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  1. 1. aruraja55@gmail.com ARUMUGA RAJA S CHENNAI +919841977811 Summary Experience in storage/system administration, configuring and troubleshooting, performance tuning of storage products and infrastructure architecture fc/fcoe/iscsi/vm in 24/7 environment. Project implementation specializing on windows/VMware, Hitachi and HP storage. Experience in virtual provisioning, data protection, disaster recovery, data migration and data replication using replication technologies. Supporting more than 16PB storage capacity in the project. Worked more than 5 years in Datacenter environment and understanding quickly the customer environment and work accordingly. HITACHI Storage skills  Develop, implement and support Global Storage Architecture for SAN and NAS  Understanding of Hitachi G series, F series and modular series.  Administration of Hitachi VSP G1000, VSP, HUS 130, AMS 2500, HNAS  Understanding of DKC and DKU complete architecture.  Installation and configuration of HITACHI COMMAND SUITE complete package.  Configuration and Installation of HICOMMAND CLI  Experience in replication HUR and TRUECOPY.  Configuration of RESOURCE GROUPS and USERS, GROUPS configuration.  Configuration of VIRTUAL STORAGE MACHINE.  Experience in HUR configuration for SRM.  HORCM configuration and RAIDCOM operations through command device.  Configuration of local replication SHODOW IMAGE.  Configuration of HITACHI STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION.  Storage migration from the EXTERNAL STORAGES.  Performing migration between pools using TIRED STORAGE MANAGER.  Installation and Configuration of HGLM and HDLM.  Understanding and configuration of HITACHI DYNAMIC PROVISIONING pools.  Understanding of GLOBAL ACTIVE DEVICE.  Evaluating the performance of the storage using TUNING MANAGER.  Analyzing the performance using PERFORMANCE MANAGER Etc.
  2. 2. HP Storage skills  Administration and configuration of HP EVA P6000 array.  Administration and Configuration of HP MSA Storage Array  Raid Broup configuration  Standard disk provisioning .  Understanding of ISCI protocol  Understanding the Hardware components. SAN FABRIC skills  Installation and configuration of Brocade and Cisco switches.  Configuration of Zoning.  Configuration of route switch and zoning.  Configuration of ISL and Trunking.  Performance analyzing by ports and fabric wise.  Understanding the various port types. Additional Experience: VMWARE:  Working experience VMWARE ESXi 5.0  Installation and configuration of vmware esxi physical servers.  Configuration of disk management and data stores.  Configuration of Network switch management like standard and distribution switches.  Understanding of Clusters and High availability on Vmware.  Understanding clone configuration and templete. REDHAT LINUX:  Installation and configuration of REDHAT Linux and UNIX servers.
  3. 3.  Configuration of disk management and filesystems.  Understanding network configuration. NETWORK SKILLS:  Understanding basic network technologies which is using in the Datacentres.  Configuration of Link aggregation.  Understanding of Vlans and basic port configuration.  Understanding spanning tree protocol. HARDWARE KNOWLEDGE:  Working experience of various server Rack and Blade servers.  Understanding of Raid Levels and different Disk terminology.  Understanding of HBA cards like QLOGIC and EMULEX.  Troubleshooting of server management and monitoring.  Working experience of BLADE CHASSIS and understanding FC and NETWORK. Hardware Handled  Hitachi VSP G1000, VSP, HUS 130 , AMS 2400 and 2500 series  Hitachi HNAS 4060 and HNAS F1140  HP MSA STORAGE Arrays.  HP EVA 4400, P6000  Fujitsu Eternus DX 8700S2 and DX 410S2  CISCO MDS 9510 and 9509  Brocade 48000, 5300 and 5100  Brocade M5424 and BR5450  Qlogic 5000 Series  Hitachi Compute Blade  HP C7000 Chassis  Dell PowerEdge M1000e
  4. 4.  Fujitsu BX900S2 Chassis TOOLS HANDLED:  Hitachi Storaage Navigator  Hitachi Command Suite  Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2  Hitachi File services manager  Netapp oncommand manager.  HP Commandview EVA  EMC Navisphere  Fujitsu SF Manager  Brocade Sanhealth Operating Systems Worked:  Redhat 5,6 and 7  SUSE Linux 10 and 11  Windows 2003 and 2008 Works for WIPRO Technologies – Chennai as Storage Admin from Apr-2014. Worked for Tata Communications Ltd – Pune as Storage Admin from oct-2012 to Apr 2014 Worked for CMS Info systems Pvt Ltd – Pune as Storage engineer from June 2011 to Oct 2012 Experience
