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Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park

  1. 1. The Establishment ofYellowstone National park - 1872 By: Amanda Geraldo
  2. 2. Thesis This is one point in history that I believe that the government was right in taking action to make this private property to protect this historic landmark.Painting of Yellowstone by Heinrich C. Berann. Aerial view of the entire park from the north, looking south.
  3. 3. Questions1. What were 2 myths of the Yellowstone National Park? 2. Who was given credit to finding Yellowstone National Park? 3. Why did Grant finally decide to protect this piece of land by making it a national park?4. Do you believe Langford was a criminal? Why?5. Why do you think the railroad was considered a symbol?
  4. 4. Cause: Indians who were there first Snake Indian
  5. 5. The Washburn Expedition Langford & Washburn the explorers
  6. 6. People Impacting the ParkFerdinand V. Hayden went on 2nd Jay Cooke over borrowed for his Expedition banking house.
  7. 7. National Park Being Established
  8. 8. Myths & Legends
  9. 9. What view did the Primary Sources Provide? How did they help reach my conclusion? In my case the primary sources provided me with with a one-sided opinion on the congress side which was that it was great that it became a National Park which I agree with. Usually government doesn’t always utilize its powers in the best way but I felt here they were being responsible. Other primary sources from people involved like the Snake Indians were because they were upset about being kicked out of their home. For this circumstance I am agreeing with congress’s decision of making this Wyoming territory private property.