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Call Center System Modules | Astercc

Boost your call center software system with our first-class call center system modules. We offer many types of modules for call center are campaign, predictive dialer, E-commerce, customer service, work order, CATI, finance, virtual call center and we chat. All have many features and great usage for your call center system. Make a visit today and know more about our call center system modules.

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Call Center System Modules | Astercc

  1. 1. Call Center System Modules Besides telephony core, asterCC is composed with different modules. No matter tele-marketing, outsourcing call center, enterprise pbx or inbound IVR, all you need to do is click mouse, finish configuration via web GUI.
  2. 2. Our Call Center System Modules •Campaign •Predictive Dialer •E-Commerce •Customer Service •Work order •CATI - Computer- assisted telephone interviewing •Finance •Virtual Call Center •WeChat •Fax
  3. 3. Campaign Campaign is the most important module in astercc, many other modules are required in conjunction with this module. mainly for the following scenarios: • Telesales • Telemarketing • CATI survey • Telephone booking • TV shopping • After-sales visit • Voice boardcasting
  4. 4. Predictive Dialer Predictive dialer is a powerful dialing module, the basic workings of the system first dial the customer number, after customer answered, it trasnfered the call toward the designated IVR or queue. Predictive dialer usage includes •Campaign •Voice broadcasting •Due fee collect •Survey •Reservation •Telemarketing •Birthday remin der •TV shopping
  5. 5. E-Commerce E-commerce module for the sale of enterprises to provide further convenience directly with inventory, logistics combined to complete a complete online sales and offline sales logistics chain. • Product sales • Virtual product sales • TV shopping • Offline sales management
  6. 6. Customer Services Also known as inbound customer service phone call, the module is designed for an incoming call center module, application scenarios such as ticketing, reservation center applications, including •Customer support •Sales management
  7. 7. AsterCC work order features  Multiply work order type  Support provided new work order circulation mode, the creator reservations automatically flow where the group  Support multiple customized fields  Transfer between agent groups
  8. 8. CATI-Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing Telephone Questionnaire, also known as CATI, namely Computer- assisted telephone interviewing . INTERVIEWER using this telephone interview technique, the work can be carried out according to script software.
  9. 9. Finance AsterCC not only provides inbound and outbound billing, but also provides an accounting for the seats. Many call centers employ part-time agents to increase flexibility and lower cost, the financial module in accordance agents answer calls time and billing category. •Billing agents •Billing team and account
  10. 10. Virtual Call Center Many companies offer virtual office services to businesses, including mailing address, temporary meeting rooms, virtual office for such service module is designed for use with the same group of seats for multiple projects of different incoming service case •Virtual office •Virtual hotel reception
  11. 11. WeChat Call Center Usage asterCC wechat module by using Tencent wechat API, can be used in the management of public accounts, through wechat public account to communicate with customers. •Support public account menu management •support through wechat communication with customers, including text, voice, image, location •queue can be simultaneously used as traffic queues and wechat queue •When queuing, each agent can
  12. 12. FAX Although the VoIP world has not yet stabilized fax applications, for customers who use a digital line, you can still use electronic fax function provided asterCC • Enterprise fax