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Tackling Strategic Engineering Challenges

  1. Tackling Strategic Engineering Challenges Srikanth Rentachintala Director of Engineering, eBay Anthony Tang Rob Mason Director of Engineering, Walmart Chief Technology Officer, Applause
  2. BEFORE WE GET STARTED… The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour (including Q&A) You can send your questions using the “Questions” function on GoToWebinar, we will ask them during the session. We will send you a link to the recording as well as this slide deck If you tweet during the webinar, feel free to mention @Applause, @eBay and @Walmart
  3. Presenters of This Session 3 Srikanth Rentachintala Director of Engineering Rob Mason ChiefTechnology Officer Anthony Tang Director of Engineering
  4. Today’s Agenda 4 1 3 2 4 Test Automation Accessibility Test Data Q&A
  5. TEST AUTOMATIONRemember: you can send your questions using the “questions” function on gotowebinar
  6. What is ideal?What is practical?Where does your company fall? What’s a Good Target for the Percentage of Test Cases to Automate? 6 0% 100%50% Percentage of test automation increases as product matures 100% is ideal, but isn’t realistic or practical
  7. What Test Automation Metrics Do You Leverage? 7 Quality Metrics Operational Metrics Product/Team Health Metrics Test Code Coverage Build CycleTime Development CycleTime Functional Test Case Automation App/test cases out of sync Production Defect Creation Rate App Size Automated Deployment Consistency ofVelocity App LoadTime Deployment Frequency Integration Frequency App Crash Rate Application Availability MeanTime Between Build Failures
  8. What Is Your Approach to Automation Frameworks and Device/Browser Providers? 8 eBay Walmart Applause Build & Deployment (CI/CD Pipelines) (with customizations) Services Automation Web Apps iOS Apps Android Apps Web & Native Grid
  9. How Do You Ensure Test Automation Is Applied In The Right Areas? 9 SpeedtoExecute Static Integration Outof Process/In App InProcess Functional E2E (Horizontal &Vertical)TimetoDevelop CosttoMaintain Confidence Flakiness/Stability Unit MultiplesolutionsOK,Toolsstandardsincrease Walmart’sTesting Lava Lamp
  10. How Do You Ensure Test Automation Is Applied In The Right Areas? 10 eBay’sTesting Pyramid
  11. TEST DATARemember: you can send your questions using the “questions” function on gotowebinar
  12. eBay’s Method of Getting Good Test Data How Do You Overcome the Challenges of Getting Good Test Data in Pre-production Environments? 12 Take slice of production data Identify all relationships using algorithms Anonymize and randomize the data Push data to staging environment
  13. 13 How Do You Ensure Tests Are Consistent From Run-to-run? 1. Automate the Process 2. Mock the data 3. Curate the data
  14. ACCESSIBILITYRemember: you can send your questions using the “questions” function on gotowebinar
  15. What’s Your Approach To Accessibility Testing? 15 Manual • Catch critical issues that require human eye • Peace of mind for fullness of coverage • Extend coverage beyond ~20% of accessibility issues • Test in multiple markets with real users Automated • Immediate results • Benchmarking to gauge impact of recent changes • Enhances percentage of automation coverage • Catch obvious accessibility issues
  16. What’s Your Approach to Accessibility Testing? 16 Jira TestAutomation (various) Pre-Prod Environment Production A11Y rules checks (web) A11Y unit/int tests (web & native) A11Y functional tests (web & native) Test Results Test Results Test Results Looper Output Gate Pass A11Y manual testing (web & native) Jira Tickets A11Y manual testing (web & native) Jira Tickets Gate Pass Walmart’s Approach to Accessibility YesYes No No
  17. How Do You Leverage Automated Accessibility Tools? 17
  18. Q&ARemember: you can send your questions using the “questions” function on gotowebinar