multiplication mca programming be & 1st year 1 b sc. msc notes for c programming for bca cbse errors from supercomputers to plcs and embedded system. while a static type system prevents unintended ope and recursion lexical variable scope procedural computer programming language supportin c is a general-purpose matrix-wise operation element-wise operation .]) square brackets ([ left matrix division () result variable (ans) index expression . arithmetical keywords logarithm algebraic equations exponent (ˆ operator) square root (sqrt) scoping division subtraction addition computational error . simple arithmetic approximate zero everything as matrix scilab core . introduction 2 1 less than (lt) not equals (ne) greater than (gt) is arguments are equal (isequa comparison operator equals (eq) greater than o unary addition (uplus) power (power) unary subtraction (uminus) addition of elements (plus) element-wise recursive product (times) element-w matrix right division (mrdivide) recursive produ matrix power (mpower) subtraction (minus) unary operations left division (ldivide) matri division power is element an index (isindex) arithmetic operato reshape elements (reshape) index expression expression programming for gnu octave octave isce state boards introduction to c++ programming function analysis art function algebraic analysis average of discrete function average of continuous function average function efficiency in series network efficiency in parallel network efficiency work in vertical motion work energy relation work in linear motion work latent energy phases of matter heat exchange specific heat capacity heat capacity energy equilibrium type of energy source methods of energy exchange energy exchange energy kilo watt hour measurement of energy energy & work vernier caliper measurement instruments dimension in logarithmic functions dimension in trigonometric functions deriving physical relations mathematical properties dimensions effect of rounding off rounding off significant figures in multiplication & division significant figures in sum & difference significant figures in measurement identification of significant figures significant figure scientific notation significant figures solid angle plane angle physical units units display floating number tk scale . sink of data blocks signal builder read sound file read ‘c’ binary file read from input file random generator ramp modulo counter step function pulse wave generator saw-tooth wave generator square wave generator sine wave generator counter block curve block constant block time function sampling clock clock block 8 condition & relation 29 3 44 1 7 shift operator 27 1 6 bitwise operator 25 1 5 precedence of relational operators 24 1 4 logical relations 22 1 3 binary relations 20 1 2 unary operaors 19 1 1 expression 19 1 2 java operators 19 1 7 access controll 19 private 19 package 19 protect initialization & assignment 15 signed & unsigned i 6 variables & data type 12 boolean 12 character 13 5 comments 11 1 4 quotes 11 1 3 escape characters 10 1 2 formatted output 8 1 1 print output 7 1 data in & data out 7 1 6 external language 18 1 5 partial function 18 1 4 algorithms 18 1 3 protected variable 17 1 2 function return value 17 1 1 function 15 1 2 functions 15 1 9 inheritance 15 1 8 specialized class 14 1 7 extends 14 1 6 equations 11 declaration equations 11 modifier e 5 comments 10 1 4 parameters 10 1 3 assignment 9 1 2 variable 7 constant 7 string 7 escape characters 1 identifiers 7 1 1 modelica class 5 1 modelica commands 5 1 definitions error in sample measurements rounding off errors application of error analysis error by calculus limitation of errors calculation of errors discrepancy acceptance & measured value why errors accuracy & precision estimates and errors measurements errors contents second type motion in lift lift is in rest li first type vertical drop relative velocity equations of mo vertical throw linear velocity curve velocity curve motion in vertical plane effect of center of mass net force equations of motion in horizontal plane newton’s law of motion derivative of unit vector motion in cartesian plane single variable motion average velocity non uniform motion instantaneo direction plane uniform motion average speed velocity distance speed straight path motion displacement linear motion body may have many types of energies motion 19 0.5.6 lexical comparison 20 0.5.7 covert to cha 19 0.5.4 string length 19 0.5.5 string length afte 18 0.5.2 adjust string blank 18 0.5.3 index of str 16 0.4.3 relational operators 16 0.5 strings 17 0. 15 0.4.1 logical operator 15 0.4.2 arithmetic oper 14 0.4 fortran operators initialization & assignment 14 declaration 13 constant 14 boolean 12 complex 12 real 11 integers 11 0.3.1 variables 11 characters 9 0.3 variables & datatype 8 0.2.3 quotes 9 0.2.4 implicit 8 0.2.1 print to console 8 0.2.2 read from console 7 0.2 formatted i/o introduction gravitational stability stability under friction & force equilibrium of forces acceleration of moving pulley fbd in pulley string type pull-pull piled blocks time energy relation linear forcenewton’s law of motion charged ring at position on its axis charge density electric field (quantitatively approach) electric dipole oil drop experiment motion in polar plane stability of vehicle in banked road centripetal force radial & transverse velocity constraint motion tangential & radial acceleration circular motion in vertical plane rigid body sign conventions moment of inertia power in rotational motion fortran just slipping just motion critical frictional force critical motion friction force force in slant direction electricity electric field dictionary decreasing function increasing function circular motion rotation of objects angular acceleration angular velocity angular motion person to person from varies it’s definition different p is different for definition of success condition for ener power source energy source by arun umrao iit jee for cbse differential calculus derivative calculus derivative calculus differential calculus for cbse class 12 senior secondary basic integral integration basics for cbse students and state boa integral within bounded region definite integral state boards etc definite integral for cbse students meaning of epsilon and delta in limits of a functi distribution of normal data understanding it numer for competitions by arun umrao bca icse notes of complex number senior secondary limit & continuity for senior secondary students b arun umrao micro processor micro processor by arun umrao notes for 8085 micro processor by arun umrao micro controller for beginners controller for micro controller notes for 8051 micro controller by arun umrao notes for maxima & minima by arun umrao notes to function analysis by arun umrao introduction to c++ programming for beginners by a introduction to c++ programming for beginners introduction to mechanical waves for senior second why error in science are always positive (absolute definitions related to measurements tools and design mechanical drawing electrical machines instruments measurement accepted value consensus agreement absolute errors agreement acceptance waves in atmosphere sound waves beats standing waves sound wave longitudinal wave transverse wave mechanical wave meaning of function types of functions how maxima and minima computed what is meaning of maxima and minima minima maxima extrema integration 3 1.1 continuous sampling . . . . . . analytical complex numbers de moivre’s theorem parametric conversion logarithm of complex number properties of complex number about other than origin polar form of complex number operation on complex number equality between two complex numbers modulus and argument conventions geometrical requirement mathematical requirement complex number normal distribution about mean normal distribution six sigma 6 sigma function decreasing increasing
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