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16 Sep 2015

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The Future of eCommerce - EPiServer

  1. The Future of Commerce 15 Sep 2015 David Bowen Director, Product Management for Commerce
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Market trends 3 Mobile influenced purchase July 2014 With the proliferation of smartphones, the large installed base of tablets, and general cross-shopping behavior, the web will influence over 50% of total US retail sales.” Forrester Research, Web-Influenced Retails Sales Forecast 2013 to 2018 (US) July2, 2014
  4. Market trends 4 Mobile influenced purchase July 2014 With the proliferation of smartphones, the large installed base of tablets, and general cross-shopping behavior, the web will influence over 50% of total US retail sales.” Forrester Research, Web-Influenced Retails Sales Forecast 2013 to 2018 (US) July2, 2014 September 2014 More than half the traffic to digital Commerce sites in UK was from mobile devices. Internet Retailer September 2014
  5. Market trends 5 Mobile influenced purchase July 2014 With the proliferation of smartphones, the large installed base of tablets, and general cross-shopping behavior, the web will influence over 50% of total US retail sales.” Forrester Research, Web-Influenced Retails Sales Forecast 2013 to 2018 (US) July2, 2014 September 2014 More than half the traffic to digital Commerce sites in UK was from mobile devices. Internet Retailer September 2014 May 2015 More than half the searches on Google were from mobile devices. Search Engine Land May 2015
  6. Market trends 6 Shifting retail strategy Retail Brand Direct to Consumer (D2C)
  7. Source: ShopperTrak, 2014 Market Trends Path-to-Purchase Needs to be a Connected Experience Increasing online research during the path-to- purchase has decreased brick-and-mortar traffic while ecommerce sales increase and new retail stores open
  8. 8
  9. Customer Centric Focus
  10. 10 Creating Experiences - Storytelling
  11. Creating Experiences Information Seeker 11 Desire for Quick Information • Searching for information around concepts and categories, less product specific details • Cannot buy what users cannot find • Desire for informed decisions • More robust product data
  12. Creating Experiences Validation Seeking 12 Seeking Validation • Consumers seek confirmation they should proceed with purchase • Two way dialogue • Respect differences of all channels and adjust strategy for each
  13. Creating Experiences Researcher 13 Deep Diver • More than just product specs • DIY, Enthusiast or Engineer • Detailed application of how purchase solves problem • Potential community aspects
  14. Customer journey 14 Visible Trusted Engaged Converted Service In Touch
  15. Customer journey 15 Visible Trusted Loyal Engaged Converted Service In Touch
  16. content social email search commerce Customer journey 16 Visible Trusted Loyal Engaged Converted Service In Touch
  17. Creating Experiences Search still Dominates Buying Journeys • Continual search engine algorithm changes with mobile focus • Original and unique content for your audience to stay ahead of the competition • Some retailers - Major focus on SEO as part of its overall business roadmap • Permeates the ecommerce team – across both editorial and product content
  18. 18 Market trends Content Marketing How Red Bull Takes Content Marketing to the Extreme
  19. Creating Experiences Dedicated editorial team Rise of Editorial • Brands have identified the need to engage customers around lifestyle elements / interest areas, not just sell them product • Content is playing a vital role - used to educate, inspire and even seduce
  20. “…Understanding the customer and the type of content they are looking for is crucial…The Journal provides this information in an informing and engaging way. Yes, it’s about selling product but more so about inspiring consumers. Content helps build trust with readers and customers; it provides context for the brands they engage with on the site and for the products they are interested in. Nowadays customers expect for a luxury retailer to create an experience beyond shopping.” Director of Sales & Marketing
  21. Engaging Customer Direct Experiences Creating Experiences • From reseller to customer focus – Inspire, educate and entertain • Very active social engagement – large increase in the number of media shares and on-site engagement • Large increase in visits and referral business to resellers • Starting in US and expanding into 10 global markets
  22. 22
  23. 23
  24. Creating Experiences Background 24 Customer Success – Norrona Norrona is one of Europe’s largest clothing manufacturers of sports apparel. A large global retail network and a growing number of owned flagship and concepts stores.
