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NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT- POST 2015 AGANDA                   SIERRA LEONETHEME: Theme: Putting young people at th...
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Invitation letters

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Youth Summit 2013 Sierra Leone Invitation Letter to Youth Leaders Worldwide

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Invitation letters

  1. 1. NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT- POST 2015 AGANDA SIERRA LEONETHEME: Theme: Putting young people at the Heart of Sustainable DevelopmentDear Colleagues,INVITATION TO PARTICIPATEYouth Millennium Development Ambassadors Initiative, Millennium Development Ambassadors,Global Educators for All Initiative in partnership with Worldview Mission will be organizing aNational Youth Development Summit- Post 2015 agenda in Sierra Leone on the 19th-21st March,2013 @ the National Youth Commission Sierra Leone at 9:30am -4pm. Theme: "Putting Youngpeople at the Heart of Sustainable Development"The Special Commemorative Celebration which will take place in Freetown, Sierra Leone is a part ofthe initiatives by the Global Educators, Worldview Mission, Millennium Development Ambassadorsand the Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Initiative to further create awareness andinspire people and actions to galvanize public support to facilitate the realization and sustenance ofthe United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015 and beyond. Being aware that anew day begins by 12 midnight and 12 noon begins a new segment of the day as well as the end of the12th month begins a new year, it is our expectation that the National Youth Development Summit inSierra Leone will begin a new movement of people committed at local communities to creating aculture of sustainable development, building developed communities and ensuring effective utilizationof public resources for development.The summit will raise a new generation of youth leaders that will serve as peer educators to reduceyouth restiveness, crimes and other anti-social behaviors as well as encourage youth involvement innational development service. we hereby invite you to participate in the first National YouthDevelopment Summit in Sierra Leone. visit www.mdgambassadors.org , www.worldviewmission.org,wwww.democracysierraleone.org to see summit participation policies, schedule.While thanking you for your anticipated participation, please accept the assurance of our esteemedregards,Sincerely Yours,Amb. PAUL LENGARFor: Organizing Committee