sense!
  24. ·  Live, 90-minute workshops conducted by Adobe social media managers.! ·  Hosted at Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose and through teleconference in the morning and evening to accommodate both US and global teams. ! ·  Over 30% of Adobe’s 10,000 employees have completed this program, which is entirely voluntary.!
  25. Sample Course Catalog for: ! All Employees — Introduction ! Section! Title! 100! Introduction to Social Media Tools/Platforms! ! 101! Getting Started with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn! ! 102! Employee Access Certification! ! 103! Creating Your Social Media Voice! ! 104! ! Social Media Privacy!
  26. Component Three! Social Media Practitioner Development!
  27. Previously, only 20% of Dell subject matter experts had social media accounts! •  150 SMEs have participated in the program! •  Over 300K earned media value over 6-month period! •  Connect Dell to 10,400 new influencer relationships.!
  28. ! Mayo Clinic practitioner education includes: ! •  Monthly webinars! •  An annual conference! •  2-day “residency” programs!
  29. Mayo Clinic’s Extensive Course Catalog!
  30. Sample Course Catalog: For Practitioners! Section! Title! 100! The Company’s Social Media Program! 101! Defining Your Social Business Vision and Objectives! 102! Developing Social Business Initiatives! 201! Crafting a Social Business Strategy Roadmap! 202! Getting Your Organization Ready to Engage! 203! Strategies for Organizational Alignment! 301! Content Marketing Strategy! 302! Influence Strategy!
  31. Component Four! Executive Education!
  32. Executive Reverse Mentoring by Cisco Social Ambassadors! Executive “Mentee” SME “Mentor” •  Learn new skills in a •  Connect with an •  Understand business •  Build business case •  Understand social •  Highlight social safe environment case for social media business requirements executive for social media business requirements
  33. #socialedu! “As it relates to social media, EVERY executive should have a [practitioner] help mentor them. Most are fearful of not being considered an expert. Once the fear is gone, social media is a great tool for executives to use.”! Executive at Cisco!
  34. Sample Topics for ! Executive Education! Section! Title! 100! The Business Value of Social Media! 101! Getting Your Organization Ready to Engage! 201! Creating the Adaptive Organization! 202! Overview of Risk Management ! 203! Social Media 101: Hands-On Session ! 204! Social Media for Media Relations and Advocacy!
  35. Executive Education Best Practices! Align with Business Value! Start with business goals and show how social engagement can support! Create Clear Action Steps! Give Executives “first step” options that fit in their comfort zones! Prepare the Team! Ensure that Executives comms and support teams can help them execute!
  36. Four Components of a ! Social Media Education Program!
  37. Aramark has a 3-tier program! 1.  Aware: A social media 101 program for anyone in the company — lives on its LMS! 2.  Active: For community managers, with focus on platforms and best practices! 3.  Expert: For “social delegates” in LOBs, and core functional areas like HR, IT, Legal, etc.!
  38. Agenda! #socialedu! ·  State of social media education today! ·  Framework for social media education! ·  How to get started!
  39. Checklist! 1. Align! 2. Plan! 3. Execute! q Confirm Business Objectives! q Audit Current State! q Engage Leadership for Commitment! q Align Key Stakeholders! q Confirm Policy Priorities! q Define Learning Objectives! q Formulate Success Metrics! q Educate Key Stakeholders! q Determine Outsource vs. In! q Audit Existing Resources / Training! q Create Internal Marketing & Incentives! q Run pilots to refine! q Create Opportunities for Sustained, Ongoing Learning!
  40. Sample Alignment Process! For this client, we designed a course using realistic workplace scenarios that focused on the areas of repeated employee violations and risk! Employee Policy Violation History" Work Conditions & Complaints! Confidentialiy/Privacy! Employee Harassment! Product Complaints! Improper Solicitation! Unsanctioned Spokesperson! 12% 31% 24% 19% 13% 1%
  41. Sample Metrics! Examples of Immediate Post-Training Survey Questions! Examples of 90-Day Follow Up Survey Questions! •  I will be able to apply the skills and knowledge on the job. If yes, provide examples of how you will apply:! •  I have applied the skills and knowledge on the job. If yes, provide examples of how you have applied:! •  This training will improve my job performance! •  This training has improved my job performance (give examples)! •  This training will have a significant impact on: (select all that apply) ! •  increasing customer satisfaction, ! •  increasing quality, ! •  increasing productivity, ! •  increasing revenue, ! •  decreasing cost of sales, ! •  increasing customer satisfaction, ! •  decreasing cycle time, ! •  decreasing risk! •  This training has had a significant impact on: (select all that apply, and give examples) ! •  increasing customer satisfaction, ! •  increasing quality, ! •  increasing productivity, ! •  increasing revenue, ! •  decreasing cost of sales, ! •  increasing customer satisfaction, ! •  decreasing cycle time, ! •  decreasing risk!
  42. How Altimeter Can Help! ·  Social Business Education Audit! ·  Quantitative & qualitative assessment of your organization’s social business education program! ·  Altimeter Academy! ·  Engaging, hands-on group workshops that result in tangible actions for your organization! ·  Social Strategy (Ed Terpening)! ·  Content Marketing (Rebecca Lieb)! ·  Social Business Analytics (Susan Etlinger)! ·  Leadership Education! ·  Hands-on mentoring or group workshops for executives! ·  Social Business Training Plan! ·  Create a customer training roadmap for social business education, typically for three roles: all employees; practitioners; and leadership! ·  Social Business Training Curriculum! ·  Development of custom training materials for your organization, with specialty in policy training, leadership, and practioners (marketing/communications)!
  43. Thank You! #socialedu! Charlene Li! Ed Terpening! Christine Tran! charlene@alitmetergroup.com! ed@altimetergroup.com! christine@altimetergroup.com! @charleneli! @edterpening! @trantastico! ! Altimeter Group provides research and advisory for companies challenged by business disruptions, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and business models. ! ! Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.!