  25. Creating Experiences Solution 29 Customer Success – Norrona Thus far, we’ve been thrilled with the response from our customers. A clear trend in the e-commerce space is the ability and importance of combining content and commerce to enhance the experience the customer has with our brand.
  26. 30 Case Study 3 | Digital Experience Delivered™
  27. 32
  28. | Digital Experience Delivered™ 33
  29. Customers experience a single type of touch-point Retailers have a single type of touch-point Single-Channel – The Legacy
  30. Customer sees multiple touch- points acting independently Retailers’ channel knowledge and operations exist in technical and functional silos Multi-Channel – The Reality
  31. Customer sees multiple touch- points as part of the same brand Retailers have a ‘single view of customers’ but operate in functional silos Cross-Channel – The Aspiration
  32. Customers experience a brand not a channel within a brand Retailers leverage their ‘single view of the customer’ in coordinated and strategic ways Omni-Channel – The Nirvana
  33. Effective cross-channel marketing can help you drive effective customer experiences that deliver ROI Useful insights about how businesses are integrating their marketing channels An understanding of how your organisation compares
  34. | Digital Experience Delivered™ 42
  35. | Digital Experience Delivered™ 43
  36. Amazon Dash
  37. Peter Sheldon (Q1 ‘14, Forrester) OMNI-CHANNEL INTEGRATION A TOP MANDATE 2015 Technology Investment Priorities
  38. Industry Data 46 Customer Experience — The New Black? • 92% of companies have as a top strategic priority • 40% of companies believe it can differentiate their products & services from the competition • Great experiences lead to loyalty, satisfaction, recommendations & 23% wallet share Source: Forrester
  39. • Product Exploration Experience • Try or Buy Conversion Strategy • Video & Rich Media Content Strategy • Product-based Website Personalization • Product-centric Email Marketing Automation • Social and Display Product Retargeting New Website Experience
  40. 48
  41. User Journey Phase Research Consideration Purchase Advocate
  42. Key Segment / Persona Worksheet Segment: Sound Designer Research Consideration Purchase Advocate Customer Intent • Learn more about the products, bundling and use of product from • Exploring prices and comparing products to make sure there’s no duplication of products already owned • Purchase product or product bundle to add to studio • Stay up-to-date with new products, product enhancements • Enhance personal creativity CTAs / Goals • Learn More (about bundles) • Goal: site exploration and general content consumption • Learn More • Try for Free • Get the Guide • Buy Now • Stay Connected • Log In • Social Connect Persuasive Content • Product specs • Testimonials • Sound Designer Artist profiles • Product detail pages • Product reviews • Sound Designer Artists profiles • Artists reinforcement • Buy CTSs • Cart reminders • Newsletter • Community • Support Information • Free Guides • Latest News
  43. 52 People-first Technology
  44. Blended Content and Commerce 53 Content + Commerce Research • Business drivers for content marketing • Challenges within organization and technology • Results and business benefits
  45. Blended Content and Commerce 54 Content and Commerce Content Marketing Maturity – React quickly to market opportunities 1. Goals - Journey Mapping – Understand the customer journey and customer goals. Track engagement as well as commercial KPIs 2. Use content to sell – Editorial, rich media, UGC, etc. 3. Measure, test and adapt 4. Use ecosystem products to help sell – Marketing automation, social, native mobile, beacons, etc. 5. Support merchandising plans
  46. Blended Content and Commerce Content & Commerce Integration Approaches Standalone CXM Captive Connected Integrated Independent Implementations Com merce CXM Com merce Built onto Existing Application CXM Com merce Data Exchange Between Systems Fully Integrated With Platform CXM & Com merce
  47. Market Trends Digital Transformation Trends Driving Change • CMOs widen their influence (but CIO still maintains budget) • Complexity is increasing with “infinite” channels • We demand evidence to support brand propositions (fluff falls flat) • Personalization is becoming a necessity, not just a mandate • Focus is shifting toward the whole customer lifecycle • Real-time analytics and data-driven decisions are increasing • Purchasing behavior and process has shifted (think opex) • Agile, digital marketing supplants more traditional funnel approaches • Cloud and mobile are accelerating business technology adoption • A move to broader platforms or suites is happening
