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Smart Events: Create Effective CPA Campaigns

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Smart Events: Create Effective CPA Campaigns

  1. 1. Libertex Group Leveraging Smart Events for CPA App Campaigns Sergey Brednev
  2. 2. Introducing Libertex and why we are trailblazers Libertex 3M+ clients worldwide 400 employees from 20+ nationalities 20+ years of experience 9 offices in Europe, LATAM, Asia & CIS
  3. 3. { } Why CPA is better than ROAS for XYZ A group of users who reaches those goals is being used to build patterns & adjust bids for every impression. Libertex
  4. 4. { } { } { } Major disadvantages of ROAS 1. Requires a lot of constant data 2. Very few applicable verticals Libertex
  5. 5. Rising above obstacles with custom events Advertising platform doesn't care about what you call a "conversion". Libertex
  6. 6. From simple to smart Cheapest possible traffic that meets your goals The cheaper traffic you buy the less quality it has Add a “quality” parameter Campaign optimizes for CPA on custom event Custom event counts only Search App event tracker Youtube“Conversion” Search Display Libertex
  7. 7. From simple to smart “Cut” users who receive a score less than desired = users that we consider as good enough. Custom event with only “green” conversions Campaign optimizes for CPA on custom event SCORE USERSTop 30% Score=X FILTERS AND DATA STORAGE USERS Libertex
  8. 8. The Landslide Don’t change it more than by 10% and/or often than couple of weeks. You may adjust the threshold again – be careful! Top 30% Top 40% SCORE At start After 30 days USERS 70% Score=X Libertex
  9. 9. CPA is widely applicable Libertex
  10. 10. How to benefit from any user All traffic has potential for your business. Tiers – users grouped by quality: Top 30% Middle 31–70% Rest 71%–100% SCORE USERS Score=X1 30% Score=X 70% Libertex
  11. 11. Find your perfect event! Libertex
  12. 12. Sergey Brednev sergey.brednev@libertexgroup.com /company/libertex-group/ @cjbrednev/brednevsa Libertex