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  1. SlideShare a company atLife
  2. shareknowledge & Connectwith others At SlideShare, we’re building a community that helps users
  3. Our Offices San Francisco New Delhi New Delhi photograph via Larry Johnson on Flickr Golden Gate photograph via Nicolas Raymond on
  4. Joining forces SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. Best of Both Worlds — we work like a start-up with the resources of a global, public company. +
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  6. whatwedo we love
  7. Evenourwallsspeak presentations
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  9. I’ve always been passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, so being part of SlideShare is a perfect fit. I come in and work with awesome, smart and entertaining people, all while being able to deploy new features and fixes seen by millions. MarkLee “ ” engineer, san francisco
  10. SlideShare has been able to keep its start-up culture alive through these years. The ideas that we discuss in our morning scrums are launched to millions of users by the end of the day. The energy in both offices is contagious. And the fact that our CEO gives direct feedback sitting next to us is very inspiring. ApoorviKapoor “ ” engineer, san francisco
  11. I love working with young and sharp-minded geeks who are passionate. Our work culture is very transparent, and we are empowered to make our own decisions. If you want to make an impact, this is truly an amazing place to be. “ ” engineer, new delhi DheerajDwivedi
  12. Working at SlideShare is a dream come true. Start-up culture is in SlideShare’s DNA. Each employee has full responsibility for their projects. I love working in an environment where there are always new and exciting challenges. “ ” engineer, new delhi NehaJain
  13. SlideShare is an awesome place where I've had the opportunity to learn fast and grow, both professionally and personally. The start-up culture, lean development cycles and great people are what make SlideShare unique. “ ” product manager, san francisco AndriKristinsson
  14. Our Communityalso Loveswhatwedo
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  17. SlideShareisusedby & GuyKawasaki,TheWhiteHouse, Mashable more
  18. Weworkhard WhileHaving loads of Fun!
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  20. Taking over the world, Onepresentation atatime!
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