  48. People-first Technology 57 “We definitely would recommend the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud on Azure because it is more stable and seamless than other digital marketing platforms. The Digital Experience Cloud enables you to use it the way you need to, rather than the product dictating how to use it.” Fredrik Lagerträd Digital Manager Growth The Absolut Company Customers include: • Symetra • Grant Thornton • TransCanada • Novatris • Absolut Company 50% EPiServer Cloud Sales are now on Azure
  49. 58 Why People Choose EPiServer • Experience: Delivering powerful software solutions for over 20 years • Ecosystem: Partners, cloud services, education services, developer community, and complementary add-ons • Ease-of-Use: Effortless for marketers, merchandisers and developers • Extensible: Plug-n-play hub assures seamless connectivity to systems and data • Enabling: Deep Microsoft Azure PaaS with flexible SLA and elastic SaaS model • Economical: Rapid time to value
  50. Thank you David Bowen @dmbowen

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  1. 30min The online channel has grown and become an integral part of the vast majority of retail and wholesale organisations, but what does the future hold? David Bowen will present his predictions for the challenges and opportunities we will all face in the next few years. I’m… and as a product manager I spend as much time as possible on the road talking to our customers learning about their key challenges… There’s a lot of talk about Digital Transformation, a process that’s becoming ever more important to businesses and brands… and maybe something that you’re involved in your day to day roles? Customers expectations are increasing, they are becoming more demanding… The pace of change is unrelenting and digital is transforming many industries…
  2. Ray Want of Constellation Research Researched the largest companies in the US to compare Digital Natives vs. Digital Laggards Since 2000, 52 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist. The pace of change has increased, competition has intensified and business models have been disrupted. You can be certain that the pace of change will accelerate.
  3. Mobile influenced purchases Show-rooming Web-rooming
  4. Also Schu who said they have more
  5. Retailers like Woolworths, etc. Burberry, Apple, Polo, Nike etc. Better insight into the product and also with high brand loyalty. Shopping is now so much more about the experience: Concierge approach… No till points, customer identity to service their needs Low inventory just a few of styles can deliver Video RFIDs in the changing rooms …So Combination of Rise Content Marketing, more connected consumers shift in retail strategy, sets the stage for what we call a blended content and commerce strategy…
  6. Mobile has had a significant impact. Successful companies who focus on the complete customer experience and exceed expectations to maximise CLV… - Insights through advanced analytics - Direct observation and immersion in their decision journey - What new behaviours are emerging or can be enabled by these insights? Digitisation: Amazon – Books, economies of scale -> eBooks, instant gratification, now pay a monthly fee for a library. Physical bookstores – are now turning to coffee shops to survive. Netflix – Rent movies. Video rental disappeared Music – Mp3s changed traditional distribution – Buying files and downloading through the iPod/iTunes era, now to the streaming services like Spotify. Instant Information: Info, places, opening hours, maps, products,. even getting into delivery of products Efficient Intermediaries: Connecting demand and supply. Removing the middle men and reducing cost of service. Don’t just provide useful products and services; they create experiences that people love. The review and moderation built-in to self police the suppliers and buyers Consider your “experiential” competitors Customers expect this level of service from every business. E.g. Small travel company compare yourself to BA or Emirates. Trends: - Transparency (for example, Uber tells customers how many minutes until the driver arrives) - Real-time relevance (Google Now tells you at 5 PM how long your commute home will be) - Connectedness (the Nest thermostat intelligently manages your home’s climate)
  7. 5-7 Minutes – Intros to concepts What is your story to customers along the path of purchase? Creating experiences that help your customers understand their needs, wants and desires consistently via every single touch-point. However that experience gets transacted is the first component but the opportunities to build from there are ever growing. We are nerds & tactical in approach – you all are marketers and creatives so will let you focus on emotional side. One of the most important aspects of delivering experience is knowing the context Lets us turn the flat persona into a real person What is on this visitor’s mind Where are they What do they want to do next So like any story we wanted to focus in on the characters (personas) who make it up and relate that to practices we have seen in the market.
