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  1. 1. WHAT WE DO: Tagged and Posted (Pty) Ltd specializes in Social Media Marketing. We use the latest insights, technology and the most skilled graphic employees to develop and sustain your social network databases. We use our specialized platforms to perfect your company’s platforms so that your products and services are always up to date and posted. Social Media Marketing has undoubtedly become part of the marketing mix. It makes it possible for your customers, and even people that were once out of reach, to virtually have access to your business’s news and information in an instant. We will enable your business to increase visits to your pages and website, track where people are visiting your pages from and even track how many clicks you get on your shared links. Share your brand with a larger target market by delivering your message directly to customers’ on their favorite platform. We currently specialize in four social platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and are planning to expand our platforms in the near future. We provide unique catering to your lifestyle and business needs, by engaging with your business model, mission objectives and performance strategies. We will make sure that the world knows about you. OUR SERVICES:  Creating of Social Media Platforms.  Continuously managing of Social Media Platforms.  Social Media Campaigns.  Digital or Non-digital platform designs.  Unique and innovative email signatures. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA: According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.
  2. 2. This demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, but a lack of understanding on how to achieve those results. We are the company that fills that gap and we will get you tagged and posted. (Forbes: The top 10 benefits of social media marketing, 2014) PRIMARY COMPANY DETAILS: Reg. No. 2015/156500/07 Company Type Private Company ((Pty) limited) SECONDARY COMPANY DETAILS: Year Founded 2015 Incorporated South Africa in terms of the Companies Act, 2008 DIRECTORS: Members: Nicole Johnson • Tel: 084 233 2000 • Email: nicole@taggedandposted.net Antonio Cicione • Tel: 082 804 4456 • Email: antonio.cicione@taggedandposted.net OUTSIDE SERVICE FIRMS: Auditor CH Consulting (Pty) Ltd Registrar First National Bank Transfer Agent First National Bank PARTNERS