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Pulling it all together

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Multimedia Project
Section: 001

Publié dans : Divertissement et humour
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Pulling it all together

  1. 1. *Pulling it All Together* MULTIMEDIA PROJECT By ASIA ELZEY Section: 001
  2. 2. Describe:  Around age five, my only concern was being able to get home in time to watch the new episode of Power Puff Girls. It was a necessity to observe and enjoy the three magical little girls and all their wonders on cartoon network every night before bed; along with Scooby doo, Rugrats and Wild Thornberry’s.
  3. 3. Analyze:  Growing up, I wanted to be a Power Puff girl more than anything. They had the power to fly around, solve crimes, and look adorable while doing it. From my fixation on being a superhero, I learned that girls, no matter the age, can do anything boys can do. Around this time, most action superheroes were males and heavily built but these three girls were no older than my age at the time and doing serious damage to evildoers.
  4. 4. INTERPRET They impacted me in a way that made me feel like I didn’t have to be a damsel in distress. I could fight my own battles and still be the sugar, spice, and everything nice society says that girls should be.
  5. 5. EVALUATE  Others could deride the cartoon as unladylike and indelicate for the minds of young influenceable children.  I believe that the show is empowering young women to be more than house maidens and caretakers. They can policewomen, businesswomen, construction workers, engineers and further.
  6. 6. ENGAGE  At this point in time, the social, political, and cultural value of the show Powder puff Girls is valuable and worthwhile to have, so our future generations grow up with the knowledge of gender equality in all aspects of life.