components of marketing plan sample marketing mix positioning people packaging promotion place price productivity 7 p's in marketing 4 p's in marketing marketing tools elements of marketing mix marketing mix vestibule training computer modelling case study films classroom lectures and conferences job rotation coaching internship training apprenticeship programme training methods importance of training and development development training advantages of training and development benefits of training to oraganisation benefits of training to employees off the job training on the job methods methods of training training and development role of levels of managementi an organisation operative level authority-responsibility relationship executory administrative level supervisory level lower level management middle level management top level management functions of levels of management levels of managent delegation and effective management defnition of deleagtion superior-subordinate relationship in delegation delegation is the essence of sound organisation why the authority is delegated? comparison of elements - authority-responsibility accountability overview of elements of delegation authority and responsibility importance of delegation elements of delegation delegation of authority delegation organizing
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