  8. Information Seeker: What information do I need to be convinced? Tools will help you with consistency to help accomplish goal of purchase. Can include more in depth product information, the background and in today’s world is the opportunity to connect with the customer to try and help them understand why they should want to purchase from you – they are engaged just need convincing as to why your company matters.
  9. Validation Seeker: What did others do? We are social beings and need validation we are making the right decision. As a marketer this individual is the person who will engage within a two way dialogue whether that be directly with you or across various social channels. Priority for marketers in this space is to respect the differences of all channels and not try to fit square peg in round hole or one technique for all.
  10. Deep Diver: How does it work? How can I execute? This customer is a DIY, enthusiast or engineer of sorts. They need more detailed application of how what you are selling solves the problem they are facing or detailed use. Will also leverage the community in which they are involved. Retail vs manufacturer/brand and how position information or suggestive selling through merchandising tools Arla – no one thinks how to use butter today, offer recipes that include butter SystemAir – B2B examples, product configurator blog No one wants to make a mistake No one wants to waste time buying something wrong and having to return it regardless of the return policy How can you present this information to make a better experience for the user? It’s all about putting the customer first – which may include telling them when your product is not right for them
  11. According to Forrester Research, companies today “focus on creating and delivering relevant, cross-channel, contextual experiences critical to the visitor at that moment of their customer journey.” In other words, it’s not just about marketing, but about supporting the entire customer life cycle in a digitally enabled way.
  12. A few companies see content marketing as an SEO tactic, rather than a strategic activity comprising of multiple elements including optimisation for natural search Schuh Ensuring content marketing is supporting SEO
  13. Digital Pacesetter Who’s set the bar with content marketing as it becomes more mature? Now looks like a media company that happens to sell an energy drink They own movie production studios to create these awesome videos of snowboarders or... Everything from an extreme sport spectacle – guy jumping from space – to epic beards Consumers consuming content in multiple formats (digital, print, video) about a lifestyle that the brand stands for
  14. Typically this suits premium and luxury brands Story of the product can be as important as the product itself Stories around the products are critical to customer engagement and satisfaction.
  15. Invested time and resource in creating content stories that fit with their customers’ lifestyle interests. EG - The Journal is a key part of MR PORTER’s editorial focus, providing content features that relate to the lifestyles the business has identified as being important to its customers. Within these content features they will feature relevant products, but the focus is on the story and using content to inspire, entertain or educate. An indication of this commitment to editorial quality is the recent appointment of John Brody as Editor in Chief, who was previously at GQ. MR PORTER recognises the importance of style and influence and is investing in its content marketing to bring the brand to life.
  16. US$372.80 million The number of daily unique visitors at has jumped to 5,000 from 2,000 unify the content management applications of Janome’s nine other global sites, located in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Seminara expects the entire project to be completed by late November 2015 Once the sites are on a common content management system, Janome staff will be able to deploy and manage the company’s photos, videos and product descriptions across all web sites through one system, he says. This will give staff more time to push the company’s web content on social media sites, which is becoming increasingly important in building Janome’s brand, Seminara says. 17 000 images have been shared through social networks – Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram
  17. Displaced Hybris some of the brand sites
  18. Norrona – outdoor apparel Builds experience on the simple point that consumers trust the brand more than the retailer Nordstroms in US (Marks and Spencer in UK) have done a lot of work around style guides, which is another useful form of content All meant to elevate your offer
  19. Norrona uses articles to describe information that consumers want to understand Why is their product better? Does it match my needs? Can I be successful with this product?
  20. In this article they are highlighting the construction of extreme outerwear It provides information that can give favorable comparisons By educating the consumer
  21. And to make it a great experience They can merchandise right in the article Which can be used to offer an alternate navigation approach What I like to call the beginning of the end of the grid
  22. And then of course there’s the direct to consumer space. Brand manufacturers who also retail. Many of us today are investing in wearable technology, and companies like Suunto are growing successfully off of that trend. Suunto manufacturers extreme sports wearable's, and sells online.
  23. However, unlike many online commerce experiences, Suunto eschews the traditional side-by-side product display and shopping cart metaphor. And instead uses EPiServer Find, our search and relevance technology, to help consumers connect quickly with content and merchandize from right within the search results. Like many brand D2C manufacturers they’re creating brand loyalty through educational and compelling content that’s easy to find and carefully targeted.