  5. 5. Worked for Megha Info solutions Pvt ltd- Mumbai as Storage Engineer Oct 2010 to June 2011 Worked for HCL Infosystems Ltd – Pune as Customer support engineer May 2008 to Oct 2010 About Career: WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES Roles and Responsibilities:  Configuration and monitoring of Hitachi, NETAPP, EMC and HP Storages.  Being trusted advisor to the customer and account team.  Project planning for tasks of moderate to high complexity.  Configuration of Shadow image, Universal replicator and True copy.  Configuration of snapmirror and snapvault.  Experience implementing hardware and software based on a detailed and comprehensive design document.  Requirements analysis and gathering technical details regarding a customer’s environment.  Implementation of backup and restore, disaster recovery, storage consolidation, data protection and storage performance.  Storage Efficiency Optimization activities such as upgrades and performance tuning.  Configuring Soft Zoning and Hard zoning on Brocade and Qlogic Switches. Tata Communications Ltd Roles and Responsibilities:  Configuration and monitoring of Hitachi and Fujitsu Storages.  Creation of DP Pools and Raid groups.  Configuring Soft Zoning and Hard zoning on Brocade Switches.
  6. 6.  Administration of shadow copy and True copy.  Experience on Storage navigator moduler2 and tuning manager.  Performance monitoring using Hitachi tuning manager.  Worked for change requests and SDP ticket system.  Monitoring the storage as per Hitachi best practices.  Installation and configuration of Blade chassis.  Configuring VLANS as required.  Configuration of Brocade San health software.  Monitoring storage cache and SAN environment.  Worked on HDLM multipath configuration.  Configuration of Network switches on blade chassis.  Configuration from blade FC switches to Brocade FC fabric.  Making san boot from storage volumes to server.  Configuration of Native multipath on RHEL/SOLARIS. CMS Infosystems Pvt Ltd Roles and Responsibilities:  Installation and Coniguration of new storages.  Administration works for HITACHI AMS2500, HP EVA 4400 and IBM storage.  Configuration zoning on Brocade switches  Creation of Raid Levels for Lun mapping  Installation and configuration of Rack Servers.  Configuration of San environment and HBA setup.  Installation and configuration of Redhat Linux and sun solaris.  Configuration of multipath as per operating system requirement.  Installation of VMware environement and creating VMs.  Configuration of NFS and SAMBA.  Working experience of NTP,SSH and Telnet.
  7. 7. Megha Infosolutions Pvt Ltd Roles and Responsibilities:  Installation and Configuration Storage and servers.  Configuration of Nexsan storage and Fusionstor storages.  Worked on SAN , NAS and DAS.  Configuration iscsi volume on windows and Linux.  Installation and configuration of Red hat Linux.  Installation and configuration of Windows 2003.  Configuration of ISCSI and NFS LUNs from storages.  Configuration of Hardware Raid and software Raids.  Worked on Adaptec, Intel and LSI Raid cards.  Worked on Rack servers and tower servers.  Resolving tickets as scheduled. HCL Infosystems Ltd Roles and Responsibilities:  Installation and Configuration Desktops.  Configuration of Printers in network.  Installation of Windows XP and windows 7.  Supporting bank customers for outlook issues. Educational Qualifications Completed 3 Year Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering (D.E.C.E) from Kamaraj polytechnic college, Board of Technical Education of Tamilnadu with an aggregate of 74% in the period of 2004-2007.  Completed in first class with an aggregate of 63% from GHSS Thovalai SSLC 2000-2001
  8. 8.  Completed in first class with an aggregate of 83.2% from GHSS Thovalai H.S.C 2001-2003. Education Diploma Electronics and communication – 2007 NMSKPT Polytechnic- Board of Technical Education Personal Details: Father’s name : SUDALAIYANDI A Date of Birth : 11/03/1987 Birth of place : Kanyakumari Nationality : Indian Mother Tongue : Tamil Gender : Male Marital status : Single Languages known : English, Tamil & Hindi (speak & write) Total Exp : May 2008 to till date