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The First 30 Seconds: Let's Talk User Onboarding

The first 30 seconds will define whether a user stays or goes. Here are a few tips on designing an experience that is both useful and will retain users.

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The First 30 Seconds: Let's Talk User Onboarding

  1. 1. The First 30 Seconds: Let’s Talk User Onboarding @dreasaezHead of Customer Success ProdPad
  2. 2. Behind every successful product, there are successful users • Onboarding is about interaction • Successful onboarding will determine if the user stays, goes, or even worst.. they stay and end up churning.
  3. 3. Designing onboarding • Behaviour can be changed • Design the behaviour you want to set • Figure out any blockers • Examine the outcomes
  4. 4. Comparisons aren’t helpful You are not Slack. Draw inspiration, but consider product complexity as well.
  5. 5. Where do you start? Give them something to focus on!
  6. 6. Shopify
  7. 7. ProdPad
  8. 8. Design different user experiences • Consider different types of users • Design different flows based on what they’re meant to achieve
  9. 9. The Three-Click Rule Teaching behaviour is important, but also allow the user to repeat that behaviour on their own.
  10. 10. Discussion