  24. There’s a maturity of multi-channel, starting with the basics.
  25. Multi channel customer experiences are those that are delivered using multiple channels, but the communication isn’t always consistent and seamless across devices or touch-points. Multichannel feels more modest and doable
  26. Cross channel customer experiences are those where a combination of different touch-points or devices are used by consumers to make the same purchase.
  27. Omnichannel customer experiences use multiple channels to engage consumers, however the communication is both consistent and seamless across all channels. Omnichannel is more provocative and perhaps aspirational because it hints at omnipresence and omnipotence – which are attributes each individual customer would welcome gladly. Omnichannel is Multichannel done right!”
  28. However, as we are all-too aware, the customer journey has been irrevocably changed by digital.
  29. Hyundai UK opened a DIGITAL-FIRST car showroom in Bluewater. “Digital showrooms in shopping centres will dramatically increase casual researchers,” “People who’d never consciously make a decision to travel to out of town dealerships can now stop in and buy a car, and have it serviced, in between buying groceries, visiting the cinema or lunching with friends.” Customers can inspect up to three new Hyundai cars. Shoppers browse and buy primarily via screens rather than asking a sales person for help. The Rockar concept enables customers to buy their car over the internet – without ever talking to a sales person.
  30. Supermarkets like Waitrose in the UK are already trailing Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons There are using them to promote the in-store shopping experience through a companion app Using beacons to alert customers of close items they need to pick-up and the closest offers base on their shopping habits It’s these immediate rewards that will enhance the customer experience Target – Testing across 50 larger stores Outdoor advertising, airports and buses
  31. Digital technologies are transforming retail and consumer sectors at a rapid pace: John Lewis Labs - An innovation hub dedicated working with start-ups in these sectors Tescos Digital Hub in London - 150 staff for all digital technologies – Hudle, websites, data insight, marketing automation etc. Argos have digital small format stores – The CEO want to turns them into a Digital Retailer Leader. So many external forces for change Analytics – trends, big data and analytics Mobility – Customers and staff - Schuh reported that took more transactions via mobile devices over the Christmas shopping season Social media – Tweeting BA – I’ve waited nearly an hour to talk to someone in a call center before – I can tweet complaining about their mobile app not letting me Smart embedded devices – beacons and more
  32. Amazon Dash Button IoT – connects to you home wifi Configured using the Amazon App Reacts the first press until your order arrives For many brands in the initial phase
  33. Research - Educating and performing necessary research to become familiar with Izotope products Consideration - A user is comparing products, reading reviews to help guide selection; product downloads and educational resources Purchase - User buys items in cart and may become a registered user Advocate – Reviewing products, upgrading, creating an account for streamlined communication with Izotope
  34. Customer Experience research has shown that it is not a ‘soft’ benefit. It has proven results on increased Stock Price through driving increased loyalty and propensity to spend. CXi is highly correlated to NPS (but not the only factor)… blog below has good background
  35. Most common techniques including - Blogs and microsites - Video and tutorials - User generated content - Guided selling tools
  36. Marketers need to address these points Wider content marketing strategy Support merchandising plans and help the business to focus customers on key product ranges and promotions. Campaign calendars alongside quick-win responses to trends
  37. Single platform being the most sensible approach CXM encompasses content management capabilities and digital marketing technologies Multiple options ranging in user experience consistency Side by side - the customer can not accomplish seamless digital experiences because they must create separate pages (frequently duplicating product information) which makes the experience different and difficult to market (especially organic search). This a barrier to conversion, customer will drop out of the checkout funnel! User details need to be in sync Products need to used in campaign landing pages etc. This causes a tight dependency between the two systems Cart – Separate systems Media could be shared across systems Duplicate functionality across the two separate platforms for development and User Experience WCM: Content Services, Rich Media Management Duplicated: Content Targeting, Recommendations, Search, Personalisation, Site Search, Personalization, Navigation Commerce: Inventory, Catalog / PIM, Pricing, Cart / Check / Checkout, Payment / Tax Fraud
  38. The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and/